Lucky for Roxas there was an open computer not far at all from the entrance of the café. He took a seat in front of it and entered in his log-on information. And then he waited.

The wait to long onto the school computer was ridiculous. He understood why, there were a ton of computers on campus, and just as many student using them. They were all connected to the same network, working from the same server, so it really was no surprise. But during moments like these, where he needed them to run quicker, it drove him mad. He needed it to run quicker. He was incredibly anxious, and this computer was testing his nerves.

When it finally did load up, he quickly clicked on the web browser icon. When the window opened, he immediately pulled up his e-mail. And there it was. Axel's reply. Right there, standing out from all the rest in it's larger, bold text. He opened it, eyes widening as he read it's contents.

'I knew it was you, Roxy. Why didn't you say hi?'

His heart was beating way faster than it should have been, and he had no idea why. It was just Axel. He had been talking to him just fine through e-mail for a while now. He just…hadn't expected him to be so….tall?


He looked up to find Sora standing behind him. "Oh, hey."

The brunette frowned at him. "I thought you were going to get food."

Roxas closed out his e-mail. "I am. Right now. I just…needed to check my e-mail…"

Now there was no escaping. He had forgotten about Sora. He couldn't make up an excuse, his twin would know. Sora knew him too good.

After he logged himself off, he allowed Sora to drag him into the café.

"Roxas!" Demyx grinned as soon as he spotted them again. "You're back already! And you must be Sora!"

Roxas knew everyone was staring at them, so he watched the floor. He didn't feel like making eye contact at the moment, and he knew if he looked up that it would be inevitable. Sora, next to him, had responded to Demyx.

Without looking he took the open spot next to Sora and listened as his brother introduced himself to Demyx, Zexion, and Axel and then began answering what Roxas assumed where all the questions Demyx had once asked Riku but had been shot down.

"We've been together long enough to get passed that awkward stage."

Roxas then looked over at Riku, who wore a blank expression on his face as he watched Sora. Demyx seemed a little too interested, Zexion hadn't looked up from his book, and Axel…. Axel was apparently sitting right across from him, staring directly at him.

"That's weird." Roxas told him, finding his courage again. "Stop staring at me."

Axel laughed. "But you're just so cute."

Demyx leaned over Zexion and slapped Axel's arm. "Be nice to Roxas!"

Well aware that he was probably blushing, Roxas looked away. He heard Sora snigger beside him, and decided it was completely justified to elbow him.

"Hey!" Sora cried, scooting a little away from him.

"I am being nice, Dem." Axel replied. "That's called a compliment. Those are usually said to be nice."

Demyx sat back in his seat. "Well, stop."

Axel rose an eyebrow at him. "You want me to stop being nice?"

Riku then laughed, causing everyone to look at him. "Just stop trying to embarrass him."

Axel let out a dramatic sigh. "Fine."

Roxas wished the floor would open up and swallow him. He couldn't help but wonder if the situation would be different if he had never responded to that mentor e-mail. Because at the moment, he wished he didn't know so many random facts about the tall boy across from him. Roxas wished that the boy across from him didn't know so much about him.

He wished he didn't know his favorite color. Or his birthday. He wished he hadn't enrolled in such a tiny school. It was almost a ridiculous twist on fate, and a cruel one at that, that he met the one person he had been talking to online right away. He wished he didn't feel so awkward in the current situation.

As though some random higher power had granted his wish, Axel stood.

"I have another class to get to. Only a twenty minute break between them this semester."

Zexion glanced up at him. "Every day? Or just today?"

"Every day I have class. Not much free time around the school, but at least I get to go home early." Axel grinned, waving his hand above his head as he turned and began to make his way towards the exit.

Roxas had never been more relieved. Axel hadn't called him out in public about their online friendship…but what would come later, when they were both at home online?