redsandman99, Chris & Jay are fun to write/read like that. I likes it. Poor Jeff.. He's psycho, but still.. JNHwwe, I'm pretty used to writing Jeff as a top now. It's not so much a foreign concept as it was a year ago for me, lol. Sorry, but Jeff just can't bottom here. Thanks bunches, & updating :D takers dark lover, yeah, poor Addy.. But Psycho Jeffy is hott, so it's okay.. Chemical Embrace, chp 1, thank you, I'm glad I'm inspiring you to read them. Chp 2, I don't think I'd of minded to been Adam listening to Jay & Chrissy, hehe. He's lucky! Ha! XD! Rhiannamator, yeah, I love Jedam sweet.. but I'm always drawn back to the psycho/victim fics when it comes to them (no matter which tops) There's a certain hottness there I can't ignore! One day I should let them both be psycho.. Seraphalexiel, 1) I dunno why, but I just love Jay & Chris that way. I always loved them catty. It's prolly true love on their account b/c there isn't anything fake. It's just what it is (shrugs). 2) Yeah, poor Addy. His whole world's about to crash.. 3) Aw, thanks. Always awesome to hear. XD.

Psycho Pretty;
Chapter three/ 'Forced Entry'
Rated; M/ L, S (rape! Forced, anal, fisting, threats with a knife)

Adam listened to his mom on the other line of the phone. "No, Ma, I'm fine. The job hunt's kind of stressful right now."

"Well, have you even been looking?" Judy asked.

"Yeah, I've been looking, I just can't find anything." Adam said, scratching at his hair. Okay, it was a small fib.

"It might take some time, Sweetie. Hang in there... Jay keeps telling me you've been threatening to run away."

"Jay's full of it." Adam rolled his eyes. Jay knew damn well Adam wasn't really planning on running away. He just said those things to antagonize his brother.

"I know. He can be a case, I'll tell you that." She chuckled on he other end.

"I hear that." Adam smiled. "Hey, Mom? Y'know I love you, right?"

"Why of course, Hun. I love you too and your brother. You're both are my whole world."

"I know." Adam replied quietly.

"Is everything okay, Adam? You're not in any trouble are you?" She asked with a hint of concern.

"No.. No, everything's good. I just didn't know if I'd told you lately." Adam paused and sighed. "Well, I, uh.. I gotta head out in town. I'll talk to ya soon, okay?"

"Okay, Sweetie. If you need anything, just let me know."

"Will do, Ma. Bye."



On days that Adam didn't have Jay or Chris drive him places, Adam took the bus. Today was no different. After another half-assed- and very unsuccessful- 'job-hunt' Adam found himself in a gas station for the simple fact that he needed a drink, to use the bathroom and to pick up another paper for more job listings. The bathroom was on his list first.

Adam sighed as he walked into the men's bathroom, groaning at how dismayed the two urinals were. Clogged and nasty, like someone had just purposely made a total wreck of them for shits and giggles. He wasn't using them, that was for sure. Adam ran a hand back through his hair and spotted the two stalls. If they too were this bad, then it could definitely wait. He thought he might catch something if he used the urinals. Adam opened the door, relieved that the toilet was alright for use.

The blonde didn't have time to react only letting out a startled gasp as he was shoved on inside the bathroom stall. Adam stumbled forward, catching himself with his hands on the back of the toilet. He then heard the door close, followed by the click of it locking.

"Hey, what the mmph...?" Adam mumbled as he felt someone's hand clasp over his mouth, immediately freezing as he felt the coldness of a blade pressing into his cheek.

Adam gulped when he heard, "Hey there, pretty thang. 'Member me?"

He recognized him immediately. It was his stalker. Had to be.

"I'm Jeff. Y'know, that little psycho kid who lives in the woods?" Jeff snarled.

Adam shook his head and tried to speak, but Jeff held the knife to his skin tighter.

"I wouldn't, if I were you, Addy. I'd cooperate and do exactly as I say or I might be forced to get really rough and messy wit'cha. Got me?" Jeff growled, leaning closer to breathe Adam in.

Adam nodded and closed his eyes, shaking all over in fear. He wasn't quite sure how he was standing at the moment. His legs felt like jello.

"Good." Jeff grinned, letting him go and retrieving his handkerchief from the back pocket of his baggy black jeans. He reached around Adam's head to wrap it around his mouth before tying it in the back. Adam struggled a bit, but the knife pressing into his back convinced him otherwise. "Hold still.." Jeff grunted, trying to finish tying the handkerchief, finally succeeding. "That's better.. Y'know, Addy. I've been dying to make you scream.. But I can't have you screaming right now. You're gonna have to be quiet.. Okay, Addy..?"

"Stop.. what do you want from me..?" Adam whimpered, though it was muffled under Jeff's makeshift gag. He could figure it out though was the frightening part.

Jeff wrapped his arms around him, still holding the knife in his left hand for sick collateral. Adam went tense as he felt Jeff's crotch grind up against his hind end, flushing as he felt his hard-on through both their jeans.

"Shh.. shh.. Pretty.. I've had my eyes on you for sometime now.. I have to have you.." Jeff panted lustfully, breathing next to Adam's ear.

Adam swallowed. He was in deep shit. Jeff obviously wasn't stable and Jeff had a knife and Adam couldn't scream because Jeff would probably stab him to death before anyone could get to him. Adam flinched as Jeff's hands roamed up and down his chest and down to his stomach, feeling of him. The blonde couldn't control his shaking as Jeff's hands slid up under his shirt, ghosting unwanted fingers over his skin.

"Very nice, Addy.. so nice and hott.. You're gonna feel so good.."

Adam's eyes shot open as Jeff groped between his legs, flushing as his cock twitched when Jeff started to rub him. He shuddered, shaking his head. Words couldn't describe how scared he was right now. But he didn't move. Not with that knife pressed against his abdomen. Adam stood still, praying inside his head that someone would walk in and distract this creep.

"You like that, you little bitch..?"

Adam shook his head and mumbled something inaudible through the cloth.

"You little liar. I feel you getting hard, you little slut.." Jeff hissed sinisterly. "You know what sluts are good for, Addy..? Hm..?"

Adam shook his head.

"Yes, you do.." Jeff jerked him around a bit in his arms, pressing his hips against Adam's ass harder as he held the blade to Adam's throat. "You know damn well what they're good for. Now, bend over, Pretty, and put your hands on the back of the toilet. Now."

When Adam hesitated, Jeff growled and forced him over, placing the blonde's hands on the back of the toilet.

"Move them and you'll fucking regret it." He snarled, reaching down to Adam's pants and unfastening them before yanking them down to his knees.

Adam shuddered as a chill swept up around him. A million things racing through his head. He was about to get raped in a gas station bathroom stall by the town nutcase. It couldn't happen this way.

Jeff whistled as he let his eyes roam Adam's backside. "Damn, Addy.. wish I had more time to play with you." Jeff stuck his tongue out, running the dull backside of the blade across Adam's flesh as he used his other hand to unfasten his own jeans and free his aching cock. He loved how Adam's body shivered and all those little chill-bumps that popped up the leggy blonde's skin. It was truly a gorgeous sight.

Adam managed to get his tongue out over the handkerchief and push it down some. "No.. please.. don't do this.. I'm not.." Adam froze as he felt something cold and sticky being spread between his cheeks. "Please.. no.." He tightened up as he felt Jeff's middle finger massaging his asshole, pushing a bit and daring to enter.

"Shh.. gonna feel real good, Addy.." Jeff bit his tongue, loving how Adam winced in pain as he shoved two fingers deep inside of him. "Oh, god.. fuck.. you're fucking tight, bitch." Jeff growled, scissoring his fingers apart some.

Adam hissed and grabbed tightly to the back toilet lid cover. Jeff pulled his fingers out some, shoving them back inside hard. Adam whimpered and bit down on his lip, searing pain running up his back as Jeff crooked his fingers at an angle and started fucking them in and out of the tall blonde, working quick to brutally stretch him.

"Oh, fuck, if you think this is bad, Addy.. you're really gonna be hurting in a minute." Jeff laughed, pulling his fingers out.

Adam's heart was pounding wildly as Jeff reached up to put the gag back up, making sure Adam got a good look at the knife as he did so.

"Spread your legs.. Oh, you're gonna get it so hard.. spread your legs, bitch.." Jeff repeated. Adam flinched and obeyed almost involuntarily.

Adam shook his head, pleading under the gag, but Jeff ignored him as he took hold of his own dick and pressed the head up against Adam's entrance. Jeff cupped his hand over Adam's mouth as he pushed the head past, helping to stifle Adam's pain-filled scream. The blonde closed his eyes tight, feeling tears sting their corners as mind-numbing pain shot all through him.

"Uhm.. fuck.." Jeff groaned, shoving the rest of the way in.

Adam dug his nails into the ceramic so hard they almost broke. It hurt so fucking bad he couldn't breathe. His asshole was on fire and he could feel himself being ripped in two. The blonde gasped, trying to get air into his lungs.

Jeff ran his hands up Adam's hips and to his shoulders, pushing the blonde on forward some before grabbing his hair and turning Adam's head to the side.. He licked his lips, watching the fear and panic spread across Adam's face. Oh, it was so beautiful... Adam's face squished up in agony. Jeff used his thumb to wipe the tears away from Adam's face, really wishing he had a little more time to enjoy this. Well.. he could have.. but this was more fun and kinky. Jeff knew there was a lot he could've done differently about this, but this was more fun and how Jeff wanted to do it and Jeff was hell bent on doing shit the way he wanted to fucking do it.

Jeff raised back up and grabbed the shaking blonde's hips, shifting his legs apart before starting to thrust, fucking him hard. Adam cried out, whimpering pitifully under the gag as Jeff's cock slid in and out of him at a violent pace, hard and deep. Abusing his hole.

"Ah, shit.. such a tight little bitch.. uhm.. fuck.. choking my dick.. Y'like that, Addy..? Like being made into my bitch..? Huh..? Oh, you're really gonna like being my pretty slut.. You'll be all mine. And I'll never let you go.. Never.." Jeff growled.

Adam tried to block it out. He was damn certain he didn't like the sound of that. Why him? Why of all people did Jeff set his eyes on him? Adam arched up involuntarily as Jeff rammed his prostate. He flushed shamefully, feeling his cock twitch between his legs. No. Treacherous thing wasn't supposed to get hard like this. He was being raped!

"Ooh, you like that, Pretty? Such a slut.. so fucking tight to be a slut.. oh, yeah.. uhm.. slut slut slut.. mine.. all mine.." Jeff let out a whine, pounding into Adam harder.

Adam's eyes rolled backwards. The pain was incredible and intense and he felt dizzy from it. The room was spinning and he felt like he might pass out, but that wasn't happening. The blonde's eyes widened as Jeff's fingers wrapped around his cock, fisting him roughly. Adam shook his head.

"No.. stop.. please.. I don't.. want it.. No.. don't.." Adam cried, hating his dick for liking it even if a little. It felt so good and that felt so dirty.

"That's it, you little twat.. get hard for Jeffy.. You like me rubbing your cock while I fuck you so hard..? Stupid little cockslut.." Jeff growled, pumping Adam's cock faster. Harder. Almost too hard. Adam was almost afraid Jeff might pull it off literally. It was almost painful, but it felt so damn good. And he felt so damn sick to his stomach. It made him feel filthy and dirty. "You are dirty, Addy.." Jeff snarled, like he read his mind. "Such a dirty little bitch.. cum for me.. cum for Jeffy.."

Adam closed his eyes, feeling guilty as orgasm, washed over him, cumming all over Jeff's fingers as well as the toilet. Jeff released his cock.

"That's it, good slut.." Jeff purred, bringing his hand up to his lips and licking Adam's cum off his fingers, making a 'mhmm' sound at the taste. Adam was delicious and he would certainly have to have more of him later.

Adam rested his head on his arms as they were folded up on the back of the toilet. He was spent and just numb and in such agony. This wasn't how he planned on the day going at all.

Jeff raised back up and grabbed Adam's hips, watching how good his cock looked plunging in and out of Adam's bleeding asshole. It was a marvelous sight if he had ever saw one. Jeff pulled out some, shoving back in and reveling in that whimpered whine he got from Adam.

"That's it, bitch.. fucking bitch.. uhmm.. fuck fuck fuck!" Jeff yelled, cumming hard inside of his new toy.

Adam hissed. Jeff's seed burning his insides. Jeff stayed still a moment as he recovered, hearing Adam's scream as he pulled out. Jeff fixed his pants and patted Adam on the ass.

"I'll be seeing you again real soon, Addy. You can count on it." Jeff unlocked the door and left the bathroom, giggling like a madman.


It took everything Adam had in him to pull himself up, groaning and wincing with every bated breath as pain wracked his body, shooting up his spine and extending out his fingers and toes. Adam bit his lip and pulled his pants up before stumbling out of the bathroom. The halls were empty and there was no one in the store. He knew he'd fucked up. Royally fucked up going off alone. Adam hadn't even seen his stalker in a couple of days. He thought it was nothing to worry about.

Adam made it out through the back way. Too ashamed to want to direct attention to himself, cursing himself with every painful step he took. Adam stepped outside, hearing a conk and feeling a sharp pain in his head before all went black.

Jeff stood over the blonde holding a pipe in one hand and tapping it in the palm of his other.

"Nah, Addy. I think it'd be a bad idea to let you leave. Oh-no, can't have that at all." Jeff leaned down and picked up the semi-unconscious blonde before stuffing him in the trunk of the car he had. It was Matt's car and Matt let Jeff use it to have a ride to school. Now it was a kidnap mobile and that was just fine.

Jeff closed the lid and looked around for any witnesses (though he knew this area was dark and secluded- it was just his luck that Adam wandered out this way) before bounding around to the get in the driver's seat and speed off.

Jeff knew of a cabin out deep in the woods that wasn't in use currently where he often liked to go and just sit and think and be alone. It would be the perfect temporary place where he could keep Adam and no one would look or hear the screams. Jeff had already stocked and set up the place with ropes and chains and food for Addy and everything else he'd have to have to keep such an unusual pet. Jeff bit his lip as he looked into the rearview mirror, thinking about the body of the beautiful blonde in his trunk. This was going to be so much fun.

Yeah, it's rough & I could've done this differently, but that particular sex scene was written first before I had a plot and I had to make it fit (stubborn muse). Every time I watch horror movies & even criminal dramas I usually ask why the victims don't fight harder. It unnerves me. I asked myself the same question while editing this scene. Why didn't Adam fight harder? Well, Adam didn't fight harder b/c he was scared. & in these AU settings, tend to forget that they're not Supermen or big wrestlers who just wanna fight each other... so.. Eh, that and I just wanted bathroom stall rape..

Jeff strictly tops in this one. I thought it wouldn't be so much about Jeff topping as it was about Adam bottoming, but no. This is much different than that. I think if Jeff bottomed here it'd break his character too much. He's psychotically damaged, but not in a victim way. He has to dominate someone. I've wrote bottom Jeff plenty, there's plenty of fics where Jeff bottoms. He doesn't need to in this one.