AN: So this is going to be a multi-chapter fic. I came up with this idea like a good 2 years ago. and I'm just writing it now. I hope I will be able to update this pretty fast. I've written a lot of it already.

Chapter 1

Maddie Fenton's eyes snapped open as she heard a loud scream. Her heart started pounding. It sounded just like her son. It was coming from the basement of the house. She rolled over and shook her sleeping husband.

"Jack did you hear that?" She asked.

Jack Fenton sat up, now wide away. "Yes."

"I-It sounded like Danny." She said shaking.

"Shh." Jack said, trying to calm his scared wife down. "It will be ok. You go down and see what is going on and I will go to the weapons vault and meet you down there."

Maddie nodded in agreement and the two went their separate ways. Maddie crept down the stairs towards the basement, more screaming and shouting was heard. As the stairs came into her view, a glowing green light emanated from the basement. This made Maddie's heart beat even faster because now she knew a ghost was involved.

"Jack was right to go get weapons." Maddie thought sneaking down the stairs. "Who knows what kind of trouble Danny is in."

Maddie reached the bottom of the stairs and peaked around the corner only to find… It wasn't Danny at all. Instead the famous Ghost Boy of Amity Park, Danny Phantom, was floating in the middle of the room. Across from him was a High Tech looking ghost that referred to himself as Technus.

"I could have sworn that sounded just like Danny." She thought as she watched the Ghost Boy battle Technus. Phantom shot an ectoblast and Technus causing him to slam into the wall, destroying lab equipment in the process.

"Phantom is going to pay for destroying my lab." Maddie thought angrily. "Gosh darn it. Where is Jack with the weapons? I want to take out the Ghost Boy once and for all."

Maddie waited impatiently, making sure Phantom didn't know she was there, while the Famous Ghost Boy continued to battle Technus.

Danny Phantom threw a final blast at Technus and he crashed to the ground. The white haired boy then pulled out a silver cylinder labeled Fenton Thermos on it and sucked the unconscious ghost into it. Enraged, Maddie watched as the ghost boy landed on the ground. Before she had a chance to confront him, white rings formed around his waste and moved in ether direction revealing not the ghost boy but Maddie's son.

Dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, Danny Fenton stood in the middle of the lab.

Maddie covered her mouth to keep from gasping in surprise. She turned and bolted up the stairs. She didn't stop running until she reached her room. Only one thought crossed her mind.

"Danny is the ghost boy."

AN: So yeah that was kind of short but it gets a lot better as it goes on.