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Roxas shifted in his seat, bored. He was paying attention, really, but all the woman at the front of the lecture hall was doing was telling them about the campus. It was interesting, but it was definitely more suited to those students who hadn't grown up down the street from the university their entire lives.

College orientation. He had thought it would be a bit more exciting than this. But really, he shouldn't have been surprised. It was a small school. Eighty five percent of the students lived off campus, at their own homes. They weren't even given a tour of any type. Just handed a map within their other almost useless handouts.

Sora, his twin, leaned back in his seat next to him and yawned loudly. Roxas glanced over at him, not really caring how obnoxious he came off. They were sitting in the very back of the lecture hall, which meant there were a good three hundred people in front of them. Any action Sora, or Roxas even, managed would go unnoticed. Especially something as small as a yawn.

"Now, if you turn to the purple hand out paper… This one. The paper is purple, people. Yes. That one. You'll see that your student e-mail has been shared with one upper classmen in our new student orientation program. Don't worry, none of your personal information has been given out. Just your first name. It goes through your school e-mail, and everyone we let into the program has been pre approved. The purpose of this is so you can have someone who is more experienced with the campus to help you…"

"I don't need that." Sora whispered Roxas' direction. "I've got Riku."

Roxas nodded, and turned his attention towards the front again.

"You don't have to respond. It's completely optional. Your mentor has already sent you an e-mail introducing themselves. Their purpose is to help you if you need it. Although I do strongly advise you to take advantage of this. University is a big step. I know most of you have friends in this room that are your age, but sometimes it's always good to have someone who can show you the way. With that being said, you can access your school e-mail at the schools website under current students using the information on the yellow paper. Yellow. And… I think that's about it. So, if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to stick around and answer them for you, if not, you're all dismissed and we'll see you at the start of the fall semester!"

Roxas and Sora slid out of their seats and made there way slowly down the steps. Was is absolutely necessary to walk down the stairs slow as possible? This was the one problem with sitting at the top of the lecture hall class, Roxas realized. It took forever to get out.

Once they exited the room, Sora fell into step beside Roxas and they made their way towards the parking lot. They literally lived down the street, but they still drove to school. If they drove, they could sleep in longer. Less time to get there and all.

"So, what did you think?" Roxas asked Sora, as the brunet unlocked their car and they climbed in.

"I can't wait!" Sora exclaimed. "Finally get to be in school with Riku again! Last year took forever."

Roxas laughed. "It's nice to them to set us up with mentors, though. Don't you think? I mean, even if we do know people here already."

Sora nodded, as he backed out of their parking space and eased into the traffic trying to leave the parking lot. "Yeah. I mean, at first I was like 'Oh, I don't need this. I have Riku!', but then I realized as we were walking out, what if Riku makes fun of me for something? Or there's something I don't want to ask him exactly. Because I don't think he really needed help when he started, cause, I mean… He's Riku…"

Roxas sent him a disbelieving look. "Riku won't make fun of you. He's your boyfriend."

Sora snorted. "Have you met Riku?" He laughed. "Oh, I love him. He loves me. But he always teases me."

"I guess I don't know what happens behind closed doors." Roxas mumbled, watching the street before them as they finally made it out of the parking lot.

"I could tell you if you really want to know." Sora offered, causing Roxas to laugh some more. "No thanks. You keep that to yourself."

"Maybe you'll meet a girl this semester, Rox!" Sora said suddenly. "You haven't been with anyone since Namine junior year.."

"Maybe," Roxas replied. "But that's not why I'm going to school, Sora."

"I know that." His brother replied, turning on to their street. "But there's always the chance, right?"


Sora pulled the car to a stop in front of their house. Roxas waiting until Sora had taken the key from the ignition before opening his door and getting out. He pulled his house key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Stepping inside, he wasn't surprised to find the house completely quite. Their mother was at work, and their father was out of the picture. No one was home but them.

"I'm going to find something for lunch." Sora said, as he followed Roxas into the house and closed the door behind them and making his way straight for the kitchen.

Roxas nodded, heading towards the stairs. "I'm going to go check my e-mail, then I'll come help you look."

"Kay!" Sora called.

Holding the folder full of hand out sheets he had received at the orientation close to his chest, Roxas made his way up the stairs. Entering his room, he dropped the folder down onto his desk, grabbed his lap top, and dropped himself onto his bed.

He didn't have to wait long for his laptop to load, he had just put it into hibernate this morning, he entered his password and clicked on the tab for his e-mail.

He didn't have much in his regular account. Just a few notices from a few websites he used. He was about to go join Sora in the kitchen with his quest for food when curiosity got the better of him.

Opening a new tab, Roxas entered the url for the schools website. Going to 'current student', he saw the netmail log in box. Thinking quickly about the log in name he had received earlier that day, he signed into his school e-mail account for the first time.

He had three e-mails. One was a welcome letter. The second was from the office of financial aid about his loans and when they would be applied to his account. The third was the letter from his mentor. He clicked on the link to open it.

Hey kid, the name's Axel. Memorize it, because you'll need me eventually. Just send it to this e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, but I'm kind of busy. Good luck.

Roxas stared. That wasn't exactly what he had been expecting. If this Axel was so busy, why was he even in the mentoring program? Clicking the reply button, he positioned his fingers above the keyboard and threw a response together.

Thanks for mentoring me, Axel. I'll try not to be too annoying to your busy schedule.

Roxas read it over once, knowing full well that his sarcasm wouldn't transfer well over text and clicked 'send'. It was just his luck to get the mentor who seemed to have a bit of an attitude problem. Sighing, he closed his laptop and went to join his brother in the kitchen.

He still had two months until the semester started anyway.