This was inspired by LittleSammy's new no_safety_pin community on Live Journal (seriously, go check it out). Ficlets and ramblings based on Shane Brennan's comment regarding Tiva: "It's like juggling a grenade while trying to put the pin back in."

Since I absolutely love the idea of writing fic in which Tiva goes boom, I imagine that I will continue to write such stories...

Rated T, but let me know if you think the rating should be M.

Disclaimer: Not mine

They aren't yelling.

The paper thin walls of the run down hotel conceal nothing and thus they toss out accusations and blame in fierce whispers and a flurry of over animated limbs.

Ziva, why are you here?

She shouldn't be here, he insists.

She gives as good as she gets and argues that he has no more reason to be south of the border than she.

Turning away from his angry glare, the sound of their mutual harsh breathing fills the tiny room as she assaults her back pack and rips through its contents until strong hands clamp down upon her shoulders.

She spins under his grip and his mouth crashes down on hers with enough force to momentarily leave her stunned.

In an explosion of anger, fear and adrenaline, they devour one another. Clothing becomes scarce and somehow they find themselves sprawled sideways across the bed in a squirming tangle.

His mouth does not leave hers as he sinks himself deeply inside of her body. She whimpers against his lips but arches beneath him, her need as strong as his.

It's not soft and it's not sweet. It is two forces kept apart for too long suddenly colliding in a frenzy of barely contained emotion and want. Bruising, intense and painful.

And just as she is about to slide over the edge, he stills and presses her into the mattress asking the question again.

Ziva, why are you here?

She bites her lip, the white lights of bliss beckoning from the periphery of her mind.

Couldn't live without you, I guess.

He pulls the pin, tosses the grenade and slips into the explosion.

Thank you for reading...