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Chapter 24 - A Journey ahead of Us

"Lady Thelma!" A voice called and the red haired woman turned away from the window she just cleaned.

"Good day, honey." Her dark eyes were twinkling in delight as the young boy came to a halt in front of her. He pulled his red hat down which revealed sweaty brown locks and he smiled at the inn keeper politely. "Always hard at work, I see."

"Of course." The boy replied grinning before he rummaged through his fitting red colored bag. "A letter for you." His forehead wrinkled slightly as he handed the enveloped over. "But...there is no sender written on it..."

"No sender?" The Gerudo offspring blinked at the paper in her hand curiously whilst the young boy put on his red hat once more. "I must go now, I wish a nice day, Lady Thelma."

The middle-aged woman nodded gladly and waved the little post-boy goodbye before he already disappeared down the street. A bit surprised she put the rag in her other hand onto the windowsill and turned the closed enveloped a few times over to make sure that there was really not something else written on it.

But all she could read was a short and neat handwriting.

'Lady Thelma, Lanar Village'

Carefully she opened it as her thoughts were circling around the possibilities who it could be because honestly no person came to her mind. She had already received the answer from farmer Groma of Banar Village concerning her needed vegetable delivery this fall. And aside of a secret admirer there were little other options this early in the morning.

Her hazelnut colored gaze fell on the letter as a breeze tugged softly at her pinned up hair. Her eyes widened.

'Dear Lady Thelma'

A warm broad smile suddenly graced her lips.

'I'm glad to be able to write you a letter.'

He groaned.

Pain was the first thing he felt.

That his limbs were suddenly heavy was the next realization.

He tried to move.

His legs were actually complaining, it felt like they were still sleeping. His fingers tingled and his try to form a fist with his hands took him a few times before he finally succeeded. Again, a groan escaped his lips, his head ached. Everything stung and trembled uncomfortably. His eyes rolled backwards into his head as he tried to sit up. The dried mud and rocks beneath his fingers never felt as cold and rough as they did now. And the air had never burned this much in his lungs.


He never knew that this emotion was actually that annoying.


'And I want to apologize first.'

It suddenly hit him. The guardian, that damn stone. The Warden of Souls. The battle. Saria...


His body reacted quickly. Against the complaining arms and legs he forced himself to sit up as fast as he could. He grunted as something turned in his guts immediately which made him feel sick and his head was spinning. The raven haired young man never expected to feel like fuckin' trash. His eyes fluttered open, blinded by whiteness he squeezed them shut again, cursing.

'I lied. We are not from the column and if I tell you the truth...I'm afraid you wouldn't exactly believe me.'

He pushed himself to stand up and rubbed his forehead in order to sooth the headache. His legs felt strange like they did not belong to him and for a second he wondered if that damn stone really did it...

The sound of something beating against his chest was his answer. It was rather slow to be a heart. It was something else in his case.

'I still wanted to thank you for your kindness though. And I'm glad to have met you.'

It was a soul.

'Please greet Vincent and Sir Robero from me. Because even I I'd love to do it myself, I can't.'

He pressed his left hand against his chest, distrusting the new thing similar to a heartbeat. But it was there. Again his eyes fluttered open, fighting against the urge to shield them from the weird whiteness which still engulfed his senses. Clawing at his vision. After a few moments; adjusting his sense of sight a bit to their surroundings his crimson colored orbs flew to the ground next to him.

They were searching for the lifeless body he clung onto in the darkness of the night. The last thing he was able to clearly remember before losing his conscious.

'You've probably already heard about the rumors, the imposters who fled from the castle.'

But it wasn't there.

He could feel how panic tickled his nerves; his gaze was glued to the ground beneath his shaky feet. Looking left and right again and again in vain. However puddles and dried mud mixed with sharp big rocks were all he was seeing. The remainder of the battle, of the so called trial he absolved. His fingertips tingled in anxiety, unfamiliar and suffocating.

'And you probably already knew who they were about...but I promise you, we meant no harm.'

In between the dirt he at least found something familiar to him. He bowed down carefully and picked it up. He had no doubt that this was the very stone whose fault all of this was. The guardian. But the egg-shaped rock was no longer glowing; it didn't look valuable or magical anymore. Only its shape made it easy to spot. Did it somehow lost its power...? He could only wonder.

'We had to do it for an important reason.'

So it was real, he thought.

It was all real.

He gritted his teeth and clenched the stone in his hand.

It happened.

It was over.

'That's why we cannot stay here any longer. We have to leave the kingdom of Pael behind.'

His eyes had finally adjusted to his surroundings completely as he was able to feel something warm on his skin. The very first sun rays of the new dawn were appearing; the room became slowly brighter. It didn't burn. It didn't try to burn through his skin - boiling the darkness in process which had filled his body...not anymore. He really overcame this weakness.

But to which price...

'But before we leave...I wanted to especially thank you...'

"Isn't it amazing?" A light voice said before a warm giggle followed suit. "Everything is colored in orange."

His blood colored eyes snapped towards the spring. He thought his ears were playing a horrible prank on him, that it must have been his imagination which was at work. Because all of it was too close to being a dream, nothing but an illusion. But if it was then his eyes must be lying to him as well...

'I'm certain that...I've finally understood your words.'

In front of the spring he could see her small silhouette; casting a long shadow to the ground as the sun was rising behind her small back. Her clothes were still drenched in drying blood but her dark blue eyes were glancing clearly at him with a warm smile on her lips.

The former shadow couldn't help but stare at her, standing there on her two small feet. Blinking, smiling, breathing...his legs ignored the pain they felt and pushed him to move towards her. Hastily he closed in onto the Kokiri because he wasn't able to shake off the picture in his mind where she was lying in his arms. Bloodied. Lifeless.

She had been cold. Ghostly white. Injured. Dead.

The raven haired young man let himself fall onto his knees as he embraced the Kokiri tightly. He could hear her wince slightly because of the force he used but she never complained about it, in this moment she didn't either. She was there, alive in his arms. He could hear her breathing, feel her heart beating.

' an amazing emotion. And I've come to understand it on my journey.'

She was warm. She was so soft and warm. He noticed that even more than he did back then. His skin tickled in anticipation as he tightened his grip. Her heartbeat quickened and this time it wasn't only hers, he could feel the soul in his own ribcage react to this movement, his very own 'heartbeat' started to pick up and oh, he never knew how thrilling this felt.

Her hot breathe against his neck, her soft skin which was only separated from his by a dirty thin fabric and the scent of her short green hair which filled his nostrils. His new received blood rushed through his veins. Excited. Curious. Impatient.

Only she was able to create this. He was certain. Only she.

"You're crushing me." The sage said breathlessly with a light laugh on her tongue.

The former shadow loosened his grip and leaned back so that he could examine her face better. It was still childishly round, her cheeks rosy-red and those big midnight blue eyes which were graced by tears were never more tempting than now.

"You're alive." He muttered briefly before his left hand cupped her cheek. As if he had to make sure that she wouldn't just break beneath his touch. "You're not dead."

Saria bit her bottom lip before a shaky nod followed suit.

She was here.

She was alive. Alive.

"Don't you fuckin' dare to ever leave my side again." He threatened suddenly whilst his eyes narrowed at her.

The green haired girl blinked at his sudden angry tune before her lips formed a bright smile.

To forbade her to die. That was something only he could do.


His nerves calmed when this word left her whilst his chest still felt tight by the excitement of having her this close. There were so many new sensations he felt in mere seconds, that he didn't even know how to name them all. Light and heavy, cold and warm. Painful and still - were those emotions? They felt nothing like the ghostly and numbly sparks he felt back then.

It was as if you compared water to ice, a warm light to a raging fire.

He wanted more of those sensations.

He wanted to feel more of those emotions.

It felt like there was suddenly so much he had to discover.

His hands pressed the girl against his broad chest as he caught her lips with his own. He could feel her heart jump before it replied with a quick pace of beats and he noticed how her hands clung to him as she let him nearly break her once more in his bone-crushing hug. His strength and muscles differed from what he used to know, but it still belonged to him.

Her lips tasted like nothing he ever tried before.

His fingertips were tingling, as his guts were swirling in excitement.

His soul was bursting out of his chest he believed. Pushing any pain he had felt before into the back of his mind.

How had he had been ever be able to not kiss her? To not touch her? This sensation was difficult to name, he thought, he had nothing to compare it with. And as greedy as he was he wasn't letting go of it. Instead of that he only deepened his kiss, catching her off guard once more as his tongue slipped into her mouth.

It felt like an explosion of warmth, passion and something sweet which left him hungry for more.

He only stopped as the girl started to squirm in his grip and even though every fiber in his body fought against it he obeyed her silent request and parted from her. The Kokiri immediately gasped for air and he felt foolish for forgetting that she was still a being which needed oxygen once in a while. But his face stayed calm and masked any doubt or thought he had, his mind was too occupied with the new experiences it tried to understand.

'I'm glad to have gotten to know you and every other person I met along the way.'

Her flushed face caught his eyes and her shy smile made his guts tingle.

Saria lifted her hands and pressed them against his cheeks. She herself wasn't really able to completely understand the miracle which must have occurred. But what she knew was that he wasn't as cold anymore as he used to be. Her thumbs run over his skin in small circles, cherishing the unusual skin contact they shared.

Something in his eyes had changed, they weren't as indifferent anymore. There was a light glint of genuine curiosity in them; demanding and strong.

And for the very first time, she was able to see the sunlight touch his black colored hair and pale skin without a horrible consequence following suit.

'I'll never forget you or anyone else...I'll always hold you dear to my heart.'

He was real.

Her smile widened before she leaned towards the raven haired young man who merely waited for her next move impatiently. His expression was still as calm and stoic as it had been before, but that only made it easier for her to smile and reach out for him.

He was still himself. He was still the man she met back then in her ancient temple. Who stirred hope in her and let her emotions tangle up in a mess. Who confused her mind and thoughts. Who lead her out of her misery and took her on a journey she will never forget.

A journey which had probably only just begun...

Her lips touched his carefully. It was a light and soft kiss - something they never had shared before. It had always been him, acting without a care. Rough and aggressive. After all this time they spent together it was the first kiss she gave him instead of only recieving them. Still clumsy and uncertain. However it was not an unwanted one she realized quickly as the former shadow replied without missing a heartbeat; he returned her brave act - actually trying to share her cautiousness the best he could.

To kiss was a sign of affection. To wish for that person's happiness and receiving happiness in return meant to care for someone deeply. To seek for another's touch and to feel the anticipating heart beat lively in one's own ribcage meant love. It took her mind so long to comprehend all this.

The young sage parted from him way too fast for his liking, but her twinkling eyes made him halt before he was already diving to steal another kiss.

'Because now...a journey awaits me to discover more and more of this world.'

"I love you."

'With him at my side.'

The castle was far in the distance as the sun above them was shining brightly. The grass was slowly becoming dry and the wind had become colder.

'That's why I wanted to say goodbye. Although...'

Two silhouettes stood on a hill which was separating the familiar fields from the unknown ones. The border of a whole realm and the still undiscovered lands behind it was right beneath their feet.

'...this may not be a farewell.'

The taller one turned away from the proud scene and started to walk away. Merely the smaller one stared at the villages in the distance a while longer before it quickly turned away and run after the other.

'I hope we'll meet us again.'

The two of them disappeared behind the still green hill. Only silence followed their disappearance whilst the kingdom returned to the peaceful autumn colored picture it had been before their arrival.

'Yours, Saria.'

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