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Trees lined both sides of the long driveway, they traveled down it towards the Fitzgerald's Hampton residence, an 'imposing mansion' as Martin had described it. When they entered the circular end of the drive, Samantha finally understood and, despite Martin's warning, felt her mouth gape at the initial sight in front of her. The front door was protected by a square portico held aloft by four round columns, the front of the house created a symmetrical facade as it sprawled on either side of the main entrance. According to the week's itinerary, the two level residence would fill over the next two days to host the immediate family of the bride and groom and any remaining members of the wedding party not included in that group.

Martin took his time rounding the front of the car, he knew the moment of truth was almost upon them. Despite having hashed out the general details of their cover, he was worried his family would expose unforeseen holes in their story. Opening the car door with his right hand, Martin held out his left and asked, "You ready?"

Sam took the proffered hand and moved to stand beside him. Having managed to school her face into what passed as a neutral expression, Samantha tightened her grip on his hand for a moment before tugging on it and steering him to the back of the car, "As ready as I'll ever be."

Martin released Sam's hand as they reached the trunk and he was about to reach in for their luggage when the click of heels had him looking once again toward the portico.


Previous experience had Martin disregarding the bags to intercept Allison before she could compel his would-be girlfriend to return the tight embrace in which he was now enveloped. Behind his cousin's back, the couple shared a grin, both enjoying her obvious enthusiasm.

Extricating herself from the hug, Allison shifted her attention onto her cousin's counterpart whose hands were now occupied with two bags from the trunk. Going up to her, Allison unceremoniously took one bag from her and held out her hand, "You must be Samantha, Allison Toland, soon to be Cavanaugh."

Sam automatically released the bag to shake the bride's hand, "Samantha Spade, congratulations."

Allison accepted the felicitations as her due moving to place her free arm around the woman who had accompanied her cousin to such an important family event. Not missing the way the other woman tensed at the uninvited contact she shepherded her towards the door, "Marty, you can get the rest of the bags, right?"

The comment was thrown over her shoulder leaving Martin very little choice in the matter. By the time he had wrestled the remaining bags upstairs, Martin could hear laughter coming from the room he usually stayed in during his visits and quickened his pace. Entering the room, he was relieved to find the two women chuckling. Noticing him, Sam took a few steps toward him and casually touched his arm, "Allison just explained why they call you Marty."

Cringing slightly, Martin set the remaining bags on the end of the bed before turning to face his cousin. "I'm sure she did."

"And on that note, I'll leave you two to get settled in." With that rejoinder, Allison beat a hasty retreat.

"It's a cute story," Sam cajoled him, grabbing a bag of her own and beginning to unpack.

On the opposite side of the bed, Martin was unpacking his own bag with gusto. "It wasn't funny at the time," he grumbled.

Samantha wisely refrained from commenting on the attractive pout on his face and changed the subject instead. "So, what's next? After we unpack I mean," she expanded when she didn't receive a response from the man across the bed.

Martin looked up at her before quickly returning to his bag. "Most of the family and wedding party should already be here, but I know there are a few who won't arrive until tomorrow," Martin sighed as he moved onto his next bag. "After we finish here, we should head down and start the introductions."

Releasing her own answering sigh, Samantha took a little extra care as she continued unpacking. The meet and greet with Allison had been easy, after the "nice to finally meet you"s and the "how was the trip?" she had been able to direct the conversation back onto what they had in common - Martin. He had appeared just in time to stop the chat from going any further, but Samantha had no illusions that in the next round of small talk - the one that would repeat itself every time she met a new member of her supposed boyfriend's family - she wouldn't be so lucky.

Let the games begin.

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