Wrong Place, Wrong Time

a Torchwood story

by RoadrunnerGER

Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood, RTD and the BBC do. Long live Ianto Jones!

Summary: On an early night off Ianto Jones learned the hard way that when everything about your job is unexpected, it's the everyday dangers that could kill you. Janto, set s2

A/N: Hey! My muse is so mean to me. LOL Here I am, working on a bunch of stories, and she throws just another plot bunny at me. This story was a surprise for me that I want to share with you. I hope you'll like it. Concrit is very much appreciated. Thank you for reading. Special thanks go to Kitsa for beta-reading and support as well as to Mandassina for her feedback while I was writing. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

It was one of those rare evenings when there was no Rift alert or other task preventing them from going home at a decent time. Jack was in London at a UNIT meeting which made Owen second in command. Having their, or better his, best interest in mind the doctor decided to let them call it an early day.

So Ianto used the opportunity to run some errands. When he had everything tucked away in his car he decided to go out for dinner.

Going alone was not perfect, but with Jack gone, Owen was out of the question, and Gwen was home with Rhys. Ianto would have liked to meet Toshiko, but she had enthusiastically declared that she wanted to go to an exhibition. Now that Ianto wondered where that exhibition might be he realized that their computer expert had not mentioned that.

Ianto chose an Italian restaurant in the city centre where he was lucky and got a small table at the window. Even though he was alone he enjoyed the view out on Cardiff. Sipping at his wine while he waited for his meal he let his gaze glide over what he could see from there and let his mind wander.

On most days they were so busy saving the city or even the world that they could not stop for even a second to think about why they were doing what they were doing. So this was a rare opportunity and while Ianto watched mothers stroll by with their kids on their way home, men in expensive suits hurry to a business dinner, or a couple walk along the sidewalk holding hands, he thought about being a small but important part in keeping them all safe.

The waiter arriving with his penne arrabiata startled Ianto out of his reverie. He thanked the young man and dug into his pasta, realizing only now that saving the world had made him hungry. The sauce was very spicy which Ianto appreciated. He liked it hot.

A grin cracked his features at that thought. Two more days and his hot captain would be back from London.

A smile still played around his lips when he had finished his pasta and paid for his meal. Leaving the restaurant he took a deep breath. The park was not far away and he contemplated going for a walk. No, he shook his head. No fun without Jack.

So Ianto walked down the street to where he had parked his car. He just unlocked the FIAT when he felt something press between his shoulder blades.

"No sound," someone hissed in his ear. "Just get in. Now!"

A gun? Ianto wondered. Or is he bluffing?

His hand jerked toward his own weapon but found only an empty space. He had taken it off for dinner. It was safely locked away in his car.

"Move!" the man hissed, shoving him toward the driver's door. "Or I'll shoot you here and now."

On the periphery of his vision Ianto saw a shadow move and vanish in the rear of his FIAT. His mouth went dry. The merciless grip on his arm forced him forward. He was pushed in the seat and he felt the muzzle of another gun press against his neck from behind. Then he heard the other guy get in.

"Wallet," the man commanded.

With slightly trembling fingers Ianto fumbled his wallet out of his jacket pocket and held it up with his left hand for the man to take it. An awful lot of effort for a robbery. The leather wallet was pulled out of his grip. Maybe they want the car, too? Out of the corner of his eye Ianto noticed a tiny light in the rear.

"Now let's see who we've got here…" one man mused aloud. "His name's Jones."

His comrade snorted with amusement at the common name.

"Yeah… and he's perfect."

Perfect? Ianto heard it with dread. Perfect for what?

"Drive," the man grunted, emphasizing his order by pushing the gun barrel in Ianto's side.

"W-where to?" Ianto queried.



"Jack!" the pretty doctor at his side complained. "Who are you trying to call?"

"I promised Ianto I'd call," Jack replied and smirked at his companion. "He's not answering the phone."

"Maybe they're busy."

"Probably," Jack mused, dialling again. He only got the mailbox. "You know, Nightingale, you might be right. But I'd like to be sure."

"Jack, it was a long day. Just try and relax."

"I wish I could, Martha."

"Oh, you can," she chuckled. "We have a big buffet and great music, we can eat and drink and dance…" Holding out her hand to him she batted her eyelashes. "Come on, Captain Harkness. Ianto won't mind you dancing with an old friend."

"Right, I don't think he would."

So Jack guided Martha out onto the dance floor. She was a good dancer. Jack enjoyed every dance.

Still he could not quite shake off the feeling that something was wrong.


Ianto knew for sure that something was wrong as the muzzle of the gun never left his neck while he was directed through Cardiff until they reached a warehouse. One of them got out to open the gate and he was ordered to drive inside. When he stopped the door on his side was yanked open.

"Get out!"

With a feeling of dread Ianto did as he was told. He had barely turned around to step aside and close the door when a punch on his solar plexus winded him. His cry of pain died in his throat as he went down on his knees panting.

One of the men grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, pulled him up and steered him over to a corner of the hall. There he was pushed onto a chair.

"What do you want from me?" Ianto grunted stubbornly. His stomach hurt. So did his pride. He knew he could have overpowered those clowns… if they didn't have their guns.

"For you to keep quiet!" the man who had punched him snarled. His comrade followed, switched on a lamp, and began to rummage around with the things on a table.

Now Ianto could see that they both were masked. Featureless white faces sat atop their black clothes and hoods covered their hair. Still he could see that the man towering over him was burlier than his accomplice.

"You got it finished, or what?"

"As good as," the leaner guy answered.

"Well, then get done, Q!"

Ianto glanced around, searching for a way out. Their banter might offer an opportunity.

The man in front of him stepped back to look at what his partner was doing.

Ianto did not hesitate a second and darted out of his chair and toward the door. Inwardly he cheered when he grabbed the handle and felt that it opened.

Right at that moment strong hands slammed down on his shoulders. Ianto felt himself whirl around and smash into the metal gate. Bouncing off it he flew right into a punch of his burly kidnapper. Ianto cried out and would have gone down if the guy had not grabbed him, manhandling him back to his feet and shoving him back to his seat.

If Ianto thought he would land on the chair again he was mistaken. A winding push sent him sprawling on the floor. A kick in his side turned him onto his back. Before Ianto could as much as scream, the man caught his arms and forced them down, straddling the young man in a way that kept his arms trapped.

Ianto writhed and kicked but it was futile. The man grasped his hair to still him.

"Stop fighting!" he barked, pulling on Ianto's hair.

Groaning Ianto paused. With the weight on his chest he could hardly breathe. The second man appeared beside him, a strange looking item in his hands.

"Would be better if he was sitting," he complained.

"Well, he's not. So get done!" his comrade snapped.

Awkwardly the guy bent forward and pressed the thing against Ianto's neck. The Welshman tried to struggle, but he could not escape. They fastened the thing to his neck, shutting it with a padlock.

"What is that?" Ianto asked anxiously, squinting at the thing around his neck.

Mock thoughtfully the guy straddling him rubbed his chin. "You know Alice in Wonderland?" he asked back.

Ianto nodded slightly.

"Well, think I'm the Queen of Hearts and if you don't do as you're told…" he trailed off, bringing up a remote control and twirling it between his fingers, "it'll be off with your head."