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Grand Mal

Chapter 35: I Vow To You

…Neji occasionally took his eyes off the road to peek at Lee. Lee was leaning against the window staring off into the distance. Neji wished he knew id this was normal or if he was traumatized.

"Are you ok?"" Neji asked.

Lee startled to attention. He nodded, "Yeah, It was not that big of a deal."

Neji braked suddenly causing traffic behind him to halt. Someone honked a horn angrily. Neji pulled over to let the angry drivers pass. He was angry…not at Lee but well in a way at his indifference. He was attacked and Hidan was going to do something to him…Something that required privacy obviously. Neji nearly shuddered at the possibilities.

"That was most certainly a 'big deal'. What was he going to do? What if he got you alone somewhere where nobody could have helped you!" Neji shouted at the boy. Lee Cringed, but Neji felt the need to continue, "I saw the letter. He was planning to hurt you, badly!"

"Do you not think I know?" Lee hissed. Tears brimming over his eyelids. He whispered, "I know, because he…he and three others tried to…" He trailed off not wanting to say that vile four letter word.

"What?" Neji was shocked. Had they actually? "You mean they…they tried to r-"

"RAPE ME? Yes! They did try, and they taunted me after! I have been so scared! Are you happy? Pathetic Lee frightened of his own shadow because four seniors tricked him into meeting them on the roof of the school! Are you satisfied?" Lee screamed. Tears were streaming over his face as he hiccupped and struggled to get himself under control.

Neji grabbed Lee and dragged him closer he hugged the boy, "No I'm no. I wish none of that had ever happened. Tell me their names and I'll make them pay. I'm so sorry Lee." He hugged the sniveling boy. Lee weakly pushed away for a bit before giving in.

"No point," Lee finally sighed. Three of them graduated. He pushed away stronger and re adjusted his seatbelt.

Neji felt angry where was the justice. He could not touch three of them, but that just meant Hidan had to pay for the crimes four times over, and then later he may get the chance to hurt the others. He relished the thought of making them pay. Making Lee feel secure and loved.

"Lee I vow that you will never have to suffer that again," Neji said with conviction. He leaned back into his own seat and put the car into drive. Checking traffic he pulled away from the curb of the side walk and resumed his trip to Lee's home…

…Sasuke woke up. His pain meds were wearing off. He looked at Naruto. He was so damn cute at that moment. Sasuke hated to wake the slumbering teen.

"Nar," Sasuke whispered.

Naruto snorted in his sleep and tried to roll over on his side, but he was trapped by something large and warm. Sasuke cringed as Naruto's movements jostled his cast.

"Naruto!" Sasuke managed to sit up and free the blond.

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he looked around frantically, "What? Oh…Need somethin' Sas?"

"Yeah can you get the bottle of pills in my bag, the big white ones?" Naruto nodded and got up. He grabbed the bag and rummaged through it. Still half asleep he pulled out two bottles one with large white pills and one with red and grey capsules. He dropped the capsules back into the bag and handed Sasuke the bottle. Sasuke took it.

Naruto paused for a few seconds before he stood up, "Oh you probably need a glass of water."

He left the room and Sasuke tried to find a more comfortable position on the sofa. He was glad the pain wasn't too bad yet…

…Naruto walked into the kitchen. He nearly gagged. Kyuubi and Itachi were making out. Kyuu had the slightly shorter man pressed to the sink. He cleared his throat. They ignored him.

"Excuse me," Naruto said. They broke apart. Naruto moved behind Kyuubi and grabbed a glass from the cabinet. He pushed Kyuu and Itachi out of the way and filled the glass from the tap.

"So I guess you guys told Mom and Dad?"

"No they're still out," Kyuu explained.

"Well I think you better tell them soon. I mean if you are going to be kissing and…stuff. You better," Naruto warned and scolded them, "And I really don't need to see my brother sucking face. It's gross."

Kyuubi blew a raspberry at the small blond.

"Real Mature Kyuu," Naruto rolled his eyes and left the two older boys to resume their make out session.

Kyuubi shrugged and grabbed Itachi he was really horny, considering he had already had sex once. He pulled Itachi up the stairs with plans of molesting and sexing him up good. He looked back and Itachi their hands clasped. Damn he was a sin to look at, why were the Uchiha men so dam beautiful?

Kyuu didn't realize that Itachi was thinking similar things…

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