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"Poppy Moore, I'm sorry to say that you are expelled." Mrs. Kingsley said gravely.

Kate, Julie, Kiki, and Drippy arrived to late to say or help Poppy. They just arrived when Mrs. Kingsley said those fateful words. Almost all the girls looked dejected as one of the girls who brought fun into the school was being expelled. The look on Harriet's face was so smug it was a surprise that no one looked at her funny, or even asked her why she was so smug. Harriet hadn't said anything about the I 3 LA lighter, so no one even thought she was the one who started the fire. The look on Poppy's face was a mixture of shock and complete dejectedness.

The honor court filed out of the hall almost completely quiet. There was the occasional rustling of clothing and the scrape of chair. Poppy just sat there in shock, there were silent tears running down her face. Mrs. Kingsley came up to Poppy after everybody had left.

"Poppy, I'm very sorry that this had to happen, but you know I had no other choice." Mrs. Kingsley said.

"I know. But I didn't do this, you know that!" Poppy cried out in despair, "I'm just going to start packing."

Poppy leaves the hall slowly. As soon she was out of the hall, she started running. She ran smack into something with a hard chest and fell flat on her bum.

"Hey. Are you okay? I saw you run out of there." Freddie asked concerned, who was the person she ran into.

" I just got expelled. I'll have to go back to California." Poppy said sadly. Freddie picked her up and hugged her to his chest. His chest was warm and hard, and oddly comforting.

"I'm sorry. I know you didn't do this. We'll all miss you, 'specially me!" Freddie replied. He could feel his shirt getting wet from her tears, holding her tighter. He laid his head on top of hers, matching his breath with hers. There was a loud cough behind them; they slowly turned reluctant to let go of each other.

"You're not supposed to fraternize with the girls, Freddie." Harriet snarled, glaring daggers at Poppy.

"I got to go anyway, to go pack." Poppy said, answering the question Freddie was about to ask. She slowly trudged up to her room. Freddie left after her, not wanting to be caught by Harriet, especially in a deserted hallway. Harriet was fuming. How dare Freddie still like that American. He loved her, Harriet! The plan was everybody was suppose to hate her for those e-mails, and Poppy would get expelled. Well, Poppy did get expelled and now Harriet could have Freddie all to herself.