Chapter 1: Two hearts are better than one

Lemmy woke one morning, at 7:00 AM on the dot, like he did every morning, he got up, went to the bathroom, then laid flat against his bed.

"Morning Lemmy!" Iggy said cheerfully as he sprang up in the bed next to him. Lemmy jumped in fright at his twin, he forgot he still shared a room with his brother.

"Oh…uh..good morning Iggy…" He gasped, out of breath from his miniature panic attack.

"Wow, you sound really down this morning! What's wrong with you today?" Iggy asked playfully, making it sound like a joke.

"Nothing really… it's just… never mind, could you hand me my shell?"

"Umm.. sure, here you go." Iggy passed Lemmy his shell, which Lemmy then put on and adjusted so it fit just right, Iggy did the same right after him.

"Ready to go down for breakfast?" Iggy asked.

"You know it! I'm so hungry I could eat a boo!"

"Haha! Theirs the brother I know!" He patted Lemmy on the back, making him blush slightly, but quickly turned his head to avoid showing Iggy.

"So… you coming or do I have to drag you to the kitchen?" Iggy taunted.

"Haha, you couldn't drag me if you tried!"

"Oh really? Want a bet?"

"You're on!" At these words, Iggy grabbed his twin by his tail, and started dragging him down the hallway, both of them laughing as they went on.

"So? Can I drag you or not? You better make up your mind, before we reach the stairs!"

"AH! Ok, ok! You can drag me!" Lemmy chuckled as he got back onto his feet. They ran down the stairs, racing each other to the kitchen table.

At breakfast, the 7 koopalings sat at the huge table with 'King dad' right at the head of the table. Ludwig was next, with a stack of at least 15 pancakes in front of him. Then it was Morton, Roy, Wendy, and Larry, all with different meals. This was how the kids seemed to sit everyday, but no one really minded it, Lemmy and Iggy liked being far away from their dad, so they could make jokes and have fun while eating.

"I can't believe Ludwig can eat that much! Look at him! He's going to be as huge as a thwomp by the time he's done those pancakes!" Iggy laughed, but stopped, when Lemmy didn't… he turned and was about to ask why, but saw that Lemmy was just staring at him.

"Uhhh… Lemmy… what are you doing?" Iggy asked slightly afraid.

"What? OH! Uhh… just.. um.. day dreaming! That's it! Day dreaming! Just dreaming about my day! Nothing else!" Lemmy responded in an awkward kind of screech, which made Larry look over and make a 'What on earth was that?' Face.

"Oh ok…" Iggy murmured, slightly saddened that his twin wasn't paying attention.

"I'm sorry Iggy, theirs just been a lot on my mind lately, I didn't mean to ignore you." Lemmy apologized when he saw Iggy's depressing face.

"Kmon buddy, don't be sad."

"It's ok, I understand Lemmy."

"Are you sure?"


"Good! Then how bout we finish our food and go play some Koopsasin's Creed?"

"Sure! That sounds awesome!"

The two koopalings got up, left their dishes where they were, and walked up the stairs to the game room, which Roy was usually in. Luckily Roy always ate A LOT at breakfast, so Lemmy and Iggy had to time to play.

Back down at the kitchen, Ludwig was talking to Bowser.

"So son? Can I cook or what?"

"Well… considering that pancakes are very easy to make…not really.." Ludwig laughed as he gobbled down another bite.

"Hmm.. well than maybe you can make your whole family supper some time, and see how good you are?"

"Ha, sure dad how about same time next week?" Ludwig mocked.

"Sure, and we can even switch chairs that day."

Ludwig laughed as he picked his plate and left the table. He always got to have little chats with his dad when they family ate together. He was also the last koopalings to leave the table, and as he walked by the windows in the castle, he could see Roy and Morton out playing Basketball, and Wendy working on her tan. Ludwig made it to his room, where he sat down in front of his piano, and started to work on a new piece that he called, 'Reqium for a Koopa'.

*Knock Knock* "Hey Ludwig… can I come in?"

"Of course Larry!" Ludwig responded with happiness.

Larry opened the door to his brothers room, and walked over to where Ludwig was, still sitting down and playing music.

"Working on something new Ludwig?"

"Yes actually… but this is all I have so far…" Ludwig started playing on the piano, an amazing chorus of sounds emerged from the instrument, and rang throughout the room. (Ludwigs room is sound proofed you see, making it impossible for anyone else in the castle besides him to hear his creations.)

"Wow… that was amazing Ludwig! You have to teach me how to play like you one day!"

"Heh, thanks Larry" Ludwig showed his appreciation as he blushed. "but I don't think you could learn to play the piano that well, you need to be able to stretch your fingers pretty far."

"Like this?" Larry tried to stretch his fingers as far as he could.

They both laughed.

"Maybe I'll just stick with guitar, that's what I'm awesome at.

"Ya, ive heard you play some pretty crazy songs bro, but if you don't mind… I kinda need to work on this piece.

"O… ok..but… I actually came here to ask you something…" Larry softly said.

"What is it?"

"Well… have you noticed lately that Iggy and Lemmy are kind of… spread apart?

"Now that you mention it… ya actually... I have noticed." Ludwig nodded.

"Well, I tried talking to Iggy the other day, but he didn't say anything, so I was wondering if you could talk to Lemmy to try and get him to crack."

"And what makes you think ill get him to talk?" Ludwig asked.

"Well, for one, you're a bit smarter than I am, which I assume makes you more persuasive, am I right?"

"Ha, fine Larry, ill talk to him, but let me finish a bit more of this piece first."

"Ok… do you mind if I just lay on your bed and listen? I promise I wont bother you."

"Oh… uh sure, just try to keep quiet."

"I will, thanks Ludwig."

"No problem."

Ludwig played a wonderful combination of notes on the piano, some that were soft and deep, others that were loud and frantic, but by the end of his piece, it was amazingly soft and slow, which made Larry kind of tired, he wasn't sure if he could stay awake while listening to the music.

"So Larry… what did you think?" Ludwig asked, finally done his piece, and slightly out of breath.

"It was awesome Ludwig, but I think im gonna go take a nap in the game room, the ending kind of made me tired, but not in a bad way… I wasn't bored."

"Ya, I get it Larry, I still have a bit of work to do, so ill see you later."

"Ok Ludwig, c ya!" Larry walked out of the door, and down the hall to the game room, where he could hear Lemmy and Iggy playing a game. He walked into the room, not bothering to say hi, he just lied down on the couch and watched.

"Kmon Iggy! Get that guy!"

"I'm trying Lemmy, I'm trying!"

Iggy's character leaped from building to building, and jumped onto a pile of hay below, he waited there, and as his target walked by, SLICE! The character pulled out a blade and stabbed him the chest, and quickly dashed up a building to safety, where he avoided being caught.

"Haha, wow Iggy, you sure got good at this game!"

"Thanks Lemmy, oh, hi Larry! We didn't even notice you walk in!"

It was to late to say hi, Larry was already fast asleep, still with Ludwig's symphony in his head.

"Well, I guess we should let him have some quiet, how about we go play a board game?" Lemmy asked, as the two brothers left the room and started walking down the hall.

" More like a BORED game, how can you like playing those?"

"Not sure, I just find it fun!" Lemmy laughed.

"Haha, your so old fashion bro." Iggy laughed with him

"Maybe your just new fashioned?"

"Ha, I just like games that move, that's al-" BAM! Iggy hit something hard as a wall, only… it wasn't a wall… it was Roy!

"Hey four-eyes! Watch where you're going!" Roy looked down on his younger sibling.

"How about you watch where you're going fatso!" Lemmy shouted out, and for the first time, stood up to Roy.

"Oh… so now the little pip-squeak wants a piece of me huh?" Roy stepped towards Lemmy, and shoved him against the cold stone wall of the castle. He threw Lemmy down to the floor, and walked over to Iggy, and picked him up, with one hand!

"So twerp! Are you gonna watch where you're going next time? Or what?" Roy threatened him with his other hand in a tight fist.

Lemmy had enough, he got up and kicked Roy in the leg, as hard as he could, Roy yelped in pain, and dropped Iggy.

"You little bitch! You'll regret that!" Roy got up slowly, wincing from the pain, and grabbed Lemmy, pushing him against a wall.

"Trying to be a hero for your little boyfriend Lemmy? Well guess what! It's not working!" Roy swung his arm back, and tried to swing it forward again, but it was caught on something…

"Stop it Roy!" Ludwig yelled from behind him.

Roy stopped dead and turned around, facing Ludwig.

"Oh, now Mr. Blue hair is gonna save you?" Roy mocked.

"Hey, at least I HAVE hair baldy." Ludwig said as a comeback, feeling proud of him self.

"Shut up Ludwig! Only the best koopalings are bald, and you know it!"

"Ya, their the best, at being total assholes to everyone!"

"Grr… you know what Ludwig? Screw you! Stop fighting these guys battles! You not even tough! I've never even seen you throw a punch!"

"Then I guess now's a better time that ever!" Ludwig yelled as he wound up and connected his fist to Roy's face, Roy fell to his knees and swore in agony.

"How's that for a punch Roy?" Ludwig mocked.

"Fuck you Ludwig! Go screw yourself!" Roy screamed as he got up and walked to his room, to practice punching his punching bag.

"God, Roy is such a dick…" Lugwig mumbled as he turned to Lemmy and Iggy. "Are you guys ok?"


"Guys?" Roy looked around for them, and found them just out of his vision, embraced in a hug.

"Thank you so much Lemmy! I woulda been dead!" Iggy thanked his brother.

"It was nothing Iggy…" Lemmy broke their hug. "But you should thank Ludwig, other wise we'd both be in a lot of pain." Lemmy said as he looked at Ludwig.

" Thanks Ludwig." Iggy ran over to him and gave him a hug to.

"Don't mention it Iggy, umm… Lemmy could I talk to you for a few minutes?"

"Uhmm… Sure Ludwig.." Lemmy started walking towards him.

Ludwig looked at Iggy and added, "Alone"

"Oh, sorry Ludwig." Iggy said as he let go of his brother, and continued walking down to his room.

"Thanks again Ludwig, Roy seems to be getting more and more violent every day…"

"Well, I guess it's his damn hormones, he is 17 after all."

"But your 17 to, and your not evil." Lemmy laughed.

"Well, like me, some people learn to grow up a lot faster than Roy." Ludwig chuckled.

Lemmy and Ludwig continued walking through the castle corridors to a room that Lemmy didn't even know was there. The room was filled with very old furniture, and a TV that looked ancient.

"Wow Ludwig… what is this place?" Lemmy asked, awestruck.

"It's where I come when I need to be alone for a while, nothing special about it really, it's just in a secluded part of the castle, where no one comes."

"Oh… uh.. what did you want to talk about?"

"Well, it's mostly about you and Iggy… Larry told me you guys have been becoming distant in the past few weeks, and i… well..he.. wanted to know why." Ludwig explained.

"Uh… its complicated Ludwig, a lot of stuff has been going through my head lately…"

"Like…?" Ludwig asked.

"Well, whenever im by Iggy, I feel all warm and fuzzy, and I constantly get an erection around him, and… im scared Ludwig."

"Scared of what?"

"That if I hang around Iggy much longer, something might happen! And besides, I'm straight! How does that even work!

"Well Lemmy, maybe you arnt straight, maybe you just think you are…"

"What? But… I can't be gay! What will everyone say?"

"Does it really matter?" Ludwig kept answering him in questions… to keep his younger brother talking.

"But… I thought I was supposed to like girls… and he's my own brother! This cant be right! It has to be a mistake! I can't be in love with Iggy! "Lemmy screamed in teared denial, he was crying and yelling at the same time, as if he had been shot in the heart.

"I'm sorry Lemmy… but… it's who you are, you can't run from it." Ludwig sobbed, heart broken by seeing his happy, cheerful younger brother… so depressed.

"But…but… what if he's not gay? And even if he is, I doubt hell love me like I love him…" Lemmy's tears stopped flowing.

"Well, I guess you have to find out Lemmy."

"You mean… tell him?" Lemmy gasped.

"Yes Lemmy, you have to tell Iggy the truth, but remember, no matter what happens, Iggy will still love you for a brother."

"*sniff* Ok Ludwig, but what do I say?"

"Simple, just tell him what you told me."

"*sigh* Then I guess I should go tell him right now hey?"

"Yes Lemmy, tell him." Ludwig nodded as Lemmy stood up, nodded back at him, and slowly left the room, with only one thing set on his mind, to tell Iggy.

Lemmy started out walking, but then he broke into a run, so that none of his other siblings could see his eyes, now bloodshot from his tears. Lemmy got to his room, took a deep breath, and opened the door, to see his twin lying face down on the bed, now wet with tears.

"*Sniff* Lemmy?" Iggy pulled his head from his pillow and looked up at his twin. "Have you been crying?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Lemmy replied.

"Ya but…but… it's cause well, im scared you don't like me anymore…" Iggy sobbed.

"Iggy, it's much more than that."

"What do you mean Lemmy?"

Lemmy hopped onto the bed right in front of Iggy, and looked deep into his eyes. "Iggy, I have to tell you something…"

"Ya Lemmy?"

"I… I…" Lemmy took a deep breath. "I'm in love with you!" Lemmy got that one sentence out of his throat, and his whole body felt better instantly… his tears stopped, and the lump in his chest was starting to disappear.

"You mean like, love love, not just how siblings love each other?" Iggy sniffed.

"Yes Iggy… I'm sorry…" Lemmy was about to get up… but Iggy grabbed his arm, and pulled him into a hug.

"Lemmy, I love you to."

"What?" Lemmy gasped in shock.

"Every time I was depressed, I was thinking about how strangely I felt about you… and it wasn't until you stood up for me, that I realized I loved you for more than a brother…and I was sad because-"

Lemmy cut him off, he leaned in towards Iggy, and pressed his muzzle against his, in such a passionate kiss, it made his heart feel as if it would melt. They stayed that way for 5 minutes, neither one wanting to end their dangerous showing of love.

Iggy finally pulled away, and said "So, you want to do what those koopa's on the internet do?"

"Sure, but only if you want to Iggy."

"Of course I do."

They took off each other's shells, and set them aside, leaving them only in boxers. Lemmy could see that Iggy was hard, just like him.

"I've never done this before Iggy…" Lemmy said as he took of his boxers, revealing his hard member.

"Neither have I…" Iggy did the same, and pulled Lemmy close to him.

"So, I guess we should start with this." Iggy said as he grabbed his twin's member in his hand, and slowly starting going up and down.

"That feels…so…good Iggy…" Lemmy moaned.

"Then this will feel even better." Iggy said as he put the tip of Lemmy's member into his mouth, tasting drops of pre-cum.

"Mm, it tastes pretty good Lemmy." Iggy continued sucking, eventually getting ¾ of Lemmy's dick into his mouth.

"Oh god Iggy, I think im gonna come…" Lemmy moaned and gasped, as Iggy continued his work.

"Do it Lemmy, come on me." Lemmy did just that, he let out a small wail as he shot his sperm all over Iggy's face, which Iggy wiped off with his hand.

"I wonder…" Iggy said as he used Lemmy's seed as a lubricant, spreading it over his own member.

"Iggy… I want you inside me…"

"My pleasure." Iggy laid down on the bed, his hard cock exposed.

Lemmy slowely lowerd himself onto it, his own cum helping it slide into him.

"Oh God! It feels so good!" Lemmy screamed.

"Gah! Yes it does!" Iggy gasped.

Iggy started thrusting In and out of Lemmy, slowely building each other's climax.

"O Iggy… go faster, it's so good!" Lemmy shouted in lust.

Iggy increased his speed, making him sweat more and more, and making his moans even louder.

"Oh Iggy, keep fucking me!" Lemmy gasped.

"I'm trying but…Ahhhh, I feel funny Lemmy, I think im gonna come."

"Me to Iggy! OH!"

Iggy and Lemmy hit climax at the same time, Lemmy spraying his seed all over his brother for a second time, while Iggy came inside of his brother, his juices flowing out of his tail hole. They both moaned in delight.

"Wow Iggy… that felt…so…good…" Lemmy gasped.

"I couldn't agree more." As he winced, his member now very sensitive.

Lemmy got off of his brothers still hard member, and laid on top of him, licking off his own cum from his brothers face.

"Wow, that does taste good." Lemmy nodded as he kept licking

"That tickles silly!" Iggy giggled.

"Hehe, ok, ill stop, but next time, you're on top." He flopped down beside Iggy, and wrapped his arms around his brother, giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Your amazing Iggy" Lemmy said.

"And you're wonderful Lemmy." Iggy said as he kissed Lemmy one last time… and they fell asleep… in each other's arms.

Lemmy woke up at 7:00 AM on the dot. Like he always did… but something felt different today… something felt happier. Lemmy opened his eyes that morning to see his twins' eyes a foot from his face.

"Wake up sleepy head." Lemmy said as he kissed Iggy's forehead, still with some of his seed on it.

"Hehe, im awake Lemmy." Iggy added as he kissed Lemmy's neck.

Lemmy giggled. "K'mon Iggy, we should wash up before breakfast."

"Ya, I wouldn't want to see dad's face if he saw us like this."

The two went into the bath room, holding each others hand, started the shower, and waited for the hot water.

"I love you Iggy." Lemmy said.

"I love you to Lemmy." Iggy pulled him into another hug, before they both went in the shower to wash off.

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