Chapter 4: When Paths Shouldn't Cross

It was odd, looking around and not seeing three of his brothers at breakfast the next day. As Morton had thought, Lemmy and Iggy weren't there, but what surprised him was that Larry was missing as well. All his other siblings wouldn't show up from time to time, but Larry was there everyday.

"Where's Larry?" He asked out loud, not to anyone in particular.

"Checking out his gay mags." Roy growled as he shovelled down another fork full of food.

Bowser raised an eyebrow, but ignored it. Roy hadn't stopped talking about that little incident since it happened.

Ludwig sighed and pushed out his chair, shaking his head as he did so.

"Sorry dad, I'm just not hungry this morning."

With that, he quietly and quickly began to walk out of the giant room, his footsteps echoing. Morton glanced back at him as he approached the stairs, and it almost seemed as if he was shaking.

Bowser looked up to the table, and for the first time since just a few of his kids had been born, only 3 of them sat at the table.

"What's wrong with you kids lately?" He asked, looking up to the roof.

None of them responded immediately, but both Wendy and Morton looked over at Roy, urging him to say something. He glared looked at them with annoyance, especially Morton, before giving out his expected response.

"Shouldn't you be talking to Ludwig and those other freaks? Nothing's wrong with us, we're normal. Those morons are too fucked up to even have breakfast with us-"

"Enough!" Bowser yelled at him, forcing him to be quiet, "I won't have you talk about your brothers like that. This is exactly why I'm asking you three. You're anger problems have been getting worse and worse every day, and Wendy won't stop whining about everything!"

"Whining? I complain." She sternly said and nodded her head.

"And what about Morton? Sure he's gotten fatter, but is he just the perfect child? He and those other dumbasses?" Roy glared at him, forcing Morton to gulp and turn his head away.

"Roy. Stop your insults. Now. Morton doesn't have any problems that bug our family, so he can figure any of them out for himself."

Morton shifted a little bit, obviously uncomfortable. His mind switched back to the previous day, and all he could see was the clenched claws on the bedsheets.

"-you can help them, right Morton?" Bowser snapped himself out of his small trance.

"W-what?" He stuttered.

"I want you to find out what's wrong with those four. They're not acting normal... for them anyway."

Morton nodded a little bit, "I already know what's wrong with two of them..." He whispered to himself.

"What's that Porty?" Roy smirked.

"Nothing." Morton stood up, eyes on him, "I'm gonna go walk around for a bit."

He left his plate on the table and started to walk away, listening to more of Roy's jeers as he took to the first step.

Lemmy's mohawk was as soft as ever, and Iggy was lying on the bed next to him, brushing his hand through the different colours. They had woken up a while ago, but they both agreed they didn't have an appetite, so they stayed comfy, cuddling with each other. Another reason, one which they never talked about, was that they didn't want to be present when their whole family was present. The note had scared them, and it still did.

"Iggy, how did he find out?" Lemmy asked as the fingers through his hair began to calm him down.


"Wendy would of told everyone by now."

Iggy nodded, and his mind jumped to who it might be. Morton, Roy, and Dad all popped up, but he couldn't sort out who it was more likely to be.

"I think it was Roy." Lemmy told him flatly. It seemed like he read his mind, "He doesn't like us, and he's not as stupid as he looks. He'd try to toy with us so we'd suffer, so he wouldn't tell dad."

"What about Morton? He would never tell dad."

"Ya, but do you really think he would leave us a note?" Lemmy shrugged.

"I don't know... I guess not..." Iggy squeezed Lemmy's hand a bit, "Think we should get up?"

Lemmy smiled and took another second to bask in his comfort. It always felt amazing when he got to just lie there, barely a worry. Sadly, he knew he would have to get up.

As he was about to speak, there was a knock on the door, and they immediately retracted from each others grip in a panic.

"Guys?" A lighthearted voice asked from behind the door, before it creaked open and he walked in.

Larry blushed as he looked down to Iggy and Lemmy, both of them out of their shells and semi erect.

"S-sorry if I'm interrupting anything..." Larry turned and began to turn to the door.

"No, we were just lying here." Lemmy smiled and turned off the bed, grabbing his shell. Iggy did the same on the other side, and both of them were covered, forced to fully wake up.

"So what's on your mind?" Iggy asked as he sat down on the bed, patting beside him so Larry would come over.

He was hesitant, and never sat down, but he did walk a bit closer, before sitting down on the floor, leaning against the nearby wall.

"It's Ludwig... he's..." Larry took a deep breath as his eyes started to water and sting.

"Hm?" Lemmy asked him as he sat down on the bed next to Iggy, grabbing hold of his hand. Larry just started at the entwined hands, and broke down even more. The twins looked at each other, unsure of what to do.

"He's moving." Larry managed to choke out.

Iggy and Lemmy tried to speak, but their mouths froze as they tried to pick their words carefully. They knew Larry wasn't here for only comfort, so they didn't want to seem like they misunderstood him.

"Where?" Lemmy asked him.

Larry glanced up at him, confused that he would ask, but he seemed content enough with the question.

"I don't know, he didn't tell me. Just last night he told me he was moving..." Larry took in several breaths, trying to calm himself down.

Iggy raised an eyebrow though, and thought over his situation, "Did he try to explain it?"

"I..." Larry shook his head furiously.

"Why not?" Iggy stood up and pressed his shell against the wall, learning backwards beside Larry.

"I kind of didn't let him..."

Lemmy smirked and stood up as well, putting a hand through Larry's mohawk, ruffling his hair.

"Ludwig wouldn't just leave without a good reason. Whatever it is, it must be important to him."

"More important than me?" Larry screamed at him, tears still freshly streaming from his eyes. Lemmy just shrugged, unable to answer the question for him. For all he knew, it could be true.

Larry brought his eyes to the floor for a short time, and then buried his head into his arms. He couldn't deny the possibility that he wasn't the most important thing in Ludwig's life, but that was only a possibility.

"Just give Ludwig and yourself time to cool down and sort yourselves out. After that, talk with him and figure this out, okay?" Lemmy smiled at him and sat back down on the bed, Iggy following him.

Larry nodded with his head in his arms, and stood up, wiping away some of his tears. He gave a slight nod in appreciation, and turned out the door, hopefully heading to his own room.

"Smooth." Iggy smirked, "Didn't think you could give advice like that."

"Me either." Lemmy sighed, not in his usual playful mood.

"What's wrong?" Iggy asked, grabbing his hand.

Lemmy just looked and raised an eyebrow. As if he had to ask.

"Besides the obvious problem with the mystery person."

Lemmy had to smile at that, and it made him feel a bit better, he had to admit. It had only been a short time, but so many problems had already started forming inside his close-nit family.

"He worriers me is all." Lemmy closed his eyes for a bit longer than a standard blink, letting the comfort of the small rest ease his mind.

"Me too Lemmy. Me too."


"Next week would be the best time..." Ludwig mumbled to himself as he lied down on his bed, scanning over several documents. He still wasn't feeling all too great, but the comfort of being able to think about other things for a while was welcomed. He picked up one of the papers, and looked it over carefully, grimacing.

There was a loud knock on his door, that startled him, making him drop the paper. He knew he could find it later. Ludwig walked to his door and opened it up tad, peaking through the doorway.

"Ludwig?" Morton asked, used to Ludwig not letting people in his room.

"What do you..." Ludwig paused his sentence, trying not to sound rude, "Yes, Morton?"

"I was wondering why you've been... well... so out of it lately."

"It's nothing you would understand..." Ludwig tried to push the door shut, but it refused to.

"Believe me, There's alot I don't understand right now. I was kind of hoping I could talk to you about something else as well." Morton kept his foot wedged in the door.

Ludwig thought it over, and opened the door without saying a word, nodding to Morton. Morton walked inside his room and looked around, it was chaos. Ludwig tried to close the door, but something else wasn't working.

Larry was peering through the opening at Ludwig, with saddened eyes.

"No. You can wait." He glared at him and forced the door shut.

Morton was just sitting on the bed, looking at the ground. Despite everything around him, he didn't seem very interested in his surroundings.

"So what do you need to talk about?" Ludwig asked, trying to make the conversation as quick as possible.

"Uhmm..." Morton flexed his toes and bit his lip, "Lemmy and Iggy."

Ludwig was taken aback, and his eyes widened, fearing the worst, "W-what about them?"

Morton didn't seem to notice his stutter, and replied, in a confused tone, "They were in their room, and I heard noises, so I checked on them... and well... they were..."

"Shit..." Ludwig muttered.

"He was sucking his cock."

"And?" Ludwig asked him, trying to seem inconspicuous.

"And? What do you mean, 'and'? They're brothers! THEY WERE PRETTY MUCH FUCKING. That's wrong, isn't it?"

"Well... that depends if you think it's wrong or not."

Morton looked at him in shock, "You don't think it's wrong, do you?"

"Well why should it be?"

"They're both male!"

"Don't use that bullshit, I know you have nothing against gays, Morton."

"They're twins for gods sakes! You don't do that with your family!"

"Well maybe they love each other."

"Love each other?" Morton asked him, thinking it over, "Family can love each other... but not in that way..."


Morton looked to Ludwig in fear. He was obviously getting angry, and Ludwig wasn't someone you wanted to be around when he got pissed off. "I'm sorry Ludwig, I didn't mean to make you angry-"

"Just because they're related, that's the only bond they can have, that's all they can ever be? You don't understand what they feel, or how they see each other. It may be wrong to you, but to them, it's everything they've ever wanted." Ludwig had walked over to Morton while he was talking, starring him down with his rage.

"L-ludwig..." Morton held the stare back, his eyes watering.

"Don't bother. It's obvious what you think. Just... just go, Morton. I can't deal with this right now."

Morton stood up, and held back his tears, forcing himself to breathe. Instead of walking past him, he grabbed Ludwig and pulled him into a hug. Ludwig just stood there in shock.

"I just want my siblings to be happy... all of you." Morton pulled back and smiled, gave a single nod, let go of Ludwig, and slowly began to walk away.

"Morton..." Ludwig whispered.

"Yes?" He asked, stopping just in front of the door.

"Please... don't tell anyone... don't take away what they have..."

Morton glanced around his shoulder and saw Ludwig was standing there, shaking and in tears. Morton just looked away and left the room, shutting Ludwig back inside with his emotions.

He took a deep breath and looked down the hallway, and noticed that Lemmy and Iggy were walking down the hallway, away from their room. He thought it through, and decided now would be the best time to talk to them.

When he was in their room, he grabbed another piece of paper and a pen, and jotted down something else. It was just a simple set of instructions, to meet him just outside the front doors to the castle, shortly after 11PM. After he was satisfied with his instructions, he set the paper on their pillow, in plain site. He walked out of the room, and closed the door quietly, trying to leave it as it was.

"What you doing, fat ass?" Roy asked him and pushed him from behind, forcing him forward.

"Nothing, Roy..." Morton growled.

"Really, cause it looks like you're trying to be pretty secret."

"Just looking for something I thought I left in their room. No big deal."

Roy turned Morton around so he was facing him, and latched onto his shoulder, pushing him into the castle wall, "I'm not an idiot. I'm not one of those dipshits you see on TV that don't know a god damn fucking thing. You want to bullshit me, go ahead, you little fucker, but I'll find out what you little pussies are up to."

"Calm down Roy." Morton told him sternly.

Roy snickerd and threw his fist forward, so it stopped just in front of Morton's face, "You're in no position to tell me what to do. Ever." He let go of Morton, and he immediately began to walk away, off to his own room.

"Now..." Roy told himself, "Let's see what he was doing in here..."


Larry had been in the family room for most of the afternoon, pretty content with just sitting there, with Wendy's television shows in the background. It had been a few hours, but he was actually starting to become bored, and his body was aching for him to move.

"Wendy?" He asked, hoping she might want to do something.

"What do you want?" She turned and asked him in annoyance.

"...Nevermind..." Larry shook his head and stood up, stretching his arms and legs.

"Moron..." Wendy told him before she turned back to her TV.

Larry sighed and walked out of the room. He wanted to talk to Ludwig, so badly, but the message he got was clear. He wasn't wanted, not now. With that, he set out to Morton's room, hoping he would be able to have fun with the only brother he felt would be fair to him.

He knocked on the door, and was met with a muffled response. Unsure of what he had said, he opened the door a bit, and listened. He assumed it was safe to walk in so, so he fully opened the door, and did just that.

Morton's room wasn't a very interesting one, the walls mostly bare with a print out of fan art pasted on the wall. He wasn't sure what it was from, but the drawing looked amazing. His dresser was just in front of his bed, with random papers and other things on top. He had a few books here, but most of them were kept on another wall, to his right. For how he looked, Morton was surprisingly geeky.

"How's a going, Larry?" Morton asked him, who was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Uhm... bored..." Larry shrugged and sat down beside him.

"You? Bored?" Morton smiled, "Aren't you the active one of the family?"

Larry smiled too, and just nodded, "So what's that picture of?" Larry asked, turning and giving a slight nod to the fanart.

"O-oh! Just something from a story I was reading." Morton smiled and waved off his nervousness.

"Hm? Why the stutter?" Larry smirked, "What's the story about?"

"Nothing you'd find interesting." Morton told him severely.

Larry noticed his eagerness to kill the conversation, so he dropped it for his sake, but thought he would bring it up, later.

"Do you know why Ludwig's so down lately?"

Larry groaned. He was talking about Ludwig, but it was to the wrong person.

"Hm?" Morton looked up, and perched himself leaning against the wall.

"Why would I know?" Larry asked him.

"Well, you just seem close to him." Morton shrugged.

Larry laughed a bit, "Ya, we're close all right." He shook his head a little.

"What do you mean?" Morton asked, his interest spiking.

"You don't know much about our family, do you?"

"I'm trying to learn..." Morton sighed.

Larry smirked, and thought about how Ludwig had made him feel. Perhaps, in this case, two wrongs would make a wonderful, wonderful right.

"The first thing you need to learn, Morton..." Larry smirked as he pulled himself closer to him, "Is that our family doesn't exactly live by the norm..."

Morton began to push himself a little bit back, more into the wall, "I can tell that our family is strange..."

"Oh? Just how strange? Do you know what our family, our siblings, our brothers, have done?"

Morton gave a worried smile, "Larry, what do you mean?"

"I mean... " Larry leaned forward and rubbed his hand over Morton's leg, "Me, Ludwig... Iggy, Lemmy... we've all done things."

"Larry...s-stop..." Morton starred wide-eyed at his brother.

"It felt so good, and it was so special, and he just threw it all away." Larry inched closer, and brought his hand to the inside of Morton's thigh, rubbing it lovingly.

Morton's breathing began to get heavy, and he felt himself start to become a bit excited. "F-fuck..." He thought to himself, "This... no..."

It was fortunate for Larry that Morton had taken his shell off earlier, and this his goal wasn't obscured. The bulge in Morton's shorts was beginning to show.

"I'll show that bastard how it feels..." Larry smiled and began to lick the inside of Morton's legs, his thick saliva feeling warm on his leg.

"Larry, what are you doing... stop this..." Morton winced and turned his head, trying to ignore what was happening.

Larry simply brought his head further down, into his crotch, and reached one hand beneath his shorts, gently rubbing and squeezing Morton's member. He pulled down his shorts, so that he was lying on them, pinning Morton's legs to the bed.

His cock was one of beauty, and it stood there, fully erect, a full 8 inches long, with a slight curve upward. It looked amazing. It looked tasty. Larry stuck out his tounge and gently slid in across the bottom of his head, the whole 8 inches of pride twitching in anticipation as the warming sense touched him.

"Please don't... not to me..." Morton moaned. He was beginning to feel good.

"And why not?" Larry asked him, his thick spit dripping from his tounge down onto his shaft, "You seem to be enjoying yourself."

Larry turned back to the task at hand, and went to the base of his shaft, licking it from the bottom, all the way to the top, slowly, letting it drag along the underside and really please his brother. He looked down on it from above, and opened his mouth, slowly taking in the head, suckling on it gently. Morton couldn't speak, and when he tried to get Larry to stop, all that came out were soft moans.

Larry's tounge was long and easy to move, so he let it tickle all the parts of the shaft as he moved further and further down his rock hard dick, playfully enhancing the feelings. He could taste his brother's pre-cum leaking out. It wasn't as sweet as he had had before, but it was still tasty. Soon, he got tired of simply teasing, and began to move his head up and down, sucking and licking everywhere. He used one hand to fondle the two balls that were just beneath him, and the other to rub the inside of his leg.

Morton sat there, shocked and confused. He tried as hard as he could not to let what was happening get to his head. As much as he tried to ignore the sensations, something like this felt too good. He could feel his balls getting tense, and that familiar feeling of orgasm building up.

Larry could feel his cock twitching in his mouth, and he knew it was his last chance to try what he wanted. He took his mouth off, and gave the whole shaft one last, long lick, before putting his mouth back on it, and forcing his head all the way down. It made him gag, but he managed to get his mouth all the way down. At that moment, Morton peaked, and his claws dug into his bed, tearing through the fabric.

For the first while of the orgasm, Larry stayed on his head, trying to allow it all pass through, but the cum just wouldn't stop. Eventually, he had to take his mouth off, and he drew back his head, taking his mouth off and gasping. There were still a few powerful squirts left in Morton, as it shot up and landed on Larry's face and chest. A mix of saliva and juices was flowing out of his mouth as Larry caught his breath, his tounge hanging out. He had done it, he got his payback.

"That's what's different about our family. We love each other, so much." Larry smirked and grabbed a towel on the floor that Morton had used before for a shower, wiped all the liquid off of him, and confidently began to walk out of his room.

"That wasn't love." Morton shook in anger and fear, "That was you, being selfish. I hope you're fucking proud of yourself, Larry."

Larry looked at him, distraught, he smiled, and arched his eyebrows, unsure of how to take his comment.

"No..." Larry whispered at first, "What did I...! DAMNIT!" Larry clenched his fists. He looked over to Morton, who was looking back at him, sadness in his eyes.

"I'm sorry... I'm so god damn sorry..." Larry grabbed at his hair as his eyes watered, "Please, don't tell Ludwig... don't... for the love of god... I'm sorry..."

"This doesn't leave this room." Morton promised him.

Larry nodded quickly turned to the doorway, jogging out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

Morton looked down at the mess that had made. He had to admit, it felt good, but it shouldn't of happened. He sighed and stood up, careful not to let the outcome of his little experience drip everywhere. It took him a while to get cleaned up, but when he did, he threw his shell back on, and dropped down to his bead. It smelled like sex in his room.

He looked at his clock that was standing on his bedside; It was 10PM. Almost time for him to meet Lemmy and Iggy. Apparently there had been no supper, as Roy didn't slam on his door and force him to come out of his room. He had some time, so he gathered a few things and a book, plopped back on his bead, and began to read, as the time slowly started to tick down.


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