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It was senior Prom and Puck asked her to go with him, not that they had any feelings for each other, but they were great friends. That was the first reason, the second one, was that her long term crush; Matt Rutherford asked the girl Puck was still in love with; Santana Lopez.

Rachel wasn't jealous because she knew that Matt didn't like Santana; even Santana herself admitted that she asked him to ask her to get Puck jealous. It seemed to work because the next day, Puck was begging her to go with him, and Puck never begs, never even says please. Well maybe sometimes.

Anyway, Rachel got a black silky dress with a red shirt that was covered in black mesh, making the red belt stand out. Her hair was down and pulled up at the top.

Puck went a bit over the top, as in, he looked so handsome in his black suit that every girl wanted to crack him like a biscuit.

Puck and Rachel were slow dancing really closely to the couple trying to make them to notice them more when Santana tapped Puck on the shoulder and stole him from Rachel.

Rachel stood alone on he dance floor for a couple of seconds before she wandered to the table where Quinn and Finn were currently making out. Rachel could only roll her eyes. They should seriously get a room.

She watched Puck and Santana slow dance and smiled widely when she saw them kiss, at least he got his girl back.

A long arm stretched out in front of Rachel and she looked up surprised to find Mike. She accepted and laughed when Mike spun her to the dance floor. Mike was a good dancer and she enjoyed sharing this one with him. A smooth and unmistakable voice interrupted their fun.

"May I borrow this gorgeous lady for a minute?" He asked and Rachel already knew who it was. Mike winked at Matt and walked off to dance with Sunshine.

Matt's arms rested on her waist as his came up to his neck.

"You really shouldn't say that with your date around. She'll sink her claws into you." Rachel said and mock glared which made I'm chuckle.

"If you're gorgeous, she's really gorgeous. But if she's really gorgeous then you have to be beautiful. And she is really gorgeous." Matt said with a smirk. Rachel looked up at him confused.

"I thought you liked her." She decided to play dumb.

"I don't Rach. You know that." He said sternly.

"I do? Who is it?"

"Its this little petite brunette who's absolutely beautiful, sings like an angel and dresses as if she knows she's every guys wet dream the way she does. She's not afraid to love and love again when she get's hurt and she always accepts apologies. She absolutely perfect." He explained. Rachel already knew who it was.

"Really? Is she here? Show me." She said. She was totally asking for it now. Matt sighed and rested his forehead against hers, looking deep into her eyes before he pressed his lips gently to hers as if not pushing her. He pulled back slightly and searched her face for a reaction. Seconds passed and it felt like time stood still.

And then Rachel threw her arms tighter around him and kissed the hell outta him.


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