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Yet Another Universe

A/N: Okay as per promise I have been working on a sequel. And I have several chapters written at this point. I had five people express an interest in my challenge but to my knowledge none of the actually posted anything because no one sent me links. It is called Yet Again. AU doesn't begin to describe Harry's adventure in this one. Here's just a piece of the first chapter. I will post the first chapter on June 13th.


A light showed above the circle and a moment later a figure fell from the light. Before their eyes was a half-dressed person clinging to a wildly screeching barn owl. "Dang it! I was on a beach with a babe! What is wrong with you people! Would it really have been so wrong to let me actually score with a girl, before you haul my ass to yet another effing universe! I swear Fate Hates ME! Shit it's cold here! What is it the middle of winter?"

"It was not winter where you came from?"

"No it was the twenty first of Ju- Oh Crap! Summer solstice." Harry took a closer look at his surroundings and suddenly felt very nervous. Two of the three wizards looked very familiar. One was a dead ringer for Snape minus the hooked nose that had clearly been broken more than once, two looked like Dumbledore minus, oh, seventy years give or take five and the crooked nose. On the wall hung a flag with the symbol of the Hallows and Wizard number three reminded Harry of pictures he had seen of Gellert Grindelwald. "Aelf I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Then he noticed over in a corner the naked body of a girl whose throat had been sliced. Every instinct was screaming run, but somehow Harry knew if he did he would die. Adopting a bored tone and pose he said,"So I take it you brought me here to off Tom Riddle."

"Stupendous, so little to go on yet he gets it right first guess." Gellert Grindelwald said gleefully.

"Yeah. Not hard for some reason." Harry shivered.

"As much as we appreciate the view, my love, perhaps we should allow the young man to get into some warmer clothes before he catches his death." Albus Dumbledore's words caused a shiver of disquiet to rack Harry's frame. There was just something so wrong with that.

"Indeed. Lord Prince, take our guest to some quarters. See to it he has appropriate clothing, and in the morning bring him to court."

"It shall be as Your Excellencies command." Snape bowed and led Harry from the room.

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