Spring Break!

(This is a Zaya and Cailey story! It's about how Maya and Bailey go to the Tipton Hotel with Zack, Cody and London for Spring break! Hope you like it!)

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The scream got louder as the girl came closer.

"That sounds like London!" Bailey exclaimed then they all ran to the door to see what was going on. They saw London running away from someone.

London came into the room and told them to shut the door; they didn't listen because they knew London was very reliable.

The person that had been running after London came into view. This person had a whole bunch of yellow tubes all around them. This person had something in their hand then an item strapped to their backs like a backpack.

"Wait, London, calm down!" Cody said "Arwin?" Cody asked the pile of tubes

"Hey, Zack, Cody!" Arwin's enthusiastic voice could be heard slightly.

"Arwin!" Zack and Cody ran and hugged their old friends

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Spring Break!" Zack responded.

"Arwin, you remember Bailey, you know you talked to her through a computer?" Cody asked

"Oh yeah!" Arwin turned toward Bailey "Nice to see you in person!"

"You too!" Bailey smiled

"Arwin, this is my girlfriend, Maya!" Zack said with a big grin

"Nice to meet you" Maya said with a smile then put her hand out for him to shake.

"Nice to meet you too!" Arwin tried to get his hand out of the tubes to shake Maya's hand. Finally, after about 3 minutes he pulled his hand out of the mess and shook Maya's hand.

"Erm, Arwin, what's with the tubes? There's like 100 of them!" Zack estimated

"99 actually" Arwin corrected and everyone looked at him weirdly "Right, so i am doing a wondrous exciting thing for the hotel!" Arwin exclaimed

"What?" London asked

"I'm…. vacuuming the elevators!" Arwin said the last part in a hushed tone.

"The elevators?" Cody asked "Really?" Arwin responded by nodding. "Then how come there is like 100 tubes?"

"Like I said it's 99. And I don't really have the use for all of these tubes, I just like the way I look with this on!" Arwin took two of the tubes into his hands and pressed a button on the bottom of his backpack device.

Before any of them knew it, a huge puff of back came out of the two lemon yellow tubes in Arwin's hands. After it happened they were all covered in dirt and things that were in the elevators before.

"Ewwwwwwww!" London screeched "Now I have to go change!" London walked out and went to her closet

"Sorry, it's not on reverse so I wonder why this happened. Here let me try again!" Arwin hit the button-much to the other's dismay- and then they were covered in what was left in the vacuum.

"Arwin, why don't you try pressing the button that says reverse, you have been known to build things the wrong way" Cody advised

"Okay!" Arwin pressed the red button that said 'Reverse' and waited "Why isn't it working?" Arwin looked into them stuck to his ear, to see if he could hear it working. Suddenly Arwin screamed. "GET IT OFF OF MY EAR! It hurts!" Zack and Cody grabbed on to it, when it didn't budge, Maya and Bailey helped then Arwin was free.

Arwin fell to the floor and wrapped his arms around his legs. "Mommy" Arwin said in a high pitched voice

"It's okay, Arwin" Cody said then glanced at the others with a weird look

Arwin continued his little moment for about 5 more minutes, then he got up and just walked away

"What the heck was that about?" Maya asked

"I have no idea!" Zack responded

"So, what do we do now?" Cody asked

"I don't know about Maya, but I want to hear some of the things you've done here" Bailey spoke

"No, I want to, too!" Maya smiled and looked up at Zack "Please?"

"Fine, where do we start?" Zack asked his brother

"Well, let's start when we first came to the hotel." Cody, Zack, Maya, and Bailey all sat down on the couch.

"Oh, that story. I'll start" Zack began "We came here, we got settled in and Mr. Moseby didn't like us at all. We made some new friends, a boy named Tapeworm and a girl named Max"

"But, then this other boy, started to hang out with us because he thought it was cool that we lived in a hotel. So he brought all of his friends to the hotel and kids were everywhere! We eventually got them away from the hotel. But that was much harder than we thought it was going to be!" Cody finished "Then there was the time when we wanted a new bike."

Zack laughed at the memory of this story "We found out one way to get it for no money at all. Except there was a problem, it was beauty pageant and well, guys weren't allowed in. So we got Cody in a wig and he did pretty good until he started to like one of the girls in the pageant. So then I filled in for him, but in the end we ended up being caught, and we were grounded"

Maya and Bailey were laughing so hard they were almost crying!

"Wow!" Maya exclaimed "You guys were desperate" Maya giggled

"Really? Dressing like a girl? Why didn't you get a friend from school to enter the pageant for you?" Bailey asked

"Because then we would have to share the bike with her! And we already had to share the bike with each other, and that was would've been hard!" Cody explained

Bailey and Maya continued to laugh at their boyfriends.

"Okay, okay" Bailey said after she and Maya had calmed down "How many more stories do you have?"

"So many more that we can't even count!" Zack said, proudly

"Great!" Maya said sarcastically, smirking a little.

Zack smiled then kissed her on the cheek.

Cody put his arm around Bailey and he got ready to tell more stories

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