"All right, Samus; I'm authorizing you to use the ice beam."

Samus Aran stopped dead in her tracks, glaring back in the direction of the man who had spoken, who was several compartments away. "Excuse me?" she said indignantly.

"I said you're authorized to use your ice beam," Adam Malkovich replied over the comm.

"Oh, 'authorized', am I?" Samus growled. "I'm not in your damned army anymore; you don't get to tell me when I can and can't use my equipment!"

"You're insubordinate, Aran!" Adam snapped. "One more remark like that, and I'll throw you out of here!"

"How about you come down here and try it?" Samus challenged. "And how can I be insubordinate when I'm not under your command? I'm a freelance bounty hunter now, and that means… hang on."

Samus extended her arm cannon and nonchalantly blasted a shrieking creature that was leaping at her into flaming chunks. She then laid down several more shots to make sure it was dead.

"That means," Samus went on, "that I answer to just one person." She tapped her armored chest with one gauntleted hand. "ME! Not you, not Corporal Coward over there, not Lieutenant Loser or Private Panty-waist, just me!"

"That's it!" Adam roared over the comm-link. "You are off this mission! Marines, escort Ms. Aran back to her ship!"

Samus coldly raised her arm cannon and began charging a shot, aiming directly in the middle of the group of GF soldiers advancing on her. "Now, you have to ask yourself one question," she said casually. "Do you really think you can take on a woman with technology far beyond yours who single-handedly wiped out an entire planet full of Space Pirates and then proceeded to destroy said planet?"

The marines, as one, halted and lowered their weapons.

"That's what I thought," Samus said, smirking beneath her helmet.

She took a few steps down the corridor and paused, looking back at them. "Now, I'm going to go and check out the rest of this ship. You all can stay here, or you can keep going and get killed by the creatures running around in here; I don't really care what you do as long as you stay out of my way."

Samus strolled along the corridor, but again stopped before the door. "Oh, and Adam?" she said over the comm-link. "I'm authorizing you to kiss my metal-plated ass."

With that, Samus opened the door and continued through it. The only sounds the marines she left behind heard were the muffled thumps and whines of rapid, powerful weapons-fire and Adam Malkovich cursing a blue streak over the comm.


Author(and Enraged Fan)'s Note: 'Other M' story FIXED!

I don't care who you are; nobody but nobody 'authorizes' Samus Freaking Aran, Destroyer Of Worlds and Annihilator Of All Things That Irritate Her, to use her own damned equipment.

'Other M' looks incredible and plays pretty good, but the story and especially the characterization of Samus aggravated me so much that I fear this game just might ruin the series. Nintendo, give 'Metroid' back to Retro; y'know, the studio that actually made good 'Metroid' games? And if you're going to get anybody to voice Samus, for God's sake, get Jennifer Hale; I know she only did grunts and screams for the 'Prime' games, but they were such good grunts and screams that I don't think anybody but her has any business voicing the Hunter. Thank you.