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JJ felt her stomach revolt. She barely had time to turn away from the rest of the team before she threw up, her stomach emptying of its contents. Even after her stomach was emptied, she continued to dry heave. Elle had been one of her best friends when they worked together at Quantico. Morgan felt the fire rising in him. He felt his vision flash bright red as he imagined the awful, horrendous things he wanted to do to this unsub. He deserved to suffer the most painful death. Hotch felt like his face was melting as he went through emotion after emotion. He wanted to wrap his hands around the man's throat and squeeze until the life left his eyes. Rossi had only met the girl once, but he knew he would have no problem doing unspeakable horrors to him. Reid had never felt this kind of anger in his life. He and Elle had ended up spending a lot of nights talking after she was shot and she felt more like a sister. He didn't think he would have any problem shoving this man into a wood chipper.

"That seemed to touch a nerve!" The man sneered gleefully. He had no remorse, no regret. He almost wished that Elle could have been his first. After he got out of this minor setback, he was going to go back and fuck her again and again and remind her who owned her. She belonged to him now and he wouldn't let her go until she was ready to go six feet under. And now, he knew that he had someone that mattered to the FBI. He didn't know how they were connected yet, but he had to resist doing a small dance. He had collateral now.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Morgan was shaking violently from head to toe. There was so much anger inside of him, he felt like he would burst. It was like a fire was rampaging inside of him, burning from the top of his head down to his toes. He was going to take this man, skewer him slowly and roast him over a fire.

"You might want to be nicer to me. You'll never find her without me." He gave a huge, cocky smile. He had them now. They wouldn't risk killing him now and he was going to get away with this. Maybe she had worked with them! That would explain her sculpted abs and muscular arms.

"Where is she?" Hotch's voice was steady, but everyone felt the cold fury behind it.

"She's probably waking up right now, all alone and tied up. I hit her real good over the head before I left. You should have heard the sounds she made. She's the best fuck I've ever had." The man let out a groan of pleasure. Hotch swallowed hard, determined not to throw up in front of his team. JJ gagged beside him and Morgan was sure he was about to tear this man's head from his shoulders with his bare hands.

"I will kill you." Morgan lost it, ready to charge the man and make him pay for hurting Elle and all of those other girls. Rossi put a firm hand on his shoulder. They would have to change their tactical plan. The police whispered that the snipers were not authorized for the kill shot. They needed to take this man alive.

"If you ever want to see Elle again, I would suggest not doing that!" The man grinned, his voice giddy. He was on top again. The FBI wouldn't shoot him now, no matter what he did. This was turning out to be even better than he could have imagined. Their physical appearances had all changed with the mention of the name. They were his bitches now. It was the ultimate power trip for him. He had loved the control and power he got from the bitches he fucked, but this, having the FBI at his disposal was a whole new level.

"How do we know you have her?" Morgan spoke out. He knew that this man wasn't lying. He could see it in his face.

"You don't." The man laughed evilly. He didn't even care that he was talking about a human being, a life. "Here is how this will work. I am going to slowly back away and get into a car that will be provided. I will take the agent I have with me as a hostage until I get to that point and I will release her. I will make a phone call to the police station later and maybe we can work out a deal." The man rattled off.

"That's not how this is going to work." Morgan said, his voice ringing with hatred. "You can leave Emily here. I'll go with you, willingly." He threw his gun on the ground. "She doesn't need to be harmed by you."

"Morgan." Hotch's voice was a growl. It was hard enough accepting that Elle was in danger, but letting one of his agents get into the car with that man was not something he wanted to see happen. He was going to have to strangle Morgan when this was over.

"No one follows us." The unsub looked at the various agents. "No one moves until we are out of sight." Morgan nodded. "Where is the car?" He looked impatient. He was ready to get back to Elle. He planned on knocking out the male agent and letting him watch as he fucked Elle. He smiled to himself. He knew that would destroy the male agent. He seemed to genuinely care about Elle.

"On the way." Morgan answered, looking back at Hotch. Hotch nodded and pulled his phone out. It didn't take long for an SUV to appear. Similar to the ones that the BAU had been using. The unsub thought quickly. If Morgan got into the car and he played this just right, he could make off with both Emily and Morgan. He smiled gleefully. The FBI wouldn't even see this coming.

"Let's go." The unsub gestured to the car. "You will drive." Morgan nodded and started towards the car. "I will get in behind you. You will do whatever I say, or I will blow off your head." Morgan swore to himself. It made it so he couldn't attack the man while they were driving to their destination and turn the table on him.

"Okay." Morgan kept his body posture as non-confrontational as was possible in his state of mind and moved towards the car, slowly after taking off his vest and kicking his gun towards Hotch. He slid into the car, shutting the door before putting his hands on the steering wheel.

"We will leave now." The man backed towards the car, pulling Emily inside with him at the last second before screaming at Morgan to drive. With the gun pressed against his skull, he had no choice and he took off.

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