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"Please, please, you don't want to do this." Elle begged with the large man that was straddling her hips. She was terrified out of her mind. She had been walking home from work last thing she remembered. She hadn't even had a chance to fight the man. She had woken up, tied to this bed. She was in an unfamiliar place and had no clue how she had gotten here.

"Shut up bitch." He growled, slapping her across the face following it with several hard blows. Blood was dripping from her mouth and nose, but she couldn't wipe it away. She winced, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of making crying out. "You know you want it." He unbuckled her pants and Elle squeezed her eyes shut. She knew what was going to happen and she wasn't going to be able to stop it. She felt so weak. She had never felt this helpless in her life.

"No, no, no, please, please, please." Tears started to pour from her eyes. She used to be the one who caught the criminal, not the victim that needed saving. She gave a small whimper as his hands started to roam. This wasn't supposed to be her. She was an FBI agent for years. She was trained to not let this happen. She was trained to protect herself. She wasn't supposed to be this vulnerable.

"You're such a whore. You were just asking for it!" He gave a low chuckle as he slowly pulled her underwear and pants down, letting out groans of pleasure. He pulled down his own underwear and pants, throwing them across the room.

"Please, you don't want to do this!" Elle screamed as he violated her. Her resolve not to scream dissolved. There wasn't a word to describe the pain. It was like being shot in every single inch of her body. There was no way to ever .

"Do you like it?" The man sneered through the ski mask he had that covered the identifying factors of his face. The only thing she could see where his eyes that were a light brown that had flecks of amber inside. The small fire that was burning in the corner of the room danced in his eyes, making him look eerily like she imagined the devil did.

"Please stop, I won't tell anyone, please." Elle had never been so terrified. She just wanted him to go away. She wanted to be anywhere but here. She wished she hadn't left the BAU. She wished the only people she had ever really been close to were here. She knew the team would have kept her safe if she hadn't left them.

"Shut up." The man ground out between his teeth as he kept thrusting his hips brutally forward. Elle couldn't hold back her scream of pure terror when he ripped her blouse, the buttons flying and then clawed her bra off, the snapping of the straps causing Elle to jump. She tried to move, tried to escape, trying to get away, but nothing worked. He brought his mouth down and started to bite down her collarbone. She didn't think that anything else could hurt her right now, but she felt beads of blood start to form. The pain was overwhelming, it felt like she was drowning. She couldn't get away. She couldn't breathe.

JJ hated the downcast and tired looks the team gave her as they turned from where their various stages of leaving, but this was an incredibly urgent case and couldn't wait any longer.

"What's up JJ?" They asked as they slung themselves down into their chairs around the round table, spinning to face the lit monitors. JJ pulled up twelve pictures of brown haired women all smiling and carefree in one picture, the next they were bloodied and had bruises all over their faces. "This unsub grabs women from an alley after dark and takes them to an unknown location. He rapes them then hits them over the head before throwing them out on the sidewalk. No one sees them be taken or left. This is in the last three weeks." The team looked through the file that was handed to each one of them. "He's escalating his time line quickly."

"Wheels up in twenty minutes." Hotch stood up from the table and walked away more quickly than usual. He walked briskly back to his office and shut the door. The others looked at each other and shrugged it off, walking to get their own stuff ready. Hotch had been under a lot of stress lately and the teams had just been trying to be supportive.

Hotch looked at the phone sitting on his desk. He almost pressed the call button, but he couldn't. He dropped his head into his hand. He wanted to call her but he couldn't bring himself to. What if she hated him or didn't want anything to do with the team? He groaned, but got up to grab his go-bag and snatched his phone from the desk, deciding he could call her later.

"The police think there are more. The ones who came forward say he said not to tell, but they have a police detail on their house." JJ gave the team more details once they were on the plane. She glanced at Hotch and could tell that his brain wasn't fully with the briefing, but she pressed on. "They have made one announcement to the public informing women to be careful after dark and not to go anywhere alone."

"Good idea." Rossi had been doing this for more years than he would like to own up to, but he never understood how a man could do this to a woman. "It sounds like he will take any woman he can get with brown hair." Rossi had to suppress a shudder as all the women who had been in his life that were brunette went flashing in his mind.

"When we land, I want Reid and JJ to go to the station." Hotch looked up to mentally divide the team, Reid still was heavily leaning on his cane so he was safest and most useful there. He still wasn't going to be fully field operational for another several months at least. "Dave, Emily, and Morgan go check out the last crime scene."

"What about you?" Morgan loved Hotch but there was something going on right now that Morgan couldn't place. Morgan made a mental note to talk to Hotch alone later. He didn't want to sound like he was confronting him, but he cared about him and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Everyone could tell that Hotch was distracted.

"I have something personal to see to." Hotch said as he gazed out the window. The sun was just beginning to rise, a million shades of read oozing through the sky. "Get some sleep."

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