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Chapter 1

"We have all looked forward to this time. The year of the dragon," thought an older looking dragon named Ignitus. A red dragon who part of a group of leaders called the guardians. He walked through the halls of the temple in which he and others reside. "This particular year is one of excitement. Once every ten generations a special dragon is born. A dragon born to wield all the elements at once. However, another dragon has heard of the legend. We have been at war with him for as long as I can remember. He goes by The Dark Master. Our goal is to protect the eggs, including the purple one, from the enemies until they hatch. Though I fear this is easier said then done."

"Master Ignitus sir" Ignitus turned. He notices a young red dragon straight out of the academy. He was about Ignitus' height. Though young, he was one of the best dragons.

"What is it Kasai?" said Ignitus

"It's getting late sir. You should get some rest. We can handle the guard duty sir" said Kasai

"I was just going to check on the eggs then I was going to the nursery to check on…" before Ignitus could finish a bell began to ring.

"What is that" said Kasai. He's had no real battling experience so this was all still new to him.

"It's the alarm," said Ignitus, "We're under attack. Come with me" Both Ignitus and Kasai headed to the egg chamber. Ignitus feared that the eggs have been destroyed. As they approached the chambers they spotted some other dragons hiding in the meeting room. They were women, children, or male dragons injured in battle. He noticed a blue dragon running down the hall. He has a more sophisticated look to him. He was about a year younger than Ignitus, and also one of the dragon guardians. "Cyril" called Ignitus.

"No time Ignitus" said Cyril as he ran past Ignitus and Kasai. At that same time he saw another dragon running down the hall. This dragon was yellow with blue markings. He too is one of the guardians, but he is the youngest. He was indeed a smart dragon just very talkative.

"Volteer" called Ignitus.

"Ignitus" replied Volteer

"Volteer I need you to do something" said Ignitus

"What is it Ignitus?"

"Head to the meeting room. There are some dragons there. Lead them the emergency escape and make sure they get out of here safely." Volteer accepted and headed to the meeting room. Ignitus and Kasai made their way to the egg chamber.

"Master Ignitus," said Kasai, "not to be rude but shouldn't we help fight off the enemy?"

"We will but we need to see if the eggs are alright" replied Ignitus. As they approached the chambers they feel the temple moving from every strike by an enemy attack. They here the cries and painful screams of soldiers dying outside. It was a terrible thing but that it the price of war. They arrived at the door to the chambers. Ignitus opens his mouth and shoots a ball of fire at a special door that only opens to a fire dragons attack. Ignitus and Kasai ran inside to see the eggs, including the purple egg, were still ok. "Thank the ancestors"

"Ignitus" yelled a powerful voice. Another soon entered right behind him. This dragon was of a dark green complexion. He was built for battle; he's also one of the guardians, second in command, and Ignitus' best friend.

"Master Terrador" said Kasai

"Kasai I need you to go to the north side to fight off any enemy that gets in." said Terrador

"Yes sir" Kasai left the room to fulfill his duties.

"What's going on out there?" asked Ignitus

"There are too many of them," replied Terrador, "They'll over run us soon. I'll stay and try to fend them off. You get the purple egg and get out of here." Right after that sentence there was a huge bang.

"The north side has been destroyed. Their inside the temple!" yelled one of the guards. Ignitus' heart dropped.

"Kasai!" yelled Ignitus as he was about to run to the north side

"No Ignitus," Terrador said as he stopped Ignitus, "I'll go check on Kasai you get the egg out of here." Terrador ran out the chambers and made his way to the north side. Out of hesitation Ignitus didn't leave the chamber. He finally snapped out of his trance, grabbed the egg, and headed out of the emergency exit in the chambers. He followed the chambers which lead outside. After knowing it was safe he took to the skies. Ignitus looked back to see the temple burn. He heard screams coming from the temple. Tears fell from his eyes as he heard young dragons and old friends dying. Ignitus soon reached a river that runs down hill away from the temple. He landed by the banks to clear his head.

"The egg won't be safe with me," he thought. He noticed a mushroom the size of a dragon egg. He placed the purple egg in the mushroom, placed the mushroom in the river, and drifted it down the river. "May the ancestors look after you, may they look after all of us." Said Ignitus as the egg drifted out. Just as he felt calm something jumped into his head. "The nursery" with that he leapt into the air and made his way back to the temple. Something important was in the nursery. Important enough to allow him to return.

The egg drifted down the river further away from the temple. By morning the egg stopped on the banks of a marsh filled forest. A peaceful place where the war hasn't spread. As the egg lay on the banks a couple of strange creatures came out from the bushes. They were only dragonflies. They noticed the egg and approached it cautiously. One was a blue male dragonfly, named Flash, with gold cufflinks, and the other was a pink female dragonfly, Nina, with a green dress.

"Flash what is it?" asked Nina

"It's an egg" replied Flash. The egg soon began to move. It frightened the dragonflies as they took cover back in the bushes. The egg fell apart to reveal what's inside. Flash moved slowly to the hatchling.

"Flash be careful" said Nina with a worried look on her face. Flash approached and the little dragon looked up at him.

"Nina, you have to come over here" Nina made her way slowly. She reached the hatchling and all her fears disappeared.

"He's so cute"

"I wonder what he is."

"I don't know but we have to get him out of this river"

"Nina he's too heavy for us and I doubt he could walk yet." At that moment the little hatchling tried to take a swing at Flash. Not in an aggressive way, but a playful way. Flash dodged it. Soon the hatchling was trying catch Flash as the hatchling took one little step at a time trying to catch Flash.

"Well I guess he can walk" said Nina

"Well we can't take care of it." Said Flash



"It's a boy"

"How do you know?"

"I just know"

"Ok then, we can't take care of him"

"We can't just leave out here by himself, he'll die"

"Nina be reasonable. A child that size will get bigger. Where will he sleep, what will he eat?"

"We'll find a way. Please?"


"Thank you"

"So what do you want to call him?" Nina look at the young one and thought long and hard.

"How about Spyro?"

"Fine. Spyro it is. Come on Spyro come this way" said Flash as he coaxed the young one to follow. Spyro was shaky but he managed get on his feet and follow his new foster parents. They lead into the forest where the young one grew up and lived his life. Until the rest of the world catches up with him.

To Be Continued…

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