The first section was advancing towards the bridge Jeanne d'arc. There was a smell of burning and lots of smoke. They had just bombed the city.

"Okay, guys keep you heads down."

"What? Come on, you are talking about last year? The Yankees killed the cardinals. 4 to 1. I memorized the score." The New Yorker whispered to the Southerner.

"Listen I don't care about baseball. What I really love is..."

"You two. Shut the fuck up." The sergeamt said firmly. They advanced a little more 'till the New Yorker wanted to open the conversation again.

"Anyway, I loved it when... by the way, at bat it's..." Suddenly he was on the floor, lying on his back. The sergeant yelled at them, but the sound of the sharpshoother's shots covered his yelling. To the southerner, it seemed men were falling left and right, even though there were only two who got shot. Everyone took cover before the sergeant told them to.

"Ryans, Michaels, go in there and take that sniper out of there. Everyone else, give 'em covering fire." Every soldier went on a shooting frenzy. Unfortunately that didn't stop the sniper to kill Michaels. Ryans got in the building and threw a grende on the top floor. He went up there and secured the floor.

"Guys, is everyone alright? Who's still here?" Mostly everyone said here, except, of course, the four who died. "Okay, we're advancing to the bridge 'Jeanne d'arc'. Ryans, collect the deads dog tags." Pfc. John Ryans took off everyones dog tags before catching up with the rest of the section. They weren't meeting any resistance. The southerner asked the sergeant

"Sarge, why isn't there any resistance?"

"Probably because they set up all of there defences on the other side of the bridges."

"How many bridges are there?"

"Shit Kowalski, I've said a thousand times there are two : the bridge 'Jeanne d'arc and the bridge Boie...boie le dieu or something like that." They arrived at the bridge Jeanne D'Arc. The captain started giving his orders.

"Okay guys, let's not rush or anything. We go in carefully and we keeps our heads low. Sergeant, you take first squad and go on the left. Johnson, you and the second squad go on the right."

"Yes sir, captain." Half-way across the bridge, they heard a little engine. A few guys thought a panzer was coming. Then, a small little machine appeared. It had no weapons on it and...

"GET OFF THE BRIDGE! GET OFF THE FUCKING BRIDGE NOW!" They all got off except for three guys. Replacements.

"Shit, Lieutenant it's just a small rob..." The whole bridge sodennly blew up.

"GOD FUCK IT! MOTHERFUCKERS! I TOLD THEM TO... I told them to get off the fucking bridge. Okay men, we're going south to the next bridge. " They started advancing under light enemy fire. A shot once in a while. No casualties, in other words. Still, that didn't stop the artillery to pound 'em once or twice. They arrived at the intersection of the bridge.

"Christ, it's a long bridge. I don't know if I should be relieved or nervous." said a shaking rifleman. The captain gave the same orders as before. Johnson took second squad on the right of the bridge while sergeant Campbell and first squad took the left. They were advancing slowly when all of a sudden all of hell broke loose. First, a shell fell right between the two squads. Right after that, two MG42 nest's atarted shooting at them.

"FUCK! EVERY ONE ON THE GROUND. TWO MG42'S WE HAVE TO TAKE 'EM OUT. SNIPER! TAKE THE ONE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE BRIDGE! JOHNSON, THROW A GRENADE AT THAT SECOND ONE. EVERYONE ELSE : COVERING FIRE!" He yelled over the shots and the sniper shot one of the MG42 machinegunner, while Johnson and someone else from his squad started advancing. They were crawling on their bellies very slowly. It seemed like an eternity until they got there. As the sniper shot another german who was going on a shooting frenzy with his MP40, the second soldier who was next to Johnson threw a grenade at the MG42 nest, before being shot in the chest. As the grenade blew up, Johnson threw his grenade on the anti-tank (?) cannon. The crew of the cannon all died while the last remaining MG42 machinegunner escaped before the sniper could shoot him.

"WE NEED A MEDIC HERE!" Johnson yelled, trying to stop the bleeding of his friend. But by the time the rest of the squad arrived, he was already dead. Johnson took his dog tag, hoping that the german who had escaped would rot in hell.

To anyone who may be reading. I made a mistake. In the last chaptter I said that the ally HQ was in the jardin des plantes. It's actually in the place joffre. (I know it may not be important but I like details.)