Max, Fang, Iggy: 16

Nudge: 13

Gazzy: 10

Angel: 8

NOTE: This is after the Maximum Ride Series to me. So everything happened. But I dunno what age they will be when they finish, so yeah. This is after the Twilight Saga too.

There will be Fax! Or Mang. Whatever. 3

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Maximum Ride OR the Twilight Saga. These books belong to James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer.

COPYRIGHT: Although I don't own this work, this story is mine and please don't copy it. With a cherry on top?

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Bold – Voice

Italics – Angel, response to Angel, response to Voice

Chapter Number 1!


"FLOCK MEETING!" I scream. I am so, so pissed.

The Flock filed in, Gazzy and Iggy last. They look worried.

"Gasman, Iggy, care to explain what you just did?"

They stand, looking at the ground, "Not really."

"Well I will for you, then," I sigh. "You made a bomb that could explode a FREAKING football field, and you tested it out at school."

Nudge snickers, "You have to admit, it's funny, Max!"


"Sorry Max! You are the best person ever! I will never ever doubt your ways again. And I will give you my chocolate ice-cream next time I'm full instead of eating it anyway. I am so, so sorry please forgive me with ice cream and whipped cream with sprinkles and lots of honey and-"

"Okay, okay, enough. I thought so anyway. Anyway, you two aren't getting away with this. Before I figure out what torture I am going to make you undergo, though, we have to leave before people find out it was us."

"Where to, Max?" Angel asks, looking up sweetly at me.

"Well, last time Nudge chose where we were going... So it is Fang's turn."

Fang grunts. "Anywhere."

"Well that is such a help, Mr. Talk-a-Lot," I roll my eyes.

"Forks," He mumbles.

"OH MY GOD, I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO FORKS!" screams Nudge. "There used to be a rumour that vampires lived there but it was disproven. The supposed vampires were called Charley and Saffron. But they aren't real. Hey, Max, are there really vampires in the world? It'd be so cool to be a vampire. I'd be a really pretty vampire with really red eyes and I'd be SOOOOOO beautiful! Not to mention the fame and the fortune and don't forget the-"

"NUDGE STOP! Breathe, Max, don't forget to breathe... Okay, enough talking. We'll go to Forks. Oh, and Nudge, I think there is such thing as vampires, because there is such thing as Avian-Americans. Now, everyone, pack ONLY ESSENTIALS. And, no, Total, your chew toy is not an essential. Ready everyone?"

My question is met with the flock, in unison, replying with "okay Max!", it creeps me out so much when they do that. I should ask them to stop. But then they'd probably just do it even more. I bet Angel sets them up to do it. Huh, I think I'm paranoid now. Oh well!