Listen To My Words

Chapter 1

"It Just Happened"

Okie dokie I had this idea of a story and I just couldn't get rid of it….hopefully its good :/

Music is pounding everywhere. Almost as if you can see the waves through the air as it travels through people's eardrums and back out. I trudge my way sloppily through people spilling my drink as I go about. I try to turn around when someone called my name, but I was too drunk to be able to turn coordinately. I giggle as I slowly fall onto the floor and even more of my drink spilled on me and onto the floor. I look around the dark figures moving to the music. How their bodies slowly and somewhat erotically move with the music and blurred sounds come out of their mouths as they talk in some weird language. I laugh once more and try to stand up and fail. I hear a weird laughter from someone close to me, but as the time goes on I notice it is me laughing and giggling with subtle hiccups throughout. Somehow I'm hoisted up by a pair of strong arms, up onto their back. I laugh hysterically because it's like I'm a helicopter. Flying over New York City.

The large man starts talking to me, "Bella, you need to control yourself. You can't be lying on the floor. You don't know what's been on it." I don't understand what he says. But I nod in agreement. He seems nice. "Bella? Can you hear me? I said you need to stay here in this room, okay? Don't let anybody in, unless you know them."

I rapidly nod my head as if I understood his weird language.

A beautiful goddess stepped into the doorway, "Em, she's not going to understand you. She's drunk off her rocker. Look at her. Tell her to stop looking at me like that." She started to glare at me.

"Mmm, you look like sex on legs," I giggled with delight. The large man burst out laughing.

"I swear, how does Edward even deal with her?" Sex-on-legs walked out the door with the large man trailing after her. I locked the door just like they told me to, but after awhile I became bored. I wonder what would be so bad about unlocking the door and letting someone in. Would I get hurt or will they give me something to drink? Ooh I really want a drink. Maybe if I just prop the door open and ask someone for a drink, they'll get me one and I could still be locked in here. Why do I have to be locked in here? The floor was comfortable out there to. I skip towards the bed and bounce on it for awhile, but as before I get bored. Why do I have to be in here alone? With a bed. I can get Edward in here! He'll be fun. We always have fun.

I hop onto the floor and unlock the door. Something in the back of my head tells me to keep the door locked but I can't focus on it with all the alcohol in my system. I slowly open the door and peer out. Everyone looks like they're having fun. Why am I in here while everyone is out there? I look around the crowd and I see the large man dancing with sex-on-legs. Edward and I could be doing that. I swing open the door and take one step out of the doorway. I pause and look for Edward. I spot him, but he's dancing with another girl. I stomp over to him without thinking.

"Edward, what do you think you're doing," I slur. He looks up at me with a confused expression. "You're supposed to be with me so we can have fun. Together. In that room." He looks from me to the room, and a grin appears on his face.

"Sure,honey. April, you stay here I'll be back, doll" He gives her a quick peck on the cheek. Why would he do something like that? He's mine. I guess he needs to learn that. I lean in towards him and give him a passionate kiss. I quickly grab him by the collar and drag him into the room. I glance around the room and I see another guy that looks like my Edward glare at me. That was weird. Probably the alcohol is wearing off.

We walk into the room and I quickly peek back outside the door to make sure the large man is still on the other side of the house. As I lock back the door, Edward is on the bed unbuckling his belt, when I stop him.

"I'll do that for you later," I giggled, "but first, can you get me another drink?" I look at him seductively and climb on the bed next to him.

"Uh, yeah…sure," He gets up and walks out the room. I start to undress and then I plop back onto the bed. I sigh. I can't wait for Edward to come here so I can do fun stuff with him. (A/N Okay, this is my first time writing a lemon let alone it being the first chapter of a new story :/) Hee hee. We're going to have fun.

I heard a knock on the door and Edward entered with my drink.

"Oh! Well look at you with nothing on," Edward said. Again I couldn't really understand what he was saying but it wasn't as bad as before.

"Can I have my drink?" I asked, winking at him.

"Yeah but hurry, I'm ready for this," He referred to pants and started to take off his shirt.

I quickly finished my drink and the fun really started. He got on top of me and started placing small kisses up and down my neck.

It was all a fog. Almost a black out.

"Bella open up! It's Edward! Who the fuck is in there with you?"

I couldn't form a sentence, I couldn't even keep my eyes open, I couldn't even remember where I was.

"Well, I guess our fun is over then and by the way my name is Jared. Not that Edward shit you keep calling me," Jared pulled out and then put on his clothes.

Not that Edward shit you keep calling me. I didn't get it. He's not Edward? Then who was?

He opened the door and I heard yelling going on outside the door. My consciousness was fading in and out. After what seemed awhile, I was in a car. I saw lights flash past me and a just the hum of the car. I slowly turned my head towards Edward.

"What am I doing here?" I asked hoarsely.

Edward snorted and stayed silent. He slowly shook his head and continued driving. Another thirty minutes passed before we arrived in our winding driveway. Edward shut off the engine and sighed. After a few more minutes he turned towards me. He looked me into the eyes and then looked away. When he finally looked back at me his green eyes that were usually vibrant were stone cold. His beautiful lips turned down in disgust.

"I'm going to be staying at my parent's house for the next few days to figure out what we're going to do. How our future is going to plan out. "

I couldn't understand why he would want to leave me. I don't remember doing anything that would make him angry or furious with me. That would make him want to move away from me.

"Why are you leaving? What did I do?" I pleaded with him. Why would he leave me?

Edward sighed and opened the car door and got out to go inside the house. Was he serious? I watched him unlock the front door and slam the front door shut. The car light went out and I sat in the darkness. I tried to remember what we did this day but to be honest I couldn't remember anything. My hands started shaking as to what I could've done to make him want to leave. I opened the door and walked up to the front door. Hesitantly, I opened the front door and walked into our house. My feet quietly stepped onto the tiled floor and I placed my shoes next to the stairs. I looked up at the balcony to see if he was upstairs, but I heard a clatter of glasses from the kitchen. I took another deep breath and walked towards him. Rounding the corner to the kitchen, I saw him exit the wine cooler room with a bottle of Vodka and a large glass. He placed the items on the counter and filled the glass nearly to the top. I sat at the bar in front of him and studied his face. He looked stressed. It was hard to understand how he was feeling because he wouldn't even face me.

"Edward, why are you leaving?" He continued drinking his vodka. Downing it with huge gulps.

"Edward, please talk to me. What happened? Is it work?" I got up and walked over to him and placed my hand over his arm. He jerked his arm away from me and slammed his glass on the counter. The sound echoed throughout our quiet house.

"Stop it, Isabella! What the fuck makes you think that I would actually want you near me after what happened tonight? Are you messed up in the head or something?" He yelled at me.

I stuttered, I tried to form words, but nothing came out.

"You can try and fool yourself into thinking that you did nothing wrong, but I know what happened and I'm not fucking stupid. I'm leaving," He washed his glass out and shoved the vodka bottle into my hands, "You might want some of this since I guess you're that type of party girl."

I unable to stop looking at him with confused eyes. I couldn't stop opening and closing my mouth. I could feel tears brimming in my eyes. I put the bottle down and I raced upstairs after Edward.

"Edward! Edward, please don't leave! I don't know what happened. I really don't. I don't know why you don't believe me. I don't know what happened today or I just…" I couldn't stop crying. I broke out into sobs and fell onto the floor within the doorway of our bedroom.

"You can't leave me! What did I do? Edward, please talk to me. I love you and you can't leave me because of nothing! Baby! Please!" Sobs racked my body and I was nearly hyperventilating, "Edward. I love you. Why are you doing this?" He came out of our closet with a couple bags packed full of clothes. I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped up to him and I fell on him, clinging on to him for dear life. He kept trying to pry my hands off of his shirt. He pushed me off of him. I couldn't control my body and I flopped onto the floor. I grabbed anything of him. His shoes, his bags, and pants. Anything that would make him stay just a little bit longer.

"Isabella, stop! You're making a fool out of yourself. Just let me go! Let go of my bags." He gave a final shove and walked down the stairs. I lay on the floor panting and crying, trying to get a hold of myself. He couldn't leave me. I heard then front door shut. I couldn't let him leave. I raced down the stairs and swung open the front door. Edward was just closing the trunk of his car and was now about to get inside his car.

"Edward!" I yelled with all my might and ran down the steps to his car, "Please don't do this! At least tell what I did! Please! You can't leave me!"

Edward started the engine and put the car in reverse.

The window rolled down, "Isabella, get away from the car and go inside!"

"No! I love you and I can't let you leave me!"

With that he pulled out of the driveway. No matter how far I ran after the car, no matter how much I tried to hang onto the car, and no matter how loud I screamed his name, he left. I fell onto my knees outside our gate and watched him turn down the street. The sound of his car's screeching tires fade into the night.

He was right. I made of fool of myself.

I went upstairs into our bathtub to try and clear up my thought process.

In with that I went to sleep.