Hello my name is indie I am sixteen years old and i thought i would tell you a bit about myself. My mum left when i was twelve, my dad went insane when i was thirteen because my mum left. Now every bad thing that happens to me i sit back and think of when my mum left and i try to tie them to it somehow, but maybe everything has nothing to do with my mum or maybe everything does you see everything that happens has something to do with me being left alone i had a boyfriend once and the time i spent with him was amazing but it didn't last like i said I'm completely alone. But seeing as I'm telling you this i may as well tell you what happened.

I was growing up in an orphanage because none of my family wanted me they all mysteriously went missing. The orphanage was in busted up place, there was rubbish and junk everywhere but all i used to think was that this can't be it there must be something else out there for that maybe someone some day would want me. I thought that my life would change the day i got a job working at the little shop down the road the pay was bad but at least i was earning I have never had much but make due with what i have. One day i was at the store i was packing some shelves with some snacks and this man worked in he didn't look any older than me.