Title: Uninvited Guest
Day/Theme: July 2nd, 2010 - Are you going to starve an old friend?
Series: Rasetsu no Hana
Character/Pairing: Yakou, Rasetsu, Aoi, and the uninvited guest
Rating: K


"This was your big emergency?"

Yakou sighed as he took in the sight before him. Rasetsu was avoiding his gaze as she stuffed cake in her mouth, Aoi was laughing nervously, and someone he really didn't want to see was grinning at him like a fool - Mei Tendo.

"What? Can't an old friend stop by? Besides, I hear congratulations are in order."

Yakou felt a headache coming on. "Hanamaki has a big mouth. But I'm guessing someone else told her something that she just couldn't resist sharing."

Rasetsu choked on her bite of cake and Aoi helpfully patted her on the back. Yakou approached the small table and sat next to Rasetsu, pulling her plate of cake in front of him. Rasetsu turned to him without thinking and he smirked as he caught sight of her pout. "Any idea why he's here, Rasetsu?"

There was a pause before she met his gaze. "He brought me cake, Yakou!"

"You could have just grabbed the cake and slammed the door in his face." Mei laughed as he took in the conversation and Yakou found himself relaxing a bit within the familiar atmosphere.

Rasetsu frowned as she considered Yakou's argument. Leaning forward, she shook her head and reached for the cake, grumbling as Yakou pulled it out of her reach. "But then he wouldn't bring me cake again."

Yakou reached forward and lightly tugged a lock of Rasetsu's hair in order to make her focus. She started to fidget, avoiding his gaze and Yakou smiled. "I'm not mad. But a little warning would have been nice."

Rasetsu practically beamed at him before reaching for the cake he slid towards her. She happily began to eat the sugary concoction and Yakou was forced to turn away. Even though he had grown used to some of her habits, the rate at which she could eat cake still managed to turn his stomach.

Meeting Mei's gaze, Yakou offered a tentative smile before he spotted the cell phone in front of his face. "What are you doing?"

Mei laughed. "That was just adorable, Yakou. Dai and Yurara would never believe it if I didn't get a picture."

Yakou frowned. "I'm starting to remember why I don't visit you very often."