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"Long for me as I for you, forgetting, what will be inevitable, the long black aftermath of pain."

Malcolm Lowry

The clock flashed 2:12, when Amy Pond had jerked awake and she quickly reached over and flicked her lamp on. Her eyes darted to the thing that had wakened her, a far off shadow in the corner of the room the TARDIS have let her stay in. Fear rang through her, but she didn't show it. At least her face didn't show the fear, but her eyes were a different story all together. "What are you doing here?" She asked, her voice only shook slightly.

Silence followed her question. A ghostly shadow moved from the dark in the room and the Doctor stood only five feet from her bed. "I asked you a question," Amy said again, her voice rang out clearly around the room as her fear died down a bit. The Doctor just shook his head and a smirk crawled across his face, wickedly.

"Do you plan on answering me?" Amy asked sitting up, the blanket that was wrapped around her fell slowly from her body. "Oi!" She snapped at him. And the Doctor's head snapped toward her as he was seeing her for the first time.

"Yes?" The Doctor asked shaking his head and looked around, the smirk on his face was gone now, replaced with a confused frown. "How…" He started to ask, but didn't and shook his head again to clear his thoughts. Amy stared at him, and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Never mind," He said quickly and turned to leave, but Amy stopped him by calling his name. He turned back and looked at her and waited for the questioning to start.

"Are you alright?" She asked, giving him her 'don't you dare give me rubbish' tone. He nodded and grinned Doctorie like at her. "Of course I am, silly Pond." He said to her, but his voice was lacking something. She just didn't know what. "You sure?" She asked again. "Yes, now excuse me…" He said as he quickly departed her room. Amy watched him go. She waited a few minutes before she got up and went looking for him.

The Doctor paced around the control room. He ran his hands through his hair madly as he thought. "I'm losing it, old girl." He told the TARDIS. "How did the bloody hell did I end up in Amy's room?" The TARDIS just hummed at him. "You're right," He said and did what she told him to do. Think back to last thing he could remember.

He remembered Amy kissing him. He had pulled her into the TARDIS and left her as he went to his room, but that was it. What happened to him to make him forget of how he ended up in Amy's bedroom. He kicked something on the floor as he heard a small voice behind him. "Doctor?" He didn't turn around. No, he was losing it and he couldn't let her know that. So he didn't turn around. "Go back to your room, Pond. We'll go somewhere tomorrow, like that planet you been asking to go to." He told her as he felt her eyes burn holes into his back.

"All right, Doctor." She turned to leave, but stopped. "I thought you said you weren't going to follow me back to my room? That I was going to be safe there." She said, and then fled out of view before he had time to ask what the hell she was talking about. He spun around too late to catch her.

"Things just kept getting weirder." The Doctor thought as he sighed. He was in need of a talk with Amelia Pond now.

This is meant to be short. Bare with me, please. The plot line is changing for the better.