A perfect moment


"Race you to the road?" Percy asked me.

"You are so going to lose." And before he replied I took off down Half-Blood Hill, laughing at seaweed brain.

About half way down the hill he caught up with me and tackled me down. We rolled down the hill laughing and trying to get up.

Then suddenly we stopped. Somehow he had come up on top; his green eyes twinkled with mischief. Bending down his black hair fell over his eyes. We were both silent waiting for something to happen.

Then an idea formed into my head, I grabbed his hair and brought his lips to mine. But she hadn't thought about how the kiss would affect her. Her body felt alive with electricity, burning all over. Logic nearly fell out the window. But somehow it held on.

Gently without rising suspicion, I rolled onto him, straddling him. And giving myself a couple more seconds of making out, just for the feeling of his mouth on mine. Then I jumped up and grinned. His face was so shocked I laughed before running down the rest of the hill, without looking back.

"Wise Girl!" he shouted after me.

This was it, I thought. Life is about to get better, and maybe we might have peaceful years to come. It was the most perfect moment.