Uzumaki Naruto stood in front of Hatake Kakashi, his teammates beside him.

"You couldn't even dodge an eraser," He smiled sheepishly and closed his eyes, "You're gonna get yourself killed."

Kakashi sighed at the fresh genin.

"Only the weak speak loudly, now let's forget the dunce and we'll start on my signal!" Kakashi stated smugly.

Naruto was hit with a wave of anger, 'dunce! DUNCE! DUNCE!', his mind flashed back and forth between two images, a broken and bleeding Kakashi...and the two bells strapped to his waist.

He whipped a kunai from it's pouch and twirled it in his fingers before he prepared to throw it at the jonin.

A hand grabbed his, slapped him on the head, and pointed his kunai at his own neck.

"Not so fast," It was Kakashi, Naruto hadn't even seen him move, "I didn't say go."

Naruto closed his eyes slowly...when he reopened them they were a dark deep green, with no pupil, and spirals emiting from the edges.

"Now you did." Where Naruto once was there was now just green smoke, and Kakashi was holding on to nothing.

"What the he-" Kakashi scratched his head. "Um okay...anyway...ready, steady, go!"

Sasuke and Sakura jumped away in a flash.

"The basics of all shinobi arts is to become invisible...eradicate yourself." Kakashi scanned the area, quickly spotting Sasuke and Sakura.

'They are very well hidden.'

"Eh! Kakashi-sensei!" Kakashi turned to see Naruto Uzumaki, his hands gripped on the collar of his jacket. "C'mon, lets do this."

Naruto unzipped his orange and blue jacket and ripped it off his shoulders. Underneath he wore an armored vest, on his arms and chest he had wrapped an army's worth of shuriken and kunai. Several scrolls were wrapped across his waist.

"I'm prepared for this battle," Naruto adjusted his hitai-ate, "How 'bout you?"

Kakashi sighed and kicked the dirt in front of him.

"Naruto, weapons are only as good as the shinobi that wields them...it's not the wand it's the wizard." Kakashi reached for his pocket and pulled out a red book. "You are simply the worst ninja in the village...all those weapons make me respect you even less."

Naruto stomped on the ground, a wave pushed out at his feet, causing the earth to crack and split below him.

'What is Naruto doing! That idiot'll get himself killed.' Sakura observed the two from under a nearby bush.

"You've made a mistake in under-estimating me!" Naruto shouted and charged at Kakashi.

Kakashi sighed and put his hand out at the last minute, planning on stopping Naruto in his tracks.

Instead a large and heavy object hit him in the chest, Kakashi looked down in shock to see-

'A log!'

"Good catch." Naruto's voice came from behind Kakashi. A powerful kick shot Kakashi into the air, as he was flying down to earth two heavy fists rammed into his chest, sending him spinning into the hard ground.

Kakashi stood up slowly.

"A subsitution...I must admit Naruto, I didn't expect that from you," Kakashi put away his book, "But no more games, show me what you've got."

'How did that fool catch him off guard like that!' Sasuke was watching from a nearby tree, 'I didn't even see that one coming.'

'Wow Naruto, where did that come from!' Sakura smiled at her goofy teammate's hidden skills, 'That was really cool.'

Naruto nodded at Kakashi, and the two encircled eachother.

"So...Kakashi-sensei, they call you the copy-cat ninja...Why is that?" Naruto grabbed his left shoulder.

Kakashi smirked behind his mask.

"I'm glad you asked Naruto," 'I wouldn't normally use my sharingan on a genin...but Naruto seems to be far more powerful than his report led me to believe.' "SHARINGAN!"

Kakashi pulled his headband up off of his eye, revealing the sharingan in all it's glory.

'THATS THE SHARINGAN!' Sasuke almost jumped from the tree in anger, 'My clan's kekai genkai!'

"Heh," Naruto closed his eye's and pushed his arm hard into his shoulder, a wave of chakra pulsed through his arm.

'A seal?' Kakashi pulled out a kunai, 'What is he doing?'

"KEKAI-GENKAI DUPLICATION!" Naruto opened his eyes, his swirling green eyes warped into a duplicate of Kakashi's sharingan.

'WHAT THE HELL!' Sasuke and Kakashi's heads were in a bizzare state of utter confusion.

'Cool!' Sakura crawled out of the bush she was under, "NARUTO! How'd you learn to do that!"

Naruto closed his eye's and smiled at Sakura.

'She's acknowledging me!'

Suddenly Kakashi dropped down above Sakura, landing on her.

"It was not smart of you to come out of hiding Sakura."

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Naruto walked toward the two.

Kakashi quickly tied Sakura's hands together and stood up.

"Naruto...you need to tell me how you were able to do that."

Naruto shook his head.

"Let her go first."

"Naruto...tell me!"

Naruto clenched his fists.


Kakashi shook his head and ran towards Naruto.

"If you won't tell me...I'll just have to make you!"

Naruto gave Kakashi a lopsided smirk.

Kakashi swung his fist, only to have Naruto duck and backhand Kakashi's gut.

"It would seem that two Sharingan are better than one!"

Naruto twirled and kicked Kakashi in the back of the head. Knocking him out cold.

Naruto reached down and grabbed the two bells. He looked over to Sakura, who was now sitting up on her knees. He shook the bells and the jingled together.

"Naruto...THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!" Sakura yelled so loud that she lost her balance and fell over, before she hit the ground, two strong arms caught her.

"Thanks Sakura-chan." Sakura blushed at the suffix added to her name. "Here..."

Naruto sliced the ropes from Sakura's hands and handed her a bell. He then pocketed the other.

"Hold on one second!" Naruto turned to see Sasuke, rage in his eyes, "I GET A BELL TOO!"

Naruto fidgeted, and shrugged at the Uchiha. Sasuke redirected his gaze at Sakura.

"Sakura...give me your bell." Sasuke reached his hand forward, and Sakura slowly grabbed her bell, her eyes filled with sadness.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm.

"WAIT!" Sasuke looked up at Naruto, ready to punch him in the face, "...take mine."

Naruto handed his bell to Sasuke, who took it greedily.

"But Naruto!" Sakura stood up, "You're the only one who deserves a bell!"

Sakura shoved her bell in Naruto's face.

"Here...take mine." Sakura closed her eyes as Naruto walked toward her, 'Well, one more year at the academy won't hurt me.'

Sakura felt warmth as her hands were closed the bell still inside.

"No Sakura, I gave that bell to you...I expect you to keep it."

Naruto flashed a smile and gave her a thumbs up.

"I've failed before, graduating again won't bother me!"

Naruto closed his eyes and let the warmth of the sun bathe him.

"Naruto...you are too sweet."

Naruto's eyes shot open, they were back to his normal blue.

"Th-th-anks S-a-akura-cha-an!"

Several hours later, and Kakashi opened his eyes slowly.

Sakura sat in front of him, Sasuke slightly behind her.

'But where is...' Kakashi's eyes finally found Naruto, his orange coat back on, his eye's blue once more, he was leaning against a tree. Several yards away from them.

Kakashi moved to stand up, but found he was tied down.

"Very funny guys...now untie me."

Sakura shook her head, then raised her bell, Kakashi saw the other in Sasuke's hand.

'Naruto gave them both to his teammates?' Kakashi smiled, 'Just as selfless as Iruka described him!'

"Okay, you got the bells...you pass...good job." Sakura stepped forward and untied Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei...there were only two bells." Sakura turned to Naruto, "What about Naruto?"

Kakashi stood up and stretched his back.

"As I recall I said if you don't get a bell you fail." Sakura's face fell. "Naruto was of course the first to get a bell, so he passes."

Sakura sweatdropped.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Kakashi shrunk back at Sakura's anger.

"Um...you never...asked?"

From afar, Naruto's triumphant yell echoed.


Sakura blushed, embarrassed by Naruto's public and passionate display.

"NARUTO!" Kakashi yelled, and Naruto froze,"We need to talk...in private."

Naruto frowned.

"C'mon...I'll treat you to some Ramen."

Kakashi turned and left the training fields, Naruto smiled widely and sped off after him.


"Bye Naruto!"

Then, Sasuke and Sakura were alone.

"Isn't he incredible Sasuke?"

Sasuke mearly turned and left.

At the Ichiraku ramen stand, Naruto chowed down, he was on his seventh bowl. Kakashi sat next to him, regretting his decision to let him eat before he answered any questions. When Naruto began to order his eighth bowl, Kakashi stopped him.

"Naruto, we need to discuss your 'abilities'." Naruto nodded and stuffed his face.

"You mean mah keghay genghay duhplucayshon!" Naruto swallowed.

"Yes...thats the one."

Naruto pushed his final bowl of ramen aside and crossed his arms.

"It was one of the techniques in the scroll Mizuki tricked me into stealing."

Kakashi nodded.

"A forbidden jutsu?"

Naruto shook his head.

"Naruto, you are not allowed to use forbidden jutsu...you should be lucky that the Hokage allows you to use the shadow clone jutsu."

Naruto nodded.

"On top of that, you told the Hokage that you only learned one jutsu! Here's the deal...If you promise to never use that jutsu again, I won't tell the Hokage."

Naruto frowned.

"I can't do that."

Kakashi sighed.

"Why not?"

Naruto took off his jacket, then pulled off his weapon clad shirt.

Kakashi's eyes widened at a large seal on Naruto's left shoulder.

"It isn't a jutsu."

Kakashi sighed once more.

"Well stand still and I'll remove the seal."

"WAIT!" Kakashi stopped his hand, which was now resting just above the seal, "The seal, it's intertwined with me...that's why it's forbidden...it can't be removed."

Kakashi pulled his hand back to his body.

"Well...I suppose," Kakashi scratched his head, "I'll have to train you to use it."

Naruto smiled.

"AWESOME! This'll be great...I'll be like the junior copycat ninja!"

Kakashi rubbed his eyes.


Meanwhile at the Uchiha compound, Sasuke was beating a wooden dummy.

"Naruto, how did you gain so much power!" He slammed a fist into the dummy.

"I NEED TO GET STRONGER!" Sasuke stared hard at the ground, panting in anger.

"Naruto...I swear...I will defeat you one day!"