A Series of Strange Events: The Boy Next Door

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Chapter 1

Lucius Malfoy crossed his arms as he walked his son to his first day in Muggle School. They had recently left the Wizarding world to hide amongst the Muggles. It would look suspicious if they had just remained where they were, especially after his most recent discovery.

At his side, Draco was being a pain in the ass, as usual, and whining about their new lot in life the entire way to the building.

"But why do I have to go to this school, father?" the small child pouted. "Can't I just stay home and learn about magic?"

"Because you need to know what they teach, Draco. Think of it as a place to practice your writing," Lucius told him. "Besides, I heard that Harry Potter was attending here." He then frowned down at the eight year old, "Draco, you cannot speak of our… talent so freely here."

"Why not?" he whined more upset about not being able to talk about magic than anything else. Magic had been all he'd known up till now. "And I already know how to write."

"Because we now live in a Muggle neighborhood, Draco," his father sighed, he'd explained this multiple times since they'd moved two weeks ago.

"I don't see why we can't still live at the Manor," he pouted. "At least then I would be able to play Quidditch."

"We are here so that we can hide from Dumbledore, Draco," he scowled disapprovingly at his son. "Remember what I found?"

"Oh, alright," he finally gave in, rolling his eyes in defiance. "But that doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Try to make some friends, Draco, please?" Lucius placed his hand on his son's shoulder, a rather uncharacteristic move for the Lord Malfoy.

"But they're Muggles, father," Draco blinked in surprise, both at his father's actions and his words. Malfoys didn't associate with Muggles. "Why would I want to be friends with those that are beneath us?"

"Draco, here will be a few magical children here as well, including Harry Potter," Lucius smirked, knowing his son hadn't caught his reference to The-Boy-Who-Lived earlier and that the mini version of himself was desperate to meet the boy and befriend him. "If you can find him, try and be his friend, please."

"Fine, I'll befriend Potter," he sighed, but his eyes shone with an inner joy. "But no one else."

"I think you'll be surprised, Draco," his smirk remained; it was too easy to manipulate his son.

They had finally arrived at the school. Draco grabbed his father's hand, suddenly nervous, as they made their way through the double glass doors marking the entrance. Lucius tried not to laugh as he pulled his son into the building and found his classroom. He had intentionally shown up late, so he would have a chance to meet the woman who would be teaching his son, as well as get a feel for the other students in the class. As they entered the classroom, Draco tried to hide behind his father's legs, not sure he wanted to meet the Muggle teacher, or the other students.

"Hello, Mr. Malfoy," the teacher, a kind looking woman with shoulder length red hair, met them at the door. "Your son can go ahead and sit by Harry while we talk." She turned her attention to the class, "Harry, raise your hand please."

In the back of the room, a messy raven haired boy's head shot up in surprise. His green eyes, barely visible beneath hideous round spectacles, darted around nervously. Finally he slowly began inching his hand into the air, even as he seemed to want to disappear beneath his desk.

Draco blinked at the display. That boy had to be one of the shyest people he'd ever seen. His eyes widened, however, as the boy turned his head just slightly and he was able to make out a strange scar on his forehead. That boy was Harry Potter.

"Father," he whispered, tugging on the man's sleeve. "Something seems very wrong…"

Lucius, however, gave him a stern glare and shook him off, indicating he should do as he was told and head to his indicated seat. Draco slowly made his way to the back of the room and moved to sit next to the Savior of the Wizarding World. The girl on Harry's other side was trying to coax him back into his chair properly.

"It's alright, Harry," she whispered quietly, her eyes darting to a piggy looking boy in the middle of the room. "The teacher called on you, it's going to be alright. He can't hold that against you."

"B-but Hermione… He's already tried to hurt you…" Harry whispered back frantically.

"I'm fine, Harry," she gave him a hesitant smile. "He can't do anything to me. Remember, strange things have happened when he's tried."

His emerald eyes widened in fear, that statement not reassuring him in the least. He'd been punished already for the strange things that happened to Dudley and his gang when they'd tried to pick on his one and only friend. Even when he'd tried to tell his uncle that it couldn't possibly have been him, since he hadn't even been in the vicinity when it had occurred.

Hermione giggled at his look, having thought it was directed at her for her powers, "You do strange things too, and it's nothing to worry about. I think what we have is a gift, it's nothing to be scared of."

Draco blinked. Was she a Muggleborn? Well, it was entirely possible; he just didn't think he'd meet one on his first day.

"N-No," Harry choked out quietly, his breath coming out in uneven gasps. "It's freakish. Abnormal."

"Now you listen here," Draco cut in, "who told you that?"

Hermione looked at him in surprise. Harry's eyes darted over to the new boy before he bowed his head and didn't utter another word.

"Your friend is right," Draco leaned in. "Do you want to know what it is?"

Harry didn't even acknowledge that he'd heard the boy. If his aunt and uncle found out about this, he'd be in so much trouble. He was already in trouble for having one friend! He didn't know what they'd do if they found out about a second, and that he'd been talking about his 'freakishness'.

Hermione shot the new boy an apologetic look before shrugging and going back to paying attention to the teacher. Draco sighed and finally sat down. He'd have to tell his father about this later.

At lunch time, Draco followed the rest of his class to the cafeteria, his homemade lunch in the bag in his hands. He watched in horror as Harry was bullied by the huge boy that sat in the middle of the classroom and four others. The bespectacled boy's meager lunch was taken and eaten by the fat boy as Harry was forced to watch. After a moment more of tormenting Harry, the huge boy made his way over to where Draco was.

"Hey, new kid, you gotta watch out for some of the freaks around here. I can help you with that," he held out his piggy little fist for the blonde to shake.

Draco glared at the hand then he locked eyes with the watery blue ones of the bully, "I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thank you."

He noticed that the girl, Hermione, was now sitting with the Boy-Who-Lived, hugging him. At that moment, he vowed never to be like that fat boy, ever. He defiantly pushed past the pig and made his way over to where Harry and Hermione were. He opened his lunch, thankful that Dobby had made it today, meaning he had way too much for him to eat on his own.

"Here, I'll share with you."

"You don't have to," Harry sniffed, pushing his glasses back on his face. "I'm used to it."

"There's no way I can eat all my lunch anyway! Our, uh, cook always makes too much," Draco smiled.

"Go on, Harry," Hermione urged.

Green eyes looked at her for reassurance and then at Draco's smiling face. With a nervous glance at his cousin, to make sure he wasn't watching, he hesitantly nodded.

Hermione smiled, "I'm Hermione Granger." She held her hand out for him to shake. "Can you tell us now, please?"

"Draco Malfoy," he smirked, taking her hand. "And what am I supposed to tell you?"

"Well… Harry made our teacher's hair turn blue last week, and the first time Dudley tried to bully me, he couldn't touch me," she grinned, hoping to finally have an explanation. She'd searched the library, both at school and home, four times and still hadn't been able to find anything to explain the odd occurrences.

"Oh, your magic," he shrugged.

"Magic is real? Cool!" the girl beamed.

"Of course it is," he scoffed. "And you two, like myself, are wizards, well in Hermione's case, she'd be a witch."

"Is the whole flying on brooms real? And the black cats?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes, we fly on brooms," he nodded, a slight look of confusion marring his features. "But what nonsense is this about black cats? The color doesn't matter, and you don't have to have one if you don't want to. It's just a pet."

Hermione blinked, "The black cat is a key part of folklore."

"Ah, some Muggle rubbish," he waved his hand dismissively.

"Does that mean normal people?" Harry finally chipped in on the conversation.

"Normal?" a blonde brow quirked in inquiry. "If you mean non magical, then yes, but I, personally, don't consider myself abnormal."

"I see," Hermione nodded, her smile, if possible, growing.

Later when school let out, Lucius was there, waiting for his son. Draco led Hermione and, a very reluctant, Harry over to meet his father. Mostly it was to show the man he could, in fact, make friends.

"Father, this is Hermione and this is Harry," he turned to his new friends. "This is my father, Lucius Malfoy."

"It is a pleasure, Hermione, Mr. Potter," Lucius nodded to the two children. "Would you like to spend tea time with us?"

"Um, I can't," Harry shuffled his feet, but then added hurriedly, "But thank you for offering, sir."

"I'd have to call my parents, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind," Hermione told him. "Thank you."

"That is very responsible of you, young lady," Lucius smirked; at least this wasn't one of those trusting Muggles who would go off with a complete stranger. "I wouldn't want them to worry about you."

They all looked to the side when they heard someone yelling. It was a large, fat man with very little neck and a large mustache, and he was yelling at Harry, who had slipped away without any of them noticing.

"Get in the car, boy!" the man shouted. "We'll discuss this issue when we get home!"

Harry flinched and scrambled into the car. Lucius frowned at this, but beside him he heard Hermione's sigh of resignation.

Draco turned to her, "You can tell us over tea, okay?"

"There's not much to tell," she shrugged. "Harry never talks about it."

"We will get to the bottom of this, Hermione, because obviously there is a problem," Lucuis told her solemnly.

"You would do that for Harry?" she looked at him hopefully. "I know he's not happy there, but I can't do anything, I'm just a kid, and there's no proof."

"We will do something, having our… Talent always helps…" Draco grinned.

Lucius was about to admonish him on his slip up when the girl beside him did something rather unexpected.

"Right," she nodded decisively.

She then went to the office to call her parents and returned with a smile on her face, "They said yes."

"Very well," Lucius nodded, motioning for the children to follow him. "Shall we?"

"Yes Father."

Lucius led the children over to a black Rolls and ushered them into the back before instructing the driver to take them home. Hermione sat next to Draco and he next to his father, since Hermione didn't know the man. The two children chatted idly, as the young are wont to do, as the car wheeled down the pavement.

They finally came to a large house, close to hers and Harry's houses. Hermione was actually surprised at how close they were. Hers was just across the street! And Harry's was just a block over.

"How cool!" she giggled. "That's my house! And Harry's is just on the next street."

"Truly?" the elder Malfoy raised a brow; he'd been unable to find out where the Boy-Who-Lived actually lived. "That is definitely intriguing."

She nodded.

"Perhaps I could speak with your parents about arranging for you and Draco to ride to school together."

"That would be really nice!" she beamed up at him.

"Uncle Sev's here!" Draco yelled suddenly, taking off for the front door at a run. "Come on, Hermione, you have to meet my Uncle Sev."

"Okay, I'm coming!" she laughed as her newest friend pulled her along and she tried to keep up.

Standing in the doorway of the house, a stern looking man leaned against the doorjamb, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he watched the blonde urchin dragging the strange, bushy haired girl in his direction.

"Uncle Sev!" Draco beamed. "This is my new friend, Hermione. She's a Muggleborn."

"Is she now?" 'Sev' raised a brow. "And here I thought you weren't going to make any friends at this new Muggle School."

"Yeah well," he scuffed his show on the ground sullenly. "I befriended Harry Potter, too."

"Potter attends your school?" his black eyes shifted to Lucius, he had not been informed of this.

"That is why I chose to send Draco to that school," Lucius nodded. "And according to Hermione, he lives the next block over…"

"I see," Severus Snape scowled. This was troubling news indeed. "Perhaps I should pay him a visit. It has been awhile since I have seen Petunia."

"Can we watch?" the two children asked eagerly.

"I see no problem with that," Snape smirked maliciously, moving slowly down the steps.

"You used to live here, too?" Hermione asked.

"No," he shook his head, walking down the street. "Petunia and her sister, Lily, used to live near my family home."

Hermione giggled as she led the three other magic users to Harry's house. Severus and Lucius exchanged dark glares, both knowing what the other was thinking. They finally came to a stop across the street from the house.

"There's his house, right there," Hermione pointed to number four.

"Thank you," Severus nodded, leading the way across the street and knocking on the front door.

Hermione and Draco hid behind the two adults, not sure what was going to happen. Draco could tell by the looks on his father's and godfather's faces that this wasn't going to be a pleasant visit. Hermione was just sure that Harry's aunt or uncle would beat any child that crossed their threshold.

Petunia Dursley walked down the hall of her house, slightly confused. Who would be calling on her at this hour? Vernon was out back with the boy, teaching him a lesson. And Dudley was out with his little gang of friends. She opened the door, a smile starting to blossom for the nosy neighbors, but she froze when she saw just who was at the door.

"Hello, Petunia, it's been awhile, hasn't it?" Severus smirked, his voice as smooth as silk.

"S-S-You!" she nearly screamed.

"You were always so articulate, Petunia," he sneered. "Now, I'm here to see Potter."

"There is no Potter here!" she screeched.

"No?" his brow quirked in mock surprise. "It does you no good to lie to me, Petunia. Or did you forget, I happen to be a wizard."

"He's not here!" she was nearly sobbing in fear now.

"Well then," he took a step forward, forcing her back into the house. "You wouldn't mind if I had a look around then. For old times sake?"

Severus continued his advance until he was completely past the door. The kids and Lucius followed. Hermione could hear something happening in the backyard. The adults heard it as well, and Severus immediately pulled his wand and pointed it at his former best friend's sister. She backed up as Draco and Hermione ran to the back door. Lucius pulled his wand as well, and with a toss of his head, motioned for Severus to follow the children, which he did.

Petunia wanted to scream, to warn her husband of what was coming, but the wand digging into her throat prevented that from happening.

When Severus caught up with the children, he saw Hermione clutching Draco, trying to stay quiet so they wouldn't be noticed. It was what he saw that whale of a man doing to Lily's son, however, that had him seeing red.

"Draco, you and Hermione be ready to get Harry out," he cleared his throat loudly.

Vernon Dursley halted mid swing, his belt landing lightly on the boy's backside due to his distracted state. He had been beaten nearly bloody as it was. Severus stepped forward, his wand raised in case of attack, and grabbed the fat man's wrist in a vice-like grip, causing him to drop the strip of leather. Draco and Hermione dashed forward and pulled Harry away.

"You've gone too far, Dursley," Severus' eyes narrowed dangerously.

Harry was now crying on Hermione's shoulder.

"Draco, take Hermione and Harry over to your house," he said over his shoulder. "Your father and I need to have a word with Harry's aunt and uncle."

"Yes, Uncle," Draco nodded. "Come on," he put his hand on Harry's shoulder. "Let's go."

As soon as the children were out of sight and hearing range, Severus cast a body bind on the pig and levitated him into the house, where Lucius already had Petunia gagged and bound.

"He's your own flesh and blood, Petunia!" Severus spat out, he couldn't stand people like them.

She just glared at him, unable to speak because of the cloth in her mouth.

Lucius smirked at the stupid Muggles before him, "Remember, we're watching you…. If you do something like this again…" he let the sentence trail off.

"I will be checking in, Petunia," Severus glared, removing the body bind on Vernon, only to replace it with a mild stunner.