Title: Spinning Tops
Fandom: Rizzoli and Isles
Author: exquisitliltart
Word Count: 3,182
Rating: R
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Spoilers: no
Summary:Maura/Jane. Maura is jealous that Jane's going to a strip club. Song, Goldfrapp "Yes, Sir I can Boogie" .com/watch?v=GUx2FInY_BY&feature=related

Frost had one eye on the report as he pushed through the doors of the morgue. The sound of exasperated voices stopped him dead in his tracks. He immediately recognized the pleading sarcastic voice of Jane and the higher pitched "reasoning" of Dr. Isles. Wisely, he turned on his heels and made a swift exit.

Appearing moments later back in the bullpen, Frost sat back at his desk and placed the report back in the file untouched.

"That was quick," Korsak deadpanned.

"Our favorite ladies are at it again down there," Frost said rubbing his temple.

"At what?" Korsak asked intrigued.

"Arguing about something. I didn't stick around long enough to find out. I've made that mistake enough times. Besides, it sounded ..personal."

"I'll bet it's about who gets to be on top tonight," Korsak huffed, letting out a perverted chuckle.

Frost rolled his eyes, "If Jane heard you make a joke like that, she'd knock you into next Tuesday."

"But seriously, Frost, between you and me...don't you think those two are doing the twisted pretzel any chance they get?" Korsak inquired.

"Hey, that's not for me to speculate, although they do seem..erm..closer than other best friends I've seen together." Frost acquiesced. "But I don't get the privilege to observe the interpersonal workings of female relationships on a day to day basis so I really don't know."

"Look nine out of ten crime scenes...you call Jane,who is with her? Maura...at ALL hours day or night, you ever notice that? That's close. They spend more time together than I like to spend with myself, you know?" Korsak said tapping the desk to make his point.

"Until they "come out" officially, I'm not going there," Frost said trying to end the uncomfortable conversation.

Korsak wasn't ready to drop it, "that argument you just heard? Probably foreplay for them. They're probably down there right now doing it on the autopsy slab."

Frost's stomach heaved at the mere mention of the word 'autopsy', "Gross."

"I wouldn't doubt it..that's all I'm saying," Korsak threw his hands up, and headed down the hall to get more coffee, looking pleased as punch with the expression of horror he'd left on Frost's face.