Summary: Martin is a member of the FBI's Missing Persons Unit in New York. After a particularly explosive episode with his father, he has distanced himself from his family in an effort to avoid any further altercations. However, when the invitation for his cousin's wedding arrives, Martin must produce the 'girlfriend' his family believes has been taking up so much of his time. At the beginning of this story, Samantha is the one who has been working White Collar in NYC (instead of Martin working it in Seattle). We'll learn more about Sam and her history as the story progresses. Elena has always been a part of the MPU.

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Chapter 1: Just Another Day

Familiar sounds and smells assaulted his ears as Martin entered the coffee bar. A barista was busy making coffee while another was taking orders and dealing with line of waiting customers. Getting in the queue, Martin glanced quickly at the televisions on the wall noticing that they were all turned to various news channels most were reporting on the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch from earlier that week. Martin shook his head at the media attention being given to a missing persons case from Iraq when it was his job to find the people who disappeared in New York City everyday.

Grabbing his coffee Martin turned to the long table where other customers were enjoying their morning coffee, some with the paper others with books or magazines and a few had laptops or cell phones out. Martin glanced at his watch before heading to the nearest open seat across from a cool blond. "This seat open?" he checked.

She looked up from the paper and nodded, "Yeah." Her voice caught Martin off guard; it was a little raspy as though she hadn't used it yet that morning or had been crying recently. He wondered if either explanation was the right one. She shuffled the paper closer to her on the table as he sat down. With nothing better to do, Martin sat watching the screens on the wall behind her, but he wasn't able to give any of the segments his full attention.

Ever since he'd received that invitation Martin hadn't been able to give his full concentration to anything, not even at work where it was imperative he be able to do his job effectively. Even his colleagues had noticed, Danny had been giving him odd looks since last week and just yesterday Vivian had asked if everything was okay with him. 'It's not like I didn't ask for it,' Martin reminded himself. 'If I hadn't –' just then his cell phone rang.

"Fitzgerald," he answered, already reaching for the notepad and pen he always kept in the inside pocket of his jacket. "Yeah," he wrote the pertinent information that Elena was telling him about the latest missing person, knowing that he had to ignore his personal problems for the time being.

Before his brief interruption, Samantha had been engrossed in the article about the suspected murder of television news reporter, Delia Rivers. The article gave an overview of the work done by the Missing Persons Unit of the FBI in order to apprehend the suspect, Freddie Katan, on unrelated charges. The statement released by the bureau expressed doubt over ever finding her body.

A sigh escaped her mouth as Samantha began folding up the newspaper and finishing off her drink. In White Collar, the subjects of their investigations usually didn't end up dead. After stuffing the paper in her purse, Samantha pulled out her BlackBerry. Checking it for the time, she noticed the missed calls from work, 'Shit, I must have forgotten to turn the ringer on this morning.'

Samantha hurriedly pushed away from the table and grabbed her purse from the back of the chair where she had hung it earlier. With her phone pressed to her ear, she headed around the table toward the exit. Someone held it open for her when she reached it; still listening intently to the message from her teammate about the case that had come in that morning Samantha barely managed to give a cursory thanks as she began walking briskly toward the Federal Plaza.

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