To kaladestroyer, who loves my poems and ice age fanfiction online

xion69,- hope this gives a meaning to you in your future works

crossovermike- may this be entertaining for you my good man

''A mother's love''

written by dangernicky

''Oh how I love you,

oh how I adore you

if you only knew,

why I love to put my trunk around your soft wooly body

and to cuddle you deep in my nurturing touch,

to rock you to sleep

to hold you tight

with all my might

because surly there is no one as cute and adorable as you my darling little princess

and there is no one anything like you less

you came to me from the heavens

not from the neatherlands

unexpectly a destined gift from heaven,

one I gladly say amen

to bless me with a beautiful daughter

to love and to hold and to cheish forever,