Sorry for the long hiatus guys! College is being a bitch and I'm trying not to fail on my first sem... Anyway, this was something that I've thought of in my spare time, just to show you all that I'm still very much alive. Inpiration is still in the down low though, but I promise that I would finish up all of my unfinished fics. As to when, well... that remains to be seen. Perfect Pair this time, because I've been rerunning my PoT series again. ...I didn't realize on just how MUCH implications the anime has the first time I've watched it. And because of that, this short piece of work was born.

Warning: Shounen-ai, some typos, maybe OOC.

Squeeze. Thrust. Exhale. Grunt.

He gasped as the exhaustion finally took its toll on his body. His chest heaved, his neck and limbs glittering with sweat. Opposite him, dark golden brown eyes looked at him so intensely that he almost shuddered, the scorching heat of that gaze telling him outright the need, the sheer want, even though the other stayed completely silent. He looked away to catch his own breath, internally scowling at himself. There was going to be another round, of that he was completely sure, since both of them are insatiable when it comes to their desires. And he didn't like the implications that came with his shortening breath. Before, both of them could go on for hours at end, never stopping, never yielding to one another as pulsing electricity surged between their bodies.

He slowly touched his lips, remembering the unique taste, the spice that had his mind reeling at the first gulp. He could still taste it now, though it was starting to fade away, and he promised to himself that he would get another taste of it, though that would mean that he had to submit again.

Like hell he would.

His eyes narrowed. The other was starting to move again, opening up the connection once more, the livewire of heat awakening his body as they both started to circle each other like a hawk targeting his prey, though as to who was the hawk and who was the prey, he didn't know.

It would always start like this. He would always let him lead first, the anticipation snaking in his veins like venom as he tried to predict what the other would do at that time around. There are times when he would be caught off-guard, but he more or less knew what was going to happen. The techniques would always vary, but his lover would always have that familiar flavor that he cannot erase, even after all of this time they were together. It had always been inevitable, with this dangerous and highly arousing game they would always play. And then he would retaliate, slowly matching him touch for touch, skill for skill, and that's where their play would truly start. He smiled, letting his lips curl into a smirk.

He had always known that his lover liked it rough.

They would always fight for dominance. Though the score was never really settled, since they would always be interrupted, in one way or another. Though he was content in stepping back, when face to face with his lover, he couldn't help but fight, to fan the bright flame of their still burning passion. And he hoped that it will stay that way, for the rest of their lives together. Because he knew that if he heard those words, it would be over. And he would never feel the same way as he felt right now, right up to this very moment.

"Game set to Fuji versus Tezuka! Four games to three!"

... I was originally going to put this to M, just to screw around, but I would probably get killed if I did that. And this is, by far, the first suggestive and sensual fic I have ever written. Did I pass?

Reviews and criticisms much appreciated.