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Description of Ame: She is 5'6 in height, longishhair to her shoulder blades. Its a soft sandy blond color, her eyes r a piercing sapphire blue.

she likes to wear interesting socks and NOT match them.

(I do this my self btw way and its fucking awesome.)

O and I'll be bringing a certain couple into the plot of this story as well from 1 of my previous fanfics and it shouldn't be hard 2 figure out who. ;)

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Byakuya Kuchiki lay in bed sleeping peacefully in his estate, even though it was easier to sleep at the Squad 6 barracks sleeping in his family home was alot more peaceful. Suddenly he was awoken by a heavy weight on his chest and the feeling of something warm and alot like... sandpaper run across his chin. Byakuya opened his grey eyes to stare into the sea green eyes of a cat. Byakuya blinked he didn't own a cat and he didn't allow any of the servants to keep animals in the estate without his permission. The only animal anyone owned was an old basset hound that stayed in the kitchen with the cook. Byakuya looked around the feline -who was sitting comfortably on his chest- at his door. It was shut like he'd left it and none of his windows were open either. He looked at the cat again and wondered how it got into his room of all places. He was a light sleeper so he would have heard someone open the door and put the cat in here.

Byakuya looked over the bold creature who seemed to be smirking down at him, as if it knew what he was wondering about. It was a black cat with white fur from jaw to its under belly as well as white forepaws. This was clearly someones pet considering how well kept it's fur and was, and how plump it was as well. He watched as the animal began to kneaded it paws into his chest and then settled down and closed it's eyes for sleep. Byakuya blinked at the gall this animal showed, sneaking into his room somehow, rousing him from a peaceful slumber and now settling itself onto his person as if it belonged there. Yet for some reason Byakuya couldn't remove the rude creature from his chest or his room, all he did was reach up and run his fingers through the short jet black fur which was smoother than the softest silk. He didn't understand why he was allowing something like this, maybe it was because this feline was another presence in this all to large and lonely room. Maybe because Byakuya admired the mettle it showed in walking in here unabashed. Maybe because it's presence made the room which once housed two a little less barren and lonely. Or maybe it was because it gave off another source of warmth in the bed that another once did. Byakuya's eyes shut slowly and he fell back to sleep with one hand on the cat and the sound of it's soft purring filling the room.


Byakuya woke the next morning to a pair of green eyes staring into his face. "Good morning." He monotoned to the feline still perched on his chest. the cat winked at him it seemed before it jumped off his chest onto the floor. Byakuya got up and completed his daily ritual, the cat sat on the floor and watched him it's ebony tail swishing slowly across the floor. Byakuya turned after putting his Captain's jacket on to see the cat was gone. He blinked Maybe it crawled under my bed, I'll send a servent to collect it and find it's owner. He turned and opened his door to leave and saw the cat run past his door down the hallway. Byakuya was dumbfounded now, his door had remained shut and yet the animal was already outside his room. He shook his head and decided not to worry about it.

For the next few days the cat appeared many times before him, no matter where he was at or what time of day. It seemed no door locked or not could stop the elusive feline, the cat which Byakuya found out was a HE was well known around his home apparently. His gardener called the cat "That green eyed devil'" while the cook said he was a "Very well-mannered gentle cat." The cat or Cat as Byakuya referred to him as, liked to stalk the koi in his very expensive ponds. Claw the gardener when he wasn't looking, use his Sakura trees as scratching posts, sleep on his chest at night, sleep next to the cook's dog "Milo," and sneak into rooms whether he was wanted or not. Byakuya had many times locked his bedroom door at night and STILL he woke up to Cat staring down at him with a smug look on his feline face almost, and his door still firmly locked. But for some odd reason Byakuya would come home EXPECTING a black and white fur ball to weave itself between his legs trying to trip and kill him. Byakuya almost enjoyed coming home to Cat's soft meows of welcome. But Byakuya knew that this was someone else's pet because it was obvious that Cat was going other places at times. Somedays Byakuya saw not a whisker of him and heard not one complaint from his gardener about how much of a "Green- eyed devil," he was.

One day Byakuya was sitting in his office doing his work when his Lt. Renji walked in and said. "How did Tuxedo Cat get in here?"

Byakuya looked up and noticed Cat sitting on Renji's desk demurely, Byakuya's eyes narrowed slightly. He hadn't let the beast in and normally he didn't get an office visit. Then he turned his attention to Renji and asked. "What did you call him?"

"Tuxedo Cat, that's his name, he's Ame Kimura's cat and no matter what he always finds a way to get into a locked room. I've found him in the office a couple times, he normally just sleeps on your desk when your not here and he doesn't cause any trouble. I've tried keeping him out but he always finds a way inside, and the last time I tried to move him out... he clawed me pretty badly." Renji said with a gimace as he recalled that day.

"Hmm." was Byakuya's response. So he does have an owner, and it looks like she can't keep him still either. Hmm, Kimura why does that name sound familiar?

Byakuya finished his work and got up to leave. "I'll be going to the Captain's meeting now Renji, try to keep things in order during my absence." He said coolly with no emotion.

Renji nodded and sat down at his desk, he stroked Cat or Tuxedo Cat gently.


Byakuya walked to the Captain's he was almost to the doors when he noticed Zaraki off to the side. Normally he wouldn't care what that barbarian was doing but today Zaraki's expression stopped him cold. He was standing in front of a blond woman about the same height as Byakuya, he'd seen this woman with Zaraki many times. Zaraki flaunted their relationship about proudly, at first he'd though it was just one of Zaraki's normal flings. So he ignored it but days of seeing them together turned into months and now they had been together for a year. Byakuya did not feel anything concerning Zaraki's relationship. He dispised the man more than normal lately because he was simply so low classed, not because he was happy with a woman. He didn't feel a twinge everytime he watched them run by playing games of tag, he felt nothing as he watched Zaraki wrap his brutish arms around this woman. There was nothing to feel as the woman smiled up at him and Zaraki kissed her slowly. There was no anger to the fact that HE had no one to kiss anymore and Zaraki did. It didn't matter that Zaraki had someone he could hold onto everyday, kiss everyday, love everyday, wake up next to everyday, fall asleep with everyday, eat meals with everyday and he didn't.

Aki sighed as Kenpachi pulled away and nipped at her lips playfully, then she noticed Captain Kuchiki standing further away with his normal look of neutrelity. He looked the same as always never smiling just being there. But there was something in his eyes that Aki had never seen before was it... envy?

Aki blinked and Kenpachi turned slightly to see what was making her not pay attention to HIM. He scowled as he saw Kuchiki standing there. "What the fuck do you want Kuchiki I'm busy." He growled. Kenpachi's arms tightened as he saw the bastard's eyes flicker briefly to Aki.

Aki licked her lips she could swear she saw Captain Kuchiki look at her as if in pain of all things. Why would he be in pain... It can't because of seeing me and Kenpachi together... is it?

"Keep your eyes off my soon to be wife Kuchiki!" Kenpachi snarled.

"Wife..." Byakuya said so lowly that Aki almost didn't hear it. Kenpachi was to busy glaring at him to have heard.

Aki watched as that cold wall decended over him. "Then keep your vulgar ways behind closed doors, it's bad enough that poor misguided woman has to stand in your presence. Don't tarnish her reputaion anymore than you have Zaraki." Byakuya said coldly. He turned and walked into the hall.

Aki had to stop Kenpachi before he ran after Captain Kuchiki, he was pissed. Once she got him to stand still Aki rubbed her hands along his arms soothingly. She looked up into his scowling face. "kenpachi don't pick a fight with Captain Kuchiki today... I think he's hurting."

"Not hurting as much as my foot up his ass will." Kenpachi growled darkly. Aki wrapped her arms around his hard body, and he immidiately reacted to the gesture by wrapping his own arms around her. "Come on Kenpachi something seems... different today." Aki said weakly.

Kenpachi sighed she gave him that pleading look one he couldn't deny her here or in bed for that matter. "Fine." he grumbled.

Aki smiled at him and kissed him lightly only to have him cup the back of her head and deepen it with a growl.


Byakuya looked the same as always nothing on his outside gave away to what was going on inside him. He was burning for some reason the though of Zaraki being with someone besides for a night urked him. Byakuya didn't understand why, it shouldn't matter that Zaraki is getting married. It shouldn't matter that he was with his soon-to-be-wife and Byakuya was still missing his sorely. Byakuya didn't envy Zaraki's happiness the slightest, IT DIDN'T MATTER!

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