Spring Break!

(This is a Zaya and Cailey story! It's about how Maya and Bailey go to the Tipton Hotel with Zack, Cody and London for Spring break! Hope you like it!)

Zack and Cody were on the phone with their mother, Carey. She was on speaker and the twins were in Zack's cabin

"Oh, my boys are so grown up! I can't wait to see you!" Carey said

"Mom!" Zack and Cody groaned

"Sorry, sorry! But remember, Zack I will be expecting to see your girlfriend when you guys come home" Carey said

"I know, I know" Zack replied, having heard this before "I'll remember to ask her!"

"And Cody is Bailey coming?"

"Um, yeah. She's coming with London. But, remember Mom she's not my girlfriend anymore!" Cody said sadly

"Cody, it's okay! Well, I'll see you in a week!" Carey and the boys said their goodbyes then hung up.

"Cody, cheer up! I know you and Bailey are still in love with each other. Why not tell her? Be honest" Zack advised

"No, I couldn't!" Cody doubted

"Come on, Cody, you can do it, just tell her how you feel!"

"You know, I might do that, thanks Zack" Cody said then got up and left. Zack shortly followed, looking for Maya.

He finally found her, looking out over the beautiful ocean. Zack walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hey" Zack smiled down at her

"Oh, hey" Maya smiled back

"So I came to ask you something"

"And what would that be?"

"Well, this may sound a little odd, but during spring break will you come back with me, Cody, London, and possibly Bailey, to Boston?"

"Really?" Maya grinned "Why?"

"Well, one, my Mom wants to meet you. And two, I would miss you too much if you didn't come"

Maya smiled again then kissed him "Okay, I'll come" Maya agreed

"Great!" Zack exclaimed


Cody was looking for Bailey. He was going to tell her his true feelings! He finally found her on the Sky Deck

"Bailey!" Cody exclaimed and she turned around as he walked up to her


"Can I talk to you? You know, in private?" Cody asked looking around at all of the people on the Sky Deck

"Sure" Bailey and Cody then walked to Cody's room, which was thankfully empty.

"So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well, um I just wanted to say, that I still love you! I haven't gotten over you! I regret everything that happened that night in Paris! Everything! Please, please, take me back" Cody begged

"Oh, Cody! Of course I'll take you back! I regret everything in Paris too. I love you Cody, I always will!" Bailey said and then kissed him. They pulled away and Cody pulled Bailey into his arms, glad that everything had worked out.

"So are you coming to Boston for Spring Break?"

"Yep!" Bailey grinned

"Awesome!" Cody smile grew wider than it had been "My Mom really wants to meet you!"


Zack and Maya were back on the Sky Deck and they were sitting at a table.

Suddenly, Zack felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw that Carey was calling him.

"Sorry, I got to take this, it's my Mom" Zack said to Maya, who nodded in an understanding way. "Hey, Mom" Zack said into his phone

"Zack did you remember to ask your girlfriend?"

"Yes, yes I did. I'm somewhat responsible now" Zack said and Maya giggled

"Well, I guess you're right! Mr. Moseby hasn't called me in weeks!"

"Wait, he called everytime I did something bad?"

"Yep and sometimes even Cody" Carey said then realized it was a mistake. "Wait, Zack, don't do anything to your brother!"

"I won't" Zack looked around the Sky Deck and saw Cody and Bailey sitting and talking "I actually see him right now. I'll have to call you back!"

"Zack-" Carey was cut off by her son hanging up her.

"What was that about?" Maya asked

"Seeing if I asked you to come yet" Zack explained "Now excuse me, I have to go "talk" to my brother" Zack started to walk over to Cody and Bailey

Maya quickly caught up to him "Zack, what do you mean?"

Zack said nothing because they were already standing in front of Cody and Bailey

"Hey guys" Bailey said

"Hey" Maya said

"Oh no!" Cody exclaimed getting out of his chair

"What?" Bailey and Maya asked in unison

"When Zack looks at me that way, it means I did something" Cody explained backing away slowly


"Yeah, Zack?"

"I would start running right about now?"

"Got it!" Cody said then started to run. Zack following him.

"Should we make sure they don't get hurt?" Bailey asked

"Yeah, we should" Maya said then they sprinted after their boyfriends

Cody ran and ran until he got to Bailey's and London's cabin. He started to pound on the door

"London! London! Open up! Please!" Cody exclaimed and London soon opened the door only for Cody to be pushed into the cabin.

"Oww!" Cody exclaimed landing on his back

Maya and Bailey then entered the room. Maya ran and grabbed Zack so he wouldn't attack Cody and Bailey rushed to Cody's side.

"Why are you mad at me?" Cody questioned

"I got a call from Mom today!" Zack started "She said that Mr. Moseby hasn't called her in a while telling her I did something wrong. I asked Mom if really did that and she said yep and sometimes Cody does too!"

"Zack, I haven't done that since we first got on the boat, because you were well, you!"

"Yeah, but the pranks I did and Mr. Moseby didn't know about and you did, were the ones that you told Mom about!"

"If I were you, you would do the same thing to me!"

"Well, I'm not you and you're not me! You've never been in trouble if it hadn't been with me! Mom's embarrassed of me! She always has been! But you were always the perfect son. The worst thing you did was probably skip school with me and went to the mall! Then we got caught! You were better to everyone Mom, Dad, Mr. Moseby, and all of our teachers!" Zack exclaimed

"Wow, Zack" Cody said standing up "I didn't know you felt that way. I'm sorry for always telling on you"

"Thank you, and I'm sorry I pushed you" Zack said

"It's okay" Cody said then hugged his brother.

"Awww" Bailey and Maya sighed


A week later, London, Zack, Cody, Bailey and Maya were in Boston.

"Aww, Boston, hasn't changed much" Cody said as they stood in front of the Boston Tipton.

"No, no it hasn't" Zack agreed as they walked to the doors. The door was open and Zack, Cody, and London saw the doorman

"Norman!" Zack and Cody exclaimed as they hugged him

Norman said nothing as always.

"Norman, this is my girlfriend Maya, and Cody's girlfriend Bailey"

"Nice to meet you" Bailey and Maya said in unison

Norman again said nothing, he simply nodded his head. The five then walked into the lobby and looked around.

"Bye, guys, I'm going to go see my room!" London exclaimed then went to the elevators

"What does her room look like?" Bailey asked

"Oh, well it's normal except she has a huge closet, that needs a map to know where to go!" Zack said

"Wow," Maya said

"That's why she complains about the closet in our cabin!" Bailey said

"Oh, look, there's Maddie!" Cody said pointing to the candy counter.

"Let's go say hi!" Bailey said, remembering Maddie from when she came on the ship

They all walked over to Maddie who was helping someone

"Have a nice day!" Maddie said and the customer walked off

"Maddie!" Zack and Cody exclaimed hugging her

"Hey guys! I'm guessing this is your spring break!"

"Yep, and you remember Bailey" Cody said

"Of course! Nice to see you again!"

"You too!" Bailey smiled

"Maddie, this is my girlfriend, Maya" Zack smiled and took Maya's hand

"Nice to meet you" Maya said

"Nice to meet you too!" Maddie smiled "Oh, Zack, Cody, and your Mom told me to tell you to go see her right when you get here"

"Of course she did, okay let's go. Bye Maddie" Zack said then the others said goodbye and when to the elevators.

Soon they were in front of suite 2330. Cody knocked on the door and they waited. Suddenly the door swung open and there stood Carey Martin

"Oh, my boys!" Carey exclaimed and hugged them!

"Hey mom?" Zack asked after a while


"Can you let go so we can breathe?"

"Oh sorry!" Carey left go of her sons, then moved out of the way so they could come in, then she shut the door

"Mom, this is my girlfriend Maya" Zack said

"Nice to meet you Miss. Martin" Maya said politely

"Nice to meet you too, and just call me Carey, Miss Martin makes me feel old"

"Well…." Zack and Cody trailed off

"Hey!" Carey exclaimed

"Well, Mom, you aren't the youngest one here" Cody said

"But I'm certainly not the oldest!" Carey defended

"Whatever you say" Cody muttered "Oh, Mom, this is my girlfriend, Bailey"

"Nice to meet you" Bailey smiled

"Nice to meet you too, but I thought you guys broke up" Carey pointed out

"We did, but we got back together last week!" Cody smiled

"Well that's great!"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Who could that be?" Zack asked

"Well, someone called for you guys this morning" Carey admitted


"Let me in! I know you're there!" a female voice growled from outside

"Is that?" Cody asked his brother

"I think so" Zack said with wide eyes

"Wait, what's going on?" Maya asked

"Crazy stalker…here" Zack breathed and he jumped behind the couch

"Huh?" Bailey asked

"There was this one girl that liked me, then she liked Zack, so yeah he can hide by himself" Cody explained

"Um, you do realize that if she knows I'm not here, and you are, well hello Cody, goodbye Zack" Zack said from behind the couch

"That is so true!" Cody said then hid behind the couch

Carey looked at her sons "Boys that's not very nice!"

"Mom, she's crazy!" Zack whispered

"I guess you're right" Carey said then walked over to the door and opened. "Hi, Agnes, sorry it took me so long, I was just cleaning up," Carey lied

"Where's Zack?" Agnes asked

"I don't know" Carey lied again

"Fine, where's Cody?"

"I don't know, they're together"

"Oh. Who are these ugly people?" Agnes asked indicating Maya and Bailey

"Ugly?" Zack hissed under his breath

"Yeah right!" Cody whispered

"Oh, Agnes, this is Bailey, Cody's girlfriend from-"

"Kettlecorn, Kansas!" Bailey smiled "Nice to meet you"

"And this is Maya, Zack's girlfriend" Carey said "Oh, got to go to practice," Carey turned to Maya and Bailey "Tell the boys I'll be back later" Maya and Bailey nodded and Carey left.

"And by the way, I'm from New York!" Maya smiled at Agnes who was glaring at her and Bailey "Nice to meet you"

"It is nice to meet me!" Agnes continued to glare "I can't believe that Zack and Cody would pick you two for girlfriends! I guess good things happen to bad people"

"Excuse me?" Maya asked

"You don't even know us!" Bailey defended

"Maybe I don't know you, but I do know that you don't deserve Zack and Cody!" Agnes exclaimed pushing Maya then Bailey glared at Agnes "That's what you get for stealing Zack from me!"

"Oww!" Maya said as she fell

"You didn't have to push her!" Bailey stood up for Maya

Agnes pushed Bailey down


"That's what you get for standing up to me!" Agnes said

Maya grabbed her phone from her pocket and started to text Zack.

"Who are you texting?" Agnes asked

"My boyfriend" Maya smirked


"Telling him to not come home" Maya admitted then pressed send

Zack and Cody were about to come out from behind the couch once they knew Agnes had pushed their girlfriends, but then Zack got a text

Stay where u r! We're fine! We'll get rid of her! Just stay there, please!


Zack showed Cody the text then sent a reply.

Maya and Bailey got off of the ground when Maya's phone buzzed

"Is that from Zack?" Agnes asked, jealousy in her eyes and tone

"Yes, it is" Maya smiled looking down at the text

Fine, we will stay here, just hurry with getting her out, my feet r starting to hurt!


Maya laughed slightly then showed the message to Bailey who giggled a bit too

"Where is he?" Agnes asked angrily

"Fine, we'll tell you" Bailey started "They're both down in the lobby"

"Say goodbye to your boyfriends!" Agnes said with a grin then left

"I'll make sure she left, you get the boys!" Bailey whispered just in case Agnes could hear. Maya nodded in response and went behind the couch

"You guys can come out now" Maya said

"That's a relief" Cody got up and went over to Bailey "Are you guys okay?"

"Yeah, we're fine"

"She's insane!" Maya said as she was hugged by Zack

"I know right!" Zack said "Are you guys sure you're alright?"

"Zack, we're fine" Maya reassured

Zack smiled and then Maya smiled back. Suddenly they heard a female scream coming from down the hall.

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