Title: Starlight
Day/Theme: April 19, 2010 - Nothing was ever lost
Series: Yozakura Quartet
Character/Pairing: Akina, Hime. Mentions of Rin, Juri, and Zakuro
Rating: K+


Akina watches Hime as she loops her scarf around Rin's small frame and pulls her into a hug. He cannot help but smile as Hime proceeds to tearfully welcome Rin back, telling her how happy she is that Rin truly does enjoy this town. Rin pats Hime's back, thanking her for not giving up on her. Rin is laughing as she unwraps the scarf from around her shoulders and places it on top of Hime's head before following after Juri and Zakuro.

Hime turns to face Akina and he laughs at the sight before him. Her eyes are full of unshed tears, a scarf is piled messily around her face, and she is smiling like she's just been told the best news of her life. Hime awkwardly adjusts herself on the mat that Kotoha summoned before tripping a bit and falling on top of Akina.

Akina is not ready for the sudden weight that lands on top of him and he falls back with the wind knocked out of him. Hime giggles softly and apologizes before quickly hugging him. Akina pats her head and returns the embrace. Hime sits up and quietly thanks him for knocking some sense into her head. She turns away, but not before Akina can see the hint of a blush appearing on her cheeks. Grabbing her hand, Akina squeezes it with his own and tells her that they all need a good kick every now and again.

Catching her eye, Akina adds that some people just happen to be more stubborn than others. Hime sticks her tongue out at him before flopping back on the mat. Their hands remain entwined and Hime smiles as she looks towards the sky. Akina finds himself smiling as he watches her. The stars are reflected in her eyes and he's never seen a more beautiful sight.