This is a new short story that should be completely posted in about a week. It will only be about four or five chapters long. I regressed back to my teenage years for this one so it takes place in the early and mid 90's. Hope ya'll enjoy!

Songs : Hey Young World by Slick Rick, It Was a Good Day by Ice Cube, Blaze It by Bone Thugs N Harmony

Forks High School - Last Period of the Day - Freshman Gym Class - December 19, 1992

Jasper's POV

I swear to God, gym class was designed by the Devil to make boys like myself teeter on the edge of suicide…

"Yo, Yo, J-Dawg! What up, Homie?"

Internally I groaned, but externally I turned to Felix and shrugged, "Nothin', man…chillin' like a villain."

"Right, right…so, you holdin', man?"

I looked around for a second to make sure no one was paying attention, then I nodded.

His brown eyes lit up, "Let's bounce, dude."

I grabbed my backpack and followed him as we snuck out of the gym locker room and down the long hallway before reaching an outside entrance. We slipped out and were soon leaning against the back wall of the building behind the dumpsters smoking a joint.

I kicked my Docs against the wall to shake the snow loose and pulled my knit cap down as far as I could, effectively hiding those stupid bouncy curls and sitting right on top of my bloodshot baby blues. I pretty much wore the hat everywhere cuz I couldn't do shit with my frizzy as fuck curls.

God, I wish I didn't look like such a kid…bouncy blonde curls…are you freakin kiddin' me? And dimples…hey, at least I'm tall, right?

I inhaled the sweet aroma and held it in my lungs until they felt like they might burst, before erupting into a fit of hacking coughs.

Felix inhaled and coughed out, "Is your sister gonna be at the crib tomorrow night, Dawg? Cuz if she is, me and the guys might crash at your hiz-house."

I sighed because I knew what was coming next, "Nope, it's Saturday and she's got a date, dude."

"Fuck man…Rosie is banging! All that and a bag of fuckin' chips, J-Dawg! Yo, you gotta hook me up, bro!"

I took the joint back and closed my eyes as I wrapped my lips around the only girl that had ever remotely interested me…sweet Mary Jane.

"Felix, she's into jocks, man…not stoners."

He groaned and grabbed the crotch of his baggy jeans, "Man, she is phat…with a capital PH! Fuck! She got them big ole titties and that nice round…"

"Dude! Chill the fuck out! That's my fuckin' sister you're talkin' about!"

He just rolled his eyes and laughed, "Quit trippin', dawg…don't go getting all salty and shit…"

Jesus Christ, will anyone ever see me…not Rose but me

"Well, why don't you and the guys come over and chill anyway…"

He handed me the roach now and shoved away from the wall, "You gonna have smoke?"

I nodded, "Yeah but my mom might be there so we can't really blaze in the house…"

He sighed as he started walking off, "We'll see, man…talk to your sister for me, J-Dawg!"

So, that's a 'no we don't wanna hang out with you freaky little loser boy…but fuck yeah we wanna bang your sister and smoke all your pot…'

I fuckin hate high school…

I grumbled as I pulled out my cigarette pack and dropped the roach inside. I threw it in my backpack right as I heard the final bell let out.

I was way too freakin' high to take the bus home and I didn't wanna be ripped still when I got there. I didn't wanna disappoint my mama.

So, I pulled my hoodie up and threw my backpack on my shoulder as I started walking the half hour walk home. I put on my headphones and let the hard beats and lyrical poetry of Bone Thugs N Harmony help me pass the time.

By the time I reached the trailer park, I was freezing my ass off but feeling strangely calm. You see, Mary Jane and Bizzie Bone…if they could prescribe that shit, we'd have no need for Prozac.

I knocked the snow of my Doc's before walking in. Mama was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner.

"Hey baby! How was school today?"

I pulled off my hat and coat before walking over and giving her a kiss on the cheek, "It was good, mama. Dinner smells awesome."

She smiled, "Well, why don't you set the dinner table, baby…Rose is having dinner over at Alice's house tonight, so it's just you and me."

Thank God…just like Ice Cube said…I didn't even have to use my AK …today was a good day…

Fuck, I'm still high…

During dinner, she reached over and pulled my chin up, "Baby, your eyes are all red…you feelin' alright?"

Stupid hydro…shit, I didn't really mean that…I'm not mad at you Mary…I love you…shit, answer your mama, ya stoned mother fucker…

"Um, probably allergies or something." I ducked my head back down and dug into the chicken and noodles mama had made cuz that shit was tasting really fuckin' good right now.

I looked at the clock as soon as I was done and quickly stood, trying not to be conspicuous but knocking a chair over by my enthusiasm, "Well, I'm gonna go take a shower before work, mama?"

She looked at me a little funny as she picked up the chair and I raced past her. "Okay, baby…be careful, son."

Be careful? I know I'm a little clumsy but I'm just going to the damn…ouch! Mother fucking light fixture…seriously, I am almost six feet tall living in a trailer meant for midgets…no offense to mama whose only 5'2 but I'm just sayin'…

I quickly showered and tried to knock one out but I kept seeing Rosie's pink razor and I would wonder if maybe I should groom a little down there because you just never know when someone's gonna wanna see it…but I mean, I was a Freshman and hadn't even ever kissed someone yet so I guess it's safe to say I could probably go another day or two…then the thought of a pink razor near my mandingo stick made the testes shrivel so I…fuck, is that hair? I can see the little hairs in the razor…now that's just nasty…well, any thoughts of a hard on were long gone now…

I grumbled as I got out of the shower and ready for work. I was supposed to be training someone tonight and I hated that shit. It was gonna be slow as hell cuz working at a Dairy Queen during the winter in one of the coldest, rainiest places in the Continental U.S…yeah, I usually got to just fuck off a lot at night, which was one of the main reasons I got the job in the first damn place…well, and to help mama out some.

So, I hoped whoever this fucker was, he better be cool and not go all nark on me.

I took a deep breath and tried to be pleasant around mama while she drove me to work. She dropped me off at the doors and I quickly rushed in to escape the cold. I noted that the sidewalk was kinda slick so figured I should probably go salt it soon.

I nodded to the pudgy little woman behind the counter, "Hey Maria…how are you today?"

You could tell that Maria was probably the hottest thing this town had ever seen about fifteen years ago but now, four kids later, she relied on her attitude. But she was always nice to me, whenever she wanted something anyway.

She smiled, "Oh, Jasper, my boy…my kids are driving me crazy! Little Ramone just got the chicken pox so now he brought it home to the baby. So, I'm gonna have to head home early tonight to calamine the hell out of them. You can lock up, right? You and the new kid?"

I went in the back and grabbed a bucket of salt, "Sure, Maria, it's no problem. We ain't gonna be busy tonight anyway."

I just hope the new guy doesn't show up so I can get stoned and eat a couple boxes of dilly bars…

I swung open the door, just in time to see a guy go down on the ice. He had just gotten off a bicycle and when he fell, the bike fell on top of him.

I cringed and then held out a hand, "Dude? You okay?"

And then he looked up at me…

Son of a…

"Whitlock? What the hell? Do you work here?"

I rolled my eyes and pulled my hand back, "Cullen? Yeah, I do fuckin' work here. What the fuck are you doing here?"

He scowled and muttered as he cautiously rose to his feet, "Should've had the entryway salted already…"

I started pouring out the salt and laughed, "What's the matter, Cullen? Why didn't you just have mommy and daddy drop you off and roll out the red fuckin' carpet for your precious ass…"

He huffed and pushed his black framed glasses up, "Someone could hurt themselves…"

I pulled out a cigarette and blew a puff of smoke out before sighing, "You can sue if ya want to, Cullen…it's not like your daddy don't own half the town already anyway…I'm sure you can make one little phone call and have those fuckin' expensive clothes of yours replaced…oh wait, you don't wear expensive clothes…"

He narrowed his eyes and pulled his flannel closed tighter over his Nirvana t-shirt and dirty torn jeans.

I smirked, "No, you wear grungy clothes from the thrift stores…you're a total poser…"

He rolled his eyes, "Fuck off, Whitlock…wasn't it just last year when you went through that whole backwards clothes, Kriss Kross thing? I often wondered how you'd take a piss with your zipper by your ass. Or in the seventh grade when you used to gel the shit out of your hair so it would stand up like that guy from Kid n Play?"

My cheeks were burning…who would've thought that Kid n Play weren't really that cool? House Party was the fuckin' bomb…

I turned my back and scowled at nothing in particular, "Fuck you, Cullen…you used to have a long ass tail…like that guy from New Kids on the Block…Jon, I think…"

He sighed exasperated, "Jon doesn't have a tail, you're thinking of Jordan…"

I turned and furrowed my brows, noticing that his cheeks were redder than mine, "Jordan? Are you sure? I thought he was the blonde…"

He rolled his eyes, "No, Joey Joe is the blonde…dirty blonde curls and blue eyes…"

I raised an eyebrow cuz he seemed to kinda sigh that like a twelve year old girl.

A moment later, the classic Cullen scowl was in place and he mumbled as he walked inside, "Fucking asshole."

Well, fucking with Cullen made my day a little better. I just hoped he'd get whatever the hell he came here for and get the fuck out…

I finished my smoke and salting the sidewalk, before heading back inside. Cullen hadn't come back out yet so I figured he placed some big ass order knowing that only me and Maria were working…prick.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the stupid yellow and red hat sitting on top of greasy copper hair.

Maria smiled, "Oh, Jasper…this is Edward Cullen, the new trainee. I think you boys go to the same school, yes?"

I shrugged, "Don't know, never seen him…"

Cullen just rolled his eyes again and pulled his apron on as he muttered.

Edward fucking Cullen. The fucker drove me crazy. I had known him from the time we were five years old and I disliked him back then. Me, mama, and Rose moved up here from Texas after grandma passed away. It was really hard for me here…I had a stupid southern accent and I practically had a 'fro cuz my curls were so crazy and I was dirt, fuckin' poor.

Most of the kids in Forks weren't terribly wealthy but only a handful were trailer park kids. It was easy for Rose because she was really cute and mean as hell all at the same time. All it took for her to make friends was to beat the shit out of Tyler Crowley at recess for making fun of her new jelly shoes. After that, all the girls loved Rosie cuz she was so tough and didn't take anyone's shit. The guys thought she was a mean bitch but as she got older and started filling out, they were able to look past that.

Cullen was in my first, third, and sixth grade classes. He used to always dress preppy before the start of our freshman year. He was the kid who always had the right answers and held up his hand a lot…but he also had a Nintendo and every game they made for it…or so I heard.

He hung out with Mike Newton and crew…probably all sitting around, listening to Nirvana talking about how hard their rich little preppy lives are, when they probably ain't ever worked a day in their spoiled pathetic lives.

Which made me wonder…why the fuck is Edward Cullen working at Dairy Queen?

Maria just smiled, "Okay great! Well, I have to head home…Jasper, if you need anything, just call me. Have a good night, boys!"

I groaned and stomped past him, "Look, Cullen…just stay the fuck outta my way and things will be fine."

He huffed, "Who the hell left you in charge?"

I turned back and stalked up to him, I was taller by a few inches so I peered down over top those stupid glasses…only I couldn't seem to speak when I saw how green his eyes were…it was like the kind bud I saw in that High Times magazine.

I caught my breath and ended up whispering, "I've got seniority so…fuck off…"

He rolled his eyes, finally breaking that damn contact high they had me on…

Stupid, bright green pot eyes…

"Seniority? Seriously, you've been here, what, three months? It can't be much longer than that because your birthday was just in October and you can't work here before you're fifteen…"

How the hell did he know when my birthday was? Well, I guess everybody knew that kind of shit…I mean, I knew his was December 4th.

I smirked, "Well, look at that, Cullen…I've got seniority and I'm older than you so respect your fuckin' elders and go mop the fuckin' bathroom or some shit. I'm gonna go take a smoke break."

I turned and walked out the back door. I took a deep breath and tried to get those damn eyes outta my head. I took a few hits from my one hitter and managed to make it through the rest of the night without speaking hardly at all to Sir McDouche A Lot or getting caught in his freaky, ganja green eyed death hold. He would scowl and mutter under his breath as I put his ass to work and maintained a role as supervisor.

It was kinda nice…watching the rich boy bust his ass for a change.

It was 9:30 by the time we locked up and it was cold as shit outside. Mama was waiting on me so I quickly jumped in the warm truck and started warming my hands up on the vents.

Mama sighed, "Oh dear, is that young boy riding a bike home in this weather?"

I looked to see Cullen struggling to get the damn bike going, apparently too windy and icy to get much traction.

I shrugged, "Eh…he's tough…"

Mama chided me, "Jasper…I raised you better than that, now get on out there and give that poor boy a hand puttin' his bike in the back…we'll drive him home."

I whined, "But mama…"

"Do I have to get ugly, son? You know how I hate to get ugly."

I cringed, "No, mama…I'm going."

I jumped outta the truck and pulled my hat down low. I walked over to Cullen who looked up at me through narrowed eyes.

I huffed, "Look, fucker, you want a ride or not?"

He looked over at the truck and back at me, his glasses were fogged up by the cold, "Did your mother make you ask me?"

I threw my hands up, I was a little dramatic sometimes, "Of course she fuckin' did…I could care less if you drift into a snow bank and they don't find your pretty ass till next spring…"

Whoa! Did I just seriously call his ass pretty?

Fuck, I'm still high…

His head dropped down and he kicked some ice off his chains, "Tell your mom I said thank you but I'll be fine."

And he grabbed his bike and hopped on it, throwing his stupid scarf around his neck and taking off.

I just scowled and quickly hopped back in the truck, "He said thanks but no thanks, mama, so can we just go now?"

She sighed, "Well…I reckon if he won't come…I would just feel so awful if something happened to him and I didn't do nothin' to stop it…"

I crossed my arms and tried to glare out the window, but all I saw was Cullen hitting some black ice and crashing to the ground.

I jumped up and muttered curse words lowly so mama didn't hear as I got out of the truck and made my way over to him. I held out my hand and he looked up at me through those foggy glasses. Then he took them off and those crazy, chronic eyes glared into mine. I gulped and briefly wondered if I should buy that shit from Peter anymore, cuz I swear my dick just jumped and that shit just ain't right…

"Come on, Cullen…you can't ride home in this shit…it's like a fuckin' blizzard out here, man…"

He continued to scowl until a strong wind gust blew through and he shivered as he grabbed my hand. I felt a surge of strong, blazing heat course up my arm giving me one of the most intense kind of highs I ever had…

Yeah, I should definitely still buy from Peter…

I had a brief vision of Cullen in a bright green jumpsuit and a purple cape…he was Chronic Man and he had the power to fuck you up with just one look…

No! Fuck, no! Peter's shit is too strong…I'm going back to Charlotte…I should really introduce them…they'd make a cute couple…and they could build, like, a little mini ghetto pot empire…and maybe when I was broke and needed a fucking joint, I could use the 'I introduced you fuckers!' card and…

I was brought too by snapping in my face, "Whitlock? What the hell's wrong with you?"

I closed my eyes for just a second and shook my head, "Nothing, why?"

He looked at me curiously before running a hand through his bronze hair, "Can you just help me get my bike in the truck?"

Then I felt the wind again and shivered as I grabbed his bike and we headed back to the truck. I threw it in back and jumped in the cab, next to mama, and he squeezed in next to me.

The whole side of his body was mashed into mine in the small cab. He turned and smiled at my mama, "That was very nice of you, Ms. Whitlock, so thank you."

Why the hell's he being nice to my mama? He's an asshole…fucker. Heh Heh, I said asshole fucker…I hope I don't smell like pot…

I leaned down to sniff my coat but the truck hit a pothole and I ended up with my face on his shoulder as I accidentally took a big breath.

Fuck, he smells good…I thought he'd smell like ass but he smells like firewood and evergreen trees and fuck, it made me feel all warm and shit…

I lifted my head and could feel the fire moving up to my cheeks as he looked at me strangely and kinda chuckled…the asshole caught me sniffing him, so I felt I better redeem my fuckin' manhood.

I whispered, "You smell like ass, Cullen…you should really take a fuckin' shower."

The fucker had some sort of stupid crooked grin on his face as he leaned over and whispered, "Earlier you said my ass was precious and pretty…you better be careful, Whitlock, because I may soon start to wonder if you'd like to join me in that fucking shower I need so badly…"

I was aghast. Yeah, that's right, fucking aghast at the thought that this weird, hemp eyed bastard was fucking with me…

I started to say something when my mama stopped the truck, "Oh, honey, is anyone even here? That big ole house is awful dark…"

I looked up and could barely see Cullen's mini mansion, there wasn't a light on in the house.

He sighed, "Um, no ma'am. My father usually doesn't get home till after midnight and my mother is in Chicago for the next week, um…visiting her parents. But it's no big deal, I'm just going to take a long, hot shower and go to bed…so thanks again for the ride."

He smirked at me again and I scowled. He got out of the truck and was having trouble getting his bike, the short fucker he is…Mama nudged me and I begrudgingly got out and helped him.

I sat his bike down on the ground and he looked up at the house and sighed, "Thanks again for the ride…have a nice night, Jasper."

He called me Jasper! The fuckin' nerve…

"Fuck you, Cullen!"

He turned back and whispered with that stupid crooked grin, "Fuck you too, Whitlock."

I was fuming when I got back in the truck. I went home, took a shower, and went for another go at knocking one out cuz today had been a fucked up day and I needed to go out on a positive note. It didn't take long as I closed my eyes and thought of the way it felt to have someone so close against my body, the heat, the scent, the high…

I did not think about his insane pot leaf green eyes or that stupid grin…I didn't even think of his fucked up hair that resembled the color of a dirty penny…a dirty penny badly in need of a long, hot shower…fuck…don't think about Edward cuz that would be gay and jerking off to feelings and scents is gender neutral…fuck, I just thought his name, his real fuckin' name…shit, don't say it loud…

"Ah fuck, Ed…McMahon…"

Yeah, Jazz…that made the whole thing much better…

Once the walk of shame to my bedroom was complete, I picked up the phone and dialed quickly, "Hey, um, Charlotte…it's Jazz…can I stop by tomorrow after school for the usual?"

Fuck Peter and this chronic bullshit…the whole day had been one bad fuckin' trip…