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Chapter 6

Danny shuffled his feet slowly as the men drug him into the lab. The more Jazz looked at him, the more it broke her heart. He didn't just look upset. He was broken. The sparkle in his eye was gone. He didn't even try to fight. He had simply given up.

Jazz stared at her brother in disbelief. Though he wasn't physically harmed, she could tell he was hurt. She looked around the room, trying to find a way to finish her mission and free her brother. Guys in white agents had surrounded them, standing guard with big guns. There was no way. She turned to Sam and Tucker who were thinking the same thing, they had failed.

Turning their attention back to the lab, the three teens watched as their friend and brother was strapped down onto the metal examination table. Danny closed his eyes and rested his head against the table. He wished Sam, Tucker and Jazz weren't there. He didn't want them to see what was being done to them. He tried to protect them. He didn't want to see them hurt.

The lab workers connected a heart monitor to Danny to monitor his human half during the procedure. One of the men picked up a long needle and injected it into Danny's arm. Within seconds Danny was fast asleep. The last thing he saw was another lab worker in a white coat bringing the Ghost Gauntlets over to the table. He knew it wasn't going to end well.

Once they were sure he was asleep, the head lab worker carefully put the Ghost Gauntlets on both hands.

Tucker didn't want to watch. He really didn't. But for some reason he just couldn't help it. They had tried. They tried to save Danny. This was his best friend. He just couldn't let this happen to him. Once the lab worker had put on the Gauntlets, that's when he snapped. Jumping toward the door, Tucker pushed past the Guys in White agents that filled the room, only to have them grab his arms. Tucker was thrown across the room and slammed into the back wall. Falling on the floor, he grabbed his head.

"Don't try anything again or we will not hesitate to shot you." One of the agents said pointing his gun at the fallen teen. Tucker looked up at the men. All three of them had their guns pointed at him-or maybe it was five. Tucker wasn't sure at this point. His head was throbbing. Once the men backed off, Sam quickly came to his side.

"What are you doing Tucker?" Sam hissed at him.

"I'm trying to help." Tucker groggily responded.

"Well it obviously didn't work." She retorted, helping him up.

No more words were exchanged as they focused their attention to what was going on behind the glass, not noticing the sympathetic stares from Maddie Fenton.

"This is wrong." She thought. "All wrong. I should've done this. How could I do this to Danny, my son?" She worried, her brain running at a million miles an hour. The only thing she felt was guilt. Guilty at what she was doing to her son, her daughter and their friends.

Maddie held her breath as she saw the lab worker with the Ghost Gauntlets move over to the table were Danny was laying. Carefully the activated the gold gloves and reached down into Danny's sleeping body. The other lab workers checked Danny's vitals to make sure he wasn't being affected by it. Once he was given the ok, the man in the white coat lifted the gloves out of Danny's body.

Sam, Tucker and Jazz gasped at what they saw. The figure hanging from the Ghost Gauntlets was dressed in Danny Phantom's signature jump suit, the DP logo in the center of his chest. But that was the only similarities between this ghost and Danny Phantom. His skin was a pale green and his hair was made up of dull gray flames. One of the assistant workers pulled out a Fenton Thermos and flipped it on, sucking the ghost into it. Before he was completely contained in the silver thermos, the ghosts eyes shot open reviling blood red pupils.

Jack and Maddie stared in shock at the image of the ghost. Before they could ask why this ghost was so different than the Danny Phantom they had seen before, a terrible sound filled the room.

The heart monitor connected to Danny flat lined. The lab worker scrambled around the teen strapped to the table, using defibrillator to try to revive him.

Ignoring the Guys in White agents in the room, Jack slammed the door to the lab open and marched in. "What is happening?" He angrily hissed, grabbing one of the lab workers. "I thought you said he wouldn't be hurt."

"We didn't know this would happen." The scared lab worker responded. "His body is not strong to survive without his ghost half."

Back in the viewing room, tears streamed down the three members of Team Phantom's face. They couldn't believe he was actually dead.

In the lab Maddie and Jack continued to scream at the lab workers. "There has to be something you can do!" Maddie cried. "Save my son!"

"I suppose if we were able to separate them, we could fuse them back together. He would still be half-ghost but…" The head lab worker pondered.

"I don't care just save my son." Jack growled.

Before Team Phantom could react, the head lab worker grabbed the Fenton Thermos and flipped the reverse switch on it.

"No!" Jazz screamed as a bright light shot out of the thermos, leaving a very angry looking Dan Phantom in its wake.

Jack and Maddie backed up against the nearest wall and the lab workers ran scared out of the room. The remaining Team Phantom members could only brace themselves as they watched the horror unfold behind the glass.

"Foolish humans." He laughed, charging up energy blasts in his hands. "You are going to pay for everything now."

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