Family love


"I can't believe you just did that!" he whispered at me. Gosh I can't believe that boy, just because I pushed him into a water fountain and forced him to get wet, just because of the mortals surrounding us.

He walked dripping wet next to me, I thought it was funny. But he obviously didn't get the joke.

"And its winter!" he was actually shaking, teeth chattering.

"Oh come on drama queen, how else was I meant to solve your problem of hyperventilating." It was true; he had been freaking out the whole time we were here. We were at the mall, shopping for Christmas presents, apparently 'The Great Percy Jackson' hyperventilates under stress. Which is you may ask, just because he doesn't know what to buy his girlfriend for Christmas.

After hours of pleading and begging I finally agreed to help him. But having a boy freaking out right next to me was something I apparently wasn't ready for, so I pushed him into the fountain. And here we arrive full circle.

"Hey! You promised you would help." His green eyes pleaded with me, but under that I sensed his anger. It looked like drama queen wanted revenge.

"Ok, do you have any idea's you'd like to share?" he looked a little shocked for my niceness, which was so worth it.




"She'll think you mean she smells." I shock my head at his unworthiness, why Annabeth choose him I'll never understand. Maybe it was to boast her ego, or something.

"Oh… what about chocolates?"


"Why?" oh boy, this boy had a lot to learn.

"You won't understand, what's next?"

"I know! What about-"and before we completed his sentence he ran off. Leaving me shocked, and standing there like an idiot. If that was the best revenge he could do, I was worried for him.

Walking, so I myself didn't draw attention I went the way he disappeared to.

Looking around for half an hour I gave up and got myself some candy floss, I was addicted to the stuff.

So I sat there for I don't know how long, eating candy floss, after candy floss.

"THALIA!" well there he was, running towards me, dry. I rolled my eyes at him, for disturbing my candy floss time.

"What?" I answered. He sat down next to me, panting and grinning. In his hand was a pink bag. "Going to ballet with that?" I laughed pointing at the bag; it was just so funny seeing him carry a tiny pink bag which had flowers on it.

"No," he rolled his eyes at me. "It's Annabeth's present." And he pulled out what was inside. It was a stuffed grey owl with a little owl pendent around its neck. It was adorable I had to admit, and perfect for Annabeth.

"Wow, so you really didn't need my help." He grinned at me and his hand out stretched to take some of my candy floss.

"MINE!" I shrieked which only after I realised how embracing my reaction was. And he put his hands up in surrender.

"Sorry, didn't know you had marked your territory." He laughed at me, I shoved him. And somehow he grabbed my candy floss and pushed me into the fountain behind us. Getting up, soaking wet I might add. I felt the electricity boiling in my blood. And I shot a little spark at him which made his hair stand up. I ALWAYS have the last laugh. But he kept walking way not realising his hair resembled a hedgehog. I growled and stepped out the fountain, I would have my revenge and he'd be sorry he even messed with me. I quickly brought some more candy floss (because I'm addicted, Artemis even suggested counselling) and ran after him determined to get the other one back before he finished it.