Title: Bonds
Day/Theme: April 30, 2010 - Whatever happens, I leave it all to chance
Series: Yozakura Quartet
Character/Pairing: Touka Kishi
Rating: K


Kyosuke is convinced that Touka's feelings for Akina are a phase. She notices the way that Kyosuke bristles whenever Akina is too close to her or whenever Akina tends to get too friendly with Hime. She isn't all that surprised by her brother's reaction in regards to herself, but sometimes Touka wonders how Kyosuke feels towards Hime.

Touka is many things, but blind is not one of them. She sees the way that Hime and Akina dance around each other. Akina doesn't seem to want to voice his thoughts, but Touka can see the gentle look in his eyes whenever Hime is around. Hime, on the other hand, doesn't seem to quite understand her feelings. For this, Touka is actually a little grateful because she adores the older girl.

Whatever her feelings for Akina, Touka would never do anything that would end up hurting Hime. Hime is the one that gave her a home when no one would even acknowledge Touka or Kyosuke. But their bond is deeper than that. Hime is like an older sister to Touka. And that is something that she never wants to change.

Touka is aware of many things, but she does not know what the future holds. However, she does know who her friends and family are, and that is enough to satisfy her.