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Chapter Number 6!


I slept, well, on my bed. With Fang on the floor. I'm not that ready for... More. I mean, jeez, we are still awkward! Although... He has this really hot body... Those abs!

Oops, hope Angel isn't up to hear my... Not quite... Um... PG rated thoughts. Hehe. Heh.

Max, I'm not anymore scarred than I was with Iggy's... Thoughts.

Double oops.

I swear, Angel will never stay out of anyone's mind.

Max, there are others in this town.

No duh, Voice. No, we are in a town full of nothingness.

No reply. Of course.

Huh, I haven't had such a warning in a while. Oh well, sounds like an ADVENTURE! God, I haven't had one of those in ages.

"Oof!" I yelp.

Fang POV

"Oof!" Max yelps.

"Hey Max!"

She glares at me.

What? I am feeling happy, and no it has nothing to do with the thoughts Angel sent to my head about my beautiful abs... Coming from Max herself.

Okay maybe a little.

"Why are you so happy, anyway? You are meant to be serious."

"Uh, no reason," oh yeah, my cover. My "Mr. Dark and Serious" cover. Sexy, hey? That's why I have had so many girl's phone numbers. Except Max is the best. She is so sweet.. And kind.

Wait, dude, not cool! I'm meant to be flat. So not me. I'm not mooshy at all. God if I was... Just imagine. Ugh, shopping would come into it somewhere, I bet!



"You didn't hear what I was saying."


"UGH!" Max sighed, "I was making a speech for you!"


"No, Fang, I was not. You aren't that special."

"Sure I am, you just don't want to admit it."

"Stop being so full of yourself!"

Now she is mad at me. So I kiss her.


Oh. My. God.

He kissed me, he kissed me! I've been waiting so long for that... Of course I froze up at the start. I mean, I am always on high alert, but I did get into it. I basically melted against him.

His lips aren't hard, like I expected. They are soft, and taste like heaven. He finds my hands and holds them. A perfect match. (A/N. Remember they are on a bed, I could say he put his hands around Max's waist but that'd probably be awkward.)

After a while we stop, even Avian-Americans need air. Sadly. But we have to go anyway, everyone is about to wake up, although Angel and Gazzy are already awake.

I'm about to have a sweet moment, I know. So I giggle. And blush.

God, a sweet moment would be better.

"I- I- ... Kinda enjoyed that," I manage to say something, finally.

Fang grins. "I did too, especially since you didn't run away."

"I can still hit you, though." I blush even deeper. God, what a day.

"You don't want to damage your perfect boyfriend."

Haha, what a funny word. I have a boyfriend. "Wanna bet?"

"... Maybe not."

"Thought so. By the way today we're buying another bed."

"Good, otherwise I'd have to share with you."

"Sexist pig." I hit him.


Later on

We are flying back with a trillion bags of stationery. And a bed. I suspect Nudge has snuck some clothes in.

Yes we are flying back with a bed. Let me remind you, we're strong. Although two of us are carrying it, we're still strong.

Though I have to admit it'd look funny up in the air, a flying bed.

No one in this town knows of the bird kids. I love it. I mean I hate EVERYONE knowing me. It is so... Annoying.

Fang and I are stuck with the bed, of course. So we are way behind everyone.


"Yeah, Fang?"

"Wanna see my abs?"

I almost drop the bed. "Um. What?"

"Aren't they sexy?"


"Urm, where on earth do you get that idea, Mr. Fang?"

"I have my sources."


Sorry Max.