Jan Puu was beautiful. There was no arguing that. With her perpetual smile, her smooth, soft skin and pale, unusual, pink hair, she was certainly one of the most beautiful girls Yasuna had ever seen. Then again, she was made in the image of Hazumu-kun, so maybe Yasuna was a bit biased. But while Jan Puu may have had the exact same face and body of Hazumu, she certainly didn't act like the other girl.

Hazumu stumbled around her feelings, but Jan Puu never once hesitated to tell people exactly how she felt. Hazumu became awkward and flushed whenever she was forced into overly frilly, girly things, but Jan Puu accepted it eagerly, always wanting to please others.

But no matter how lovely she was, no matter how outspoken and sweet she was, Yasuna could never fully banish one thought from her mind.

Jan Puu was not human.

Any emotions or thoughts she had were not real, they were part of her programming. No matter how she looked, Jan Puu was really only an extremely advanced space ship.

It hurt to think about, but it didn't matter how Yasuna had come to feel for her. Even if Jan Puu said she loved her, even if Yasuna wanted to believe her with all her being, she just couldn't.

When Jan Puu would giggle and grab her hand, Yasuna would smile and wish that things were different.

When Yasuna lay awake at night with Jan Puu curled against her possessively, she would clench her eyes tightly and fight back tears.

And every day, when Jan Puu would profess her love to her, Yasuna would always return the sentiment. After every kiss, Yasuna would open her eyes and see that odd-colored hair, and she would be reminded that this was not real love.

Yasuna watched as Tomari and Hazumu loved each other more each day, watched Asuta become flustered around Ayuki, watched countless others love and lose. And it would hurt all the more to know that Jan Puu could never really understand love in comparison to infatuation.

So sometimes, when Jan Puu would press her lips against Yasuna's neck gently, she would close her eyes again and tell herself that this was different.

Just because Jan Puu's love wasn't real, didn't mean Yasuna's wasn't.

I ship weird things in Kashimashi. :D