{I do not own Naruto. Rated for offensive language and concepts, disturbing situations of a violent or sexual nature. This story is not for young viewers. For anyone who might take offence to the theme of this story note that I am Dyslexic and have Attention Deficit Disorder, and I was tested for epilepsy at the age of five. I have been in special education classes all my life and I have no problems with any group of individuals despite any disability they may have. Keep in mind that I am aware of the misuse of terminology that was once clinical as an insult. Well you have been warned.}

Grand Mal

Chapter 1: No Mercy for the Weak

Naruto had to hide and quickly. The school's jocks were after him. It wasn't because he was ugly, or a nerd, Naruto was actually quite nice to look at. He was not overtly feminine, but the word pretty was often used to describe him. His problem was not due to lack or excess of intelligence, thought his grades were not stellar they were passing. Naruto had many problems to deal with however and right then it was escaping a beating, or worse, at the hands of a few of the seniors who were also on the football team. He chose to duck into the girl's restroom. He had done it many times and the girls (if any were in there) generally ignored him as he would lock himself in the very last stall and let his breathing even out.

Naruto put the lid down on the toilet and sat. His hands were unsteady and the telltale twitching of his pinky caused him to dig into his pocket. He pulled out a prescription bottle and took his medication fumbling to open the bottle as his hands spasm ever so slightly. He dry swallowed a very bitter pill. He had gotten used to the horrid taste, often having to take his meds without water. He grimaced as it slid down his throat.

He waited it out hoping his seizure would pass quickly, or that the medicine spared him completely. He rested his cheek against the cold cinderblock wall of the school's restroom. He felt quite tremors shaking him, but they subsided after a while. He tested his legs and he seemed to be in good shape to run to class, or perhaps the principal's office. He thought better of going to Mrs. Tsunade. She cared about him, but he feared the retaliation if he were to tell on the bullies that tormented him.

Naruto looked both directions as he peeked out of the bathroom. Then he bolted for the classroom, He looked at the door to class room 103, Special Ed. The wooden door had the words 'Retard Room' carved harshly into the oak finish it had been buffed and painted over but Naruto could still see the faint lettering. He hated that he had to be in with the 'Retards.' He hated that label. He wasn't dumb, and most of the students in Special Ed were actually average, or even smart, but had trouble with traditional learning.

"Naruto!" The teacher yelled angrily! Why weren't you with your buddy! You know something could have happened!"

"I'm not stupid Mr. Umino." Naruto tried to defend himself.

The teacher sighed and his eyes softened, "I know Naruto, but you could have had a seizure. How would we know?" Naruto hated it wasn't fair why was he born a freak. He wasn't even allowed to go to the bathroom alone!

"It's so unfair," Naruto brushed his soft blonde hair out of his face with a still trembling hand. The teacher didn't miss it.

"Naruto, your finger," He snatched the boy's hand, "Did you take your medicine?"

"Yes sir. I noticed in the bathroom, I took my pill," Naruto took his seat without being asked.

"Ok, but if you feel another coming on tell me," He demanded before handing Naruto his math test. It was marked with a red 'B.' It reflected his average. He wasn't stupid at all. He did the regular curriculum, but in such a large school with overcrowded class rooms they would not let a severe epileptic like him into a regular classroom. Should he seize and hit his head or not be noticed and die then they would be liable to his family so he gets treated like an invalid, and an outcast. A boy rested his green clad arm on Naruto's shoulder. Behind him a hyper and happy boy who's only problem was ADHA was forced into the Special Ed program because he was to hyper and could not keep quiet in a regular setting. He was more subdued on medication but still had a tendency to have the occasional outburst. He smiled at Naruto.

"Hey Lee," Naruto greeted.

"Naruto! I was wondering if you would like to be on my team for gym. I heard that they are letting us use the track for a relay race after lunch." Naruto smiled. Lee never let Naruto's condition get in the way of their friendship. Naruto was naturally built for speed the only problem was that should he seize in the middle of a race he might get severely hurt, so the school board refused to allow him on the track team. Lee was on it and one of the fastest runners. Naruto was faster than Lee. Despite being in special education Lee's grades were decent. "Cool! We'll kick their butts!" Naruto pumped his fist in the air excitedly. He was glad that he would at least be allowed to run with the other kids in Special Ed.

The bell rang signaling lunch time. Naruto and Lee were the first out. Mr. Umino called for them to slow down and reminded Naruto to stay with his buddy. Lee nodded, and Naruto's cheeks heated up. Like he need the whole school know he had a babysitter.

Lee was oblivious to the snickers as kids made fun of his weird looks and odd clothing choices. Today he chose to wear a dark green sweater and horribly clashing orange pants. He didn't seem to notice the people point and laughing or cat calling, "Hey lee! Groucho wants his eyebrows back! Nice bowl cut. Did your mommy pick your clothes for you?" Lee walked past without a care. Naruto rolled his eyes and followed him, but he was stopped by a heavy hand. He turned to see one of the guys he had been running from. A large football player, "Where do you think you're going, freak." He sneered, "You shouldn't have run from us that'll only make things worse for you. Naruto felt the hand slide down his shoulder and then his back until it cupped his left butt cheek. He gasped and turned away quickly. The guy groped him right in the middle of the lunch room and not one person tried to stop him. Not even a teacher. Naruto felt tears of shame and indignation stinging his eyes as the guy laughed at him. He caught up with the clueless Lee and grabbed a tray. He wiped away his unshed tears. He didn't really feel hungry any longer, besides it was meat loaf day and Naruto hated the stuff. He'd just give his to Choji at their lunch table.

Naruto and Lee sat with some of their friends that were lucky enough to be in regular classed while they were still amongst the school's selection of oddities. Choji was a husky boy that happened to be good at wrestling so he escaped the torture his friends had to endure from jocks. Shikamaru the laziest and smartest kid in the whole school was napping his head rested next to his mound of Mashed potatoes. He looked up briefly to say, "hey," showing that he thought meatloaf made a better pillow then a meal. Naruto snorted and handed him a few of the government grade napkins the school so graciously provided (they felt more like sand paper the napkins but who were they to complain). Shikamaru uttered his favorite catch phrase, "How troublesome." He wiped his lunch off his face and pushed his tray of food away.

"No wonder you're so skinny Shika," Choji teased, "You eat through osmosis." Shikamaru mumbled into his arms something sounding dangerously close to 'truck off,' only with an 'f' where the 'tr' goes.

"Watch your mother truckin' language!" Naruto jabbed the boy with his face in his arms laughing hysterically.

Shikamaru looked up briefly, "Go TRUCK yourself." Then he went back to sleep. Naruto giggled at his friend. Shikamaru may be lazy but he was the coolest guy any of them knew, well except for the 'cool kids' and their leader Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto knew it was best to avoid them if at all possible. He laughed for a little longer it felt good to forget about the bullies, but then as he thought about them again he shivered at the implications made. Naruto wondered if he was just trying to scare him or would they really do that to him. Naruto kind of blanked out after that. He felt someone poking him in the arm, "Naruto! Lunch time is over, we are going to run relays next!"

"Shoot yeah!" Naruto jumped up to carry his tray to the trash and emptied his untouched food before placing his try on the conveyer belt that would take it back to the dish washer in the kitchen. He ran to catch up with Lee seeing one of the jocks in his path he dodged gracefully and jumped over the foot that shot out to trip him, but the third bully close lined him knocking the wind out of him and leaving him flat on his back in the middle of the walkway. Naruto's head swam painfully. A pale hand shot out to offer him help. He opened his eyes as his vision cleared a dark haired boy smiled at him blandly, "Are you hurt?" His voice was cold but that smile stayed like it was painted on. Naruto shook his head and took off without even uttering his thanks.

"Who the hell was that?" Another dark haired boy asked, "That is my next victim Sasuke."

"Sai, you really creep me out sometimes, but seriously I've never seen him before." The two of them watched him go. Sasuke was stunned by his speed and grace. Sai just smiled like a mannequin.

Naruto caught up with and over took Lee running in the halls a few teachers yelled but Naruto ignored them knowing they wouldn't bother coming after a couple of the school 'retards.' They made it to class even before Mr. Umino took his seat they were breathing hard, but smiling because that had just been a warm up for them.

When everybody were in their seats and calmed down the teacher had them line up alphabetically. Naruto was flanking the class on account of his last name. Lee was actually closer to the middle. Naruto was behind a rather strange boy who kept repeating the words, "Tobi is a good boy."

Naruto followed the group out to the field behind the school where the track was situated next to the football field. They filed out onto the field and Naruto found Lee stretching and readying himself. Naruto followed suit. Some of the less abled students were taken to the open field where they got up a kickball game.

"Hey there's my newest toy," Sai took his place next to Sasuke on the bench next to the track pointing out the slim blonde stretching.

"Hn," Sasuke snorted uninterested before realizing just what class had taken the field, "Isn't that the retard class?"

"What about the retard class?" A rough looking brunette joined them setting aside his pads and helmets, "Oh hey there going to do some laps. There's Uzumaki."

"Who's Uzumaki?" Sai asked.

"The blonde over there stretching. He and I went to grade school together. You should watch him he's fast."

"You mean my pretty blonde is in with the dumb kids?"

"Hey Naruto isn't dumb, he just has fits so they make him stay with the retarded kids."

"Fits?" Sasuke asked somewhat more interested, "You mean he throws tantrums?"

"No! He has seizures idiot. He had a really bad one when we were in the sixth grade. It was pretty scary. I heard that some of the guys on the team pick on him," Kiba explained. Sasuke frowned.

"Well you can tell them to keep their hands off my new boyfriend," Sai said placidly, but both Sasuke and Kiba knew how serious the pale teen could be about one of his 'boyfriends.'

"Um, Sai?" Kiba asked, "Does Naruto know you are his 'boyfriend?' …Because he has an older brother that might not like you messing with him."

"Oh really? Never mind he's mine. You know I can resist cute blondes." They watched as Naruto lined up baton in hand waiting for the signal. He and the other runners got into position and waited. Then the whistle was blown and Naruto shot off ahead of the rest. Sasuke watched silently as Sai commented on his sexy legs and tight little butt. Sasuke started to get irritated with Sai for some reason.

"I bet he's a virgin," Sai commented, "I hope so I love breaking virgins it's so much fun. I can just picture him writhing under me begging for me to stop. It will be so cute!"

"Sai," Sasuke turned to his near copy.

"Yes Sasuke?" Sai smiled that fake smile that he hated so much.

"Shut the f- up," Sasuke turned back to watch just as Naruto handed the Baton off to his partner the kid he recognized as Rock Lee, "Hey isn't that kid on the track team?"

"Yeah, Lee's the name he's pretty fast, but I think Uzumaki is faster than him," Kiba weighed his opinion.

"All right ladies! Enough gawking, get over here for your warm ups!" A loud voice called.

They all stood fixing their pads and putting on helmets heading for the practice field where the rest of the foot ball team was. Sasuke took one last look to see Naruto making his second lap while the other boy lee panted on the side lines. Naruto just looked so happy and so pretty. Sasuke shook his head at the thought. He turned away from the annoyingly warm feeling in his chest and followed his teammates to the practice dummies hoping to let off the sudden frustration that had collected deep within him while he watched some boy in the Special Ed. class running laps.

"Come on Naruto!" Lee shouted as he waited for his running partner to hand over the baton for the final lap. Lee got Into positon with his hand behind him he felt the added weight of the small metal tube as Naruto rested it on his palm he began running as Naruto slowed down and collapsed onto the soft grass at the side lines, "Go Lee! Kick their buts!" His voice echoed over the entire field. Sasuke looked toward the happy chimes of Naruto's sweet voice forgetting that he was holding a dummy for Kiba. He was knocked back violently into metal frame work.

"Uchiha! Pay attention!" The coach screamed angrily.

"Sorry Coach," Sasuke stood and went back to holding the dummy.

Lee and Naruto lay back in the grass as the other teams caught up with them. Naruto point out clouds and Lee guessed what Naruto thought they looked like, "That one looks like a cotton ball does it not?"

"Ha, ha, mister comedian, you think they all look like cotton," Naruto looked over to his friend and stuck out his tongue, "What about that one?"

"Um, I guess it looks like a pig?"

"I thought it looked more like a horse, but ok," Naruto smiled, "I bet Shikamaru wished he was in Special Ed; then he could be out here cloud watching with us, or sleeping." Suddenly Naruto stretched yawning. His shirt lifted up exposing his naval and the strange tribal tattoo he had. Lee always meant to ask about that but never had the nerve. It seemed rude, not just staring at the boy's attractive stomach but prying into his personal business. Lee looked away quickly to hide the blush on his cheeks.

"Hey boys! Time to go!" Their teacher called as the rest of the class had lined up already. Naruto stood and pulled his shirt down he failed to notice two sets of dark eyes watching him. Both seemed to be thinking the same thing as simultaneous nose bleeds appeared under each nose. Sasuke grabbed his with his dark jersey while Sai just continued to watch oblivious to the blood soaking his shirt.

"Sai! Sasuke! Get over here!" Mr. Marino growled at them, "What the hell happened to the two of you?"

"Overheating," Kiba volunteered cheekily. Sasuke glared at him Sai only agreed.

"Get some water then hit the showers! I don't need the school board coming down on me for letting you two go into heatstroke! The rest of you run laps!"

Sasuke and Sai each grabbed a cold bottle of water and headed for the gymnasium. Sasuke felt the need for a cold shower, and Sai was sporting a huge tent in the front of his pants smiling like an idiot, "I can't wait until I get that cute little blonde alone." Sai voiced his perverted thoughts. Sasuke felt a surge of some uncomfortable emotion welling up in his chest all he knew was that he wanted to hit Sai really badly and if he didn't stop talking about having sex with the blonde he might just beat the crap out of him.