Pairings/Major Characters: Rachel/Finn, eventual Rachel/Quinn, Rachel's dads (Bruce and Michael), Judy Fabray.
Mentions/Minor: Finn/Santana, Quinn/Finn, Quinn/Puck, Brittany/Santana
Other Characters: The rest of New Directions, a couple of OC's, and mentions Jacob Ben Israel

Author's Note #1: Whew. This one was a beast. I wanted to get it done before the season 2 premiere because it is a summer fic taking place during this past summer. I want to send a special and giant thanks to dramatricks for being my motivation and inspiration for several pieces throughout the story.
Author's Note #2: The story is told from both Rachel and Quinn's perspectives. The views overlap occasionally but every time you see a section break (XXXXXXXXXX) it indicates a switch in whose head you're in and whose thoughts you'll read. It's not hard to figure out, really, just thought I'd give you a heads up =)

On the last day of school, after having been serenaded by Mr. Schuester and Puck, Rachel Berry heaved a heavy sigh of relief as she ascended the stairs to her bedroom. She wouldn't have long to rest, she needed to start packing, but there was a lot to reflect on. They had another year at glee club, Finn had told her again that he loved her, and she'd seen Quinn Fabray walking out of Sue Sylvester's office after glee club practice with a Cheerio's uniform in her hand. Two out of those three things made Rachel ecstatic. Quinn and the Cheerio's uniform was not one of them. It meant the return of Quinn the bitch, whose life goal was to make Rachel's life miserable.

Rachel heard the front door slam and her Daddy, Bruce, call out to her that he was home but going out to begin packing their SUV. Rachel called back that she was just finishing up her suitcase, jumped off her bed, and started packing her bathroom items into her toiletry bag. It was tradition for the Berry family to go away for a little while in the summer and this year Rachel was especially excited. Two months in a secluded cabin by a lake in upstate New York sounded fantastic before returning to slushies and name-calling. Two months away from the Cheerios and two months to prepare for the shit-storm that was going to be Quinn as head Cheerio again.


Three blocks to the east and one to the south, Quinn Fabray smirked at her perfectly pressed Cheerio's uniform hanging on her closet door. She had to fit into it by the end of the summer and just like that, she'd be head Cheerio and back on Coach Sylvester's good side. Absolutely nothing was going to distract her until…

"Quinnie!" her mother called. "Get down here, we need to talk."

Quinn growled as she headed down the stairs to the sitting room to find her mother with a brochure and a huge smile.

"We're going on vacation!"

"What?" Quinn crossed her arms over her chest and arched her eyebrow at her over-eager mother. The woman had been trying desperately to win her daughter back. Quinn was showered with anything and everything she wanted in the last few weeks and her mother insisted on spa days every week. This, though? Vacation? Quinn didn't see this one coming.

"I wanted to surprise you. It's two months in a cab-"

"Two months?" Quinn screeched. "I have to get back on the Cheerios! If I don't fit into that uniform by the time school starts then my entire life? Completely ruined."

"Honey, you'll have plenty of time to get in shape. I'm sure there's a gym or a track in the town. Really, it's quite beautiful." Judy Fabray crossed the floor and opened up the brochure to show Quinn the picture-perfect cabin by a sparkling lake. "I've wanted to go for years but your father was always too busy. This will be perfect for us, Quinnie. We'll have time to get to know each other again, mother and daughter."

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she mumbled.

Judy clapped and squealed and hugged her daughter. Quinn sighed and reluctantly returned the hug. Hugging was a new thing for them and Judy seemed to be determined to break some kind of record. Quinn goes to school? Hug. Quinn comes home? Hug. Quinn goes out for the night? Hug. Dinner together? Hug. Quinn does the dishes? Hug. Quinn agrees to two months in Hell disguised as a cabin in the woods? Really big hug.

"Go ahead and go pack. Just pack everything. If you forget something we'll just buy what you're missing when we get there. Our flight leaves on Sunday!"

Quinn nodded. She glanced over the brochure on her way back up the stairs to her room. She tossed the brochure aside and grabbed her phone to send out a text to Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany.

Mom decided we need a vacay. I'll be gone all summer 2 some cabin in the woods. Pray 4 me xo -Q

Quinn's phone immediately buzzed at her after she hit send and she rolled her eyes at the message.

If u get killed by sum psycho i so get head cheerio -s

Quinn grabbed the brochure again and glanced at it once more before scowling and searching for her largest suitcase. She had to pack for upstate New York.