Half past twelve and Maura had just opened her second bottle of wine. She sat on Jane's couch and folded her legs under herself, and flipped through the channels. She had already watched all the NatGeo programs Jane had DVRed for her, and was now interested in something she didn't have to think about. Jane was always on case to expand her knowledge of pop culture so she settled on MTV. Jo Friday scooted next to her and lay down. Maura figured Jane was probably sloshed so why shouldn't she be as well.

By one am Maura had stretched out a bit, Jo had settled on her abdomen, and she was dozing off. Jane turned her key in the door and tried to silently enter the room, not sure if Maura was asleep. She saw Maura and Jo stretched out on the couch, the half-empty second bottle of wine on the coffee table and "Jersey Shore" on the TV. Jane shook her head smiling Jersey Shore? Jo woke up and saw her master, jumping and stomping on Maura's belly to get to Jane, effectively waking Maura.

"Hey Jo, did you miss me? Hey sleeping beauty, you brushing up on your Jersey accent?" Jane teased leaning down to kiss her in greeting. It took Maura all of two seconds to wake up and start to grill Jane on her evening activities.

"What time is it? Did you have a knee dance?" Maura asked more curious than jealous.

"Lap dance..and no. We started at the bar and when we were good and drunk we all headed down to the strip club, but it wasn't really doing it for me. As soon as I was sure O'Malley wouldn't miss me I came home. I had a good time though. Looks like you did too," Jane picked up and shook the almost empty wine bottles for emphasis.

"You've been drinking too," Maura said meekly, a blush rising in her already flush cheeks.

"I'm not judging, the fact that you can drink me under the table is one of the reasons I like you so much, no one else in Boston Homicide can say that," Jane stroked Maura's silk clad thigh.

"I can't drink you under the table," Maura said, shifting on the sofa so Jane could sit next to her.

"Is that a challenge?"

"A reverse drinking challenge? For me to prove that I can not drink more than you?" Maura asked a bit confused.

Jane laughed and sat back to kick off her shoes. She had been in her work clothes way too long and was ready to relax and go to bed with Maura. Part of her had been afraid that Maura wouldn't have been there to wait for her.

"Did you take Jo out for her walk?" Jane asked as she stifled a yawn.

"Yeah, a bit earlier, I'm sure she's good for the night, and she's asleep again," Maura pulled Jane over for a hug, her silk robe sliding open a bit so Jane could catch a glimpse of Maura's perfect cleavage.

"Say Jane, you told me you would tell me about that other time you went to the strip club. I'm ready to hear about it," Maura stated pressing her head against Jane's chest.

"Wow, you have a good memory," Jane said stalling. "You really want to hear about that...now?"

"Yes, all about it. Spare no detail."

"Okay, so it was right when I had joined the force and we had just solved a big case. Well, at the time it felt big to me, but everything was a big deal being new and fresh and all that. Obviously, it's noticeable being the only girl..."

"Noticeable?" Maura puzzled.

"Yeah, like the guys noticed that I was female...I don't really know how to say it any other way besides I was trying to fit in with the guys and make them accept me."

"Which you've done marvelously..." Maura added.

"Thanks, right.. we all went out to celebrate and I thought we were going to a regular bar, I didn't pay much attention, and when we got in there I saw the poles."


"Yeah, the poles that the girls dance on and slide down," Jane said, thinking Maura must know about stripper poles.

"Go on."

"One smart ass decided I needed a lap dance, and he was going to pay for it. He wanted to pick the girl for me though..ugh weird. There are a lot of things I'm realizing now that I didn't realize then, in telling this story," Jane said softly chuckling.

"You didn't let him did you?" Maura asked shocked that Jane would actually agree to that.

"Yeah, I let him...he picked a real hottie too."

"Did you receive pleasure from her?"

"Um..what do you mean, Maura. She danced in my lap all sexy...I liked it. I especially liked that it was free," Jane said starting to get a little self-conscious.

"And you let all the guys watch that?" Maura asked feeling her body betray her mind. She was slightly disgusted by the exploitation, but also mildly turned on by the mental image, and in turn disgusted that she would probably have enjoyed watching the display as well.

"Yeah, funniest thing...all of the guys blew their lap dance money, buying me lap dances. They all picked out a different girl for me. I must had had 10 or 12 dances that night, all from different ladies," Jane chuckled remembering just sitting back and having a new woman grind on her every five minutes. "The girls didn't seem to mind so much, I think they were a lot more touchy with me, and they kept trying to get me to touch them!"

Maura was fascinated by Jane's casual retelling of this event.

"Of course, I may be way off...I think I had about 2 beers per girl, so my memory of the whole thing is compromised, but I do remember it was fun," Jane grinned down at Maura and ran her hands down the length of her back.

"So you didn't want to do that again tonight? Have a bunch of girls dance on you?" Maura asked one last question.

"No, it was fun last time, but if I knew then what I know now, I would have never let the guys do that to me. You know guys just have a "thing" about seeing two women together, it's why we're not out as a couple. We'd never be looked at the same," Jane said softly knowing it was a sensitive topic for Maura.

Maura just sighed and pulled away from Jane, who groaned from the loss of contact. She got up in the dark and began tidying the living room.

"Are we okay Maura ? You asked and I told the story."

"Of course Jane. I just want to make some room...to do something to you." Maura pushed the coffee table over to the side of the room and then turned off the TV and turned on the stereo.

"Do something to me? Why are you putting your heels back on, are you going somewhere?"

"Just sit back, I did some research. I want you to tell me how I compare..."

A song kicked in on the stereo and Jane rubbed her eyes, as she watched Maura start to pop her hips back and forth from across the room.

Yes, Sir I can boogie
if you play a certain song

"Is this Goldfrapp?" Jane asked as Maura sauntered up to her, putting a finger to her lips.

"Yes, shh."

Maura slowly parted her robe and ran her hands over her red lace clad breasts and then down her belly, while never taking her eyes off of Jane's, whose was suddenly very awake and smiling very widely.

She pulled the robe all the way off and whipped it across Jane. Jane settled back into the couch getting comfortable and tapping her foot in time with the song and Maura's dancing. Jane loved the sexy red of her panties, and was pleasantly surprised at the sensuous way that Maura was dancing.

"Wow, M, I didn't know you could move like that..."

"Maura smiled, as she turned around and bent over at the ankles, slowly revealing her smooth ass and long toned legs. She finally stood up and straddled Jane's lap pressing her breasts into her face and grinding slowly on her thighs. As the song was ending Jane pressed her lips against Maura's and Maura began to lose control over breathing. Her steady smirk changed into a low-throaty moan. She pushed Jane over onto the couch and wound her hand into her hair crushing her lips harder against hers. Maura yanked on Jane's shirt to roughly untuck it and pull it up over her flat stomach as far as she could. She fumbled with her belt and successfully unsnapped her pants and unzipped them to try and slide her hand in toward her radiating heat.

Just then the light snapped on, the door closed with a slam and the lamp fell on the floor with a crash, the light when out. Maura lifted her head up immediately and stared face to face with Jane's little brother Frankie. She jumped up off of Jane like there was a fire, and only then did Jane react in her lust and drink addled state. "Maura, what the hell?"
Jane craned her neck to see Frankie standing in her doorway, looking drunk as a skunk. Not knowing whether to pick up the broken lamp or attempt to run away. Jane swung her legs around and pulled down her shirt. Maura had attempted to covered herself with an over-sized throw pillow.
"Frankie! What are you doing breaking into my house at 3am?" Jane demanded, trying to stand unsteadily and realizing at the same time Frankie did that her pants were undone.

"Jane..whoa..sorry, I was just coming to borrow some beer. I know you're always well stocked we ran out for after hours and the gas station won't sell it past 2:30, so I was just gonna borrow a case or two. You said you were going straight home to bed, so I figured you'd be..in bed." Frankie trailed off embarrassed. "Hi Maura."

Maura turned away and gave a quick wave.

Jane went through an array of emotions, first anger, than embarrassment, then anger again...mostly anger, but finally said, "just take the beer and get out of here, Frankie, I'm obviously busy, now go."

"Yeah, wow, I see that. Wow, I knew it. Mom and dad insist that you two are just close friends, but I knew there was no way Janie would run 26 miles for just a "friend". I am so winning the bet."

"Frankie, can we talk about this later? How do you think Maura feels about now, with you seeing her in her under things." Jane said pointing at Maura who had picked up her robe and made her way back to sit on the couch, quietly.

"Oh, Maura I'm sorry," Frankie said back peddling, "you look wicked hot. I mean..really banging. Jane's super lucky."

Maura put her head in her hands.

"Maura, he's drunk, he knows not what he says, and probably won't even remember this tomorrow. Forgive him please." Jane turned her attention to Frankie, shoving a case of beer into his hands. "Here take the beer and go back down to your cab and friends and do not tell anyone about this, please."

"OK Jane, you're secret is safe with me. Although... never mind."

"Although what?" Jane demanded, slamming her hands onto her hips.

"It's obvious to everyone with a pulse that you two are...together. That's all I'm gonna say. 'Night" Frankie stumbled out the door, calling back, "sorry about the lamp."

Jane followed behind him and shut the door leaning up against it when it was closed. "Well, that was interesting."

Maura had been sitting contemplatively.

"Maura what are you thinking? are you okay? These things happen..I guess. To me anyway, they seem to." Jane was worried that Maura would withdraw from her.

Maura shook her head and smiled, "Jane, I'm still way too aroused to care about him seeing us right now. Can we please pick up where we left off in the bedroom?" Maura got up, dropped the pillow, and unhooked her bra as she made her way to the bedroom.

Jane's eyes widened at Maura's reaction, but she dutifully followed, pulling off her shirt as she went.

"Oh and Jane, next date night you're taking me to the strip club so I can conduct more research." Maura said flopping naked into the bed.

"No problem."