About this story... two things. I put it in COH even though it could go in any WWII fanfic.

About the story itself now. The location is in a town in northern France calle 'Rouen'. I don't know if there was acual battle there (probably was) so everything, except for the location, is fiction. The intro is the POV of a soldier around a map of the city, while the captain is telling them what to do.

"Okay men gather 'round. As you may know, we are ordered to take the city of Rouen. It is important if we are to take Paris and then push to Germany. From there we'll be able to attack Paris from the north. The city is a base of operation for the 716th German infantry division. Of course I now what you're gonna say : 'this is on the eastern front. The English and the Canadians should take care of this.' Well, believe me I'm with you on this one. I don't know what happened, maybe those English went to our superiors whining 'we don't want to.' But one thing is for sure, we're stuck with it now. But believe me, what do you prefer? To take this city that the english were supposed to take, or go to Cherbourg? Yeah that's what I thought. Anyway, back to the matter at hand, the city... Johnson stop that tzalking right now or I swear to god I'll send you to the nazis themselves. Now where was I? The city's cut by a river. I forget the name of the river but we're gonna be attacking by the south. We're gonna take these small little positions here to the south. That shouldn't be a big problem. Once we've taken them we'll set a base of operation in...Le..le jardin des plantes. From there we'll be call reinforcements. Then we'll have to advance to the center of the city, meaning the river. They'll might try to destroy the bridges so we can't pass. So we'll have to take 'em first and defend 'em. There will be panzers. Just because it's a base of operation for an infantry division doesn't mean there won't be tanks. And also a lot of sharpshooters. So keep your head down and your attention high. Once we've taken the southern part of the city we'll call for parachutists to be dropped in these positions. Near the hospital charles nicolle and the museum, they'll secure these positions. While they're doing that, we'll be heading towards the cathedral notre-dame. If everything goes smoothly, we'll meet the paras there. Once there I'll give the rest of the orders. At ease.

Well that's the end of the intro. Just to explain what'll happen. BTW If the story goes as I plan. I'll write three times the story. Once from the view of a soldier attacking from the south. Once from a para. And finally once as a german. More to come.

Read, review and enjoy!

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