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Summary: Morgan and his girlfriend Gloria are expecting a baby and he is the happiest man… well he would be, if it wasn't for Spencer, who doesn't seem to like that idea and who starts acting strange, almost hostile towards Morgan and Gloria… and when Spencer suddenly wants to quit the BAU, Morgan confronts him and learns something he hadn't thought possible (SLASH and MPreg, plz read AN)


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Baby Blues

Chapter 1


"I'm going to be a father…"

Derek Morgan's words, said in happiness, broke the working silence in the bullpen and the heads of all people present turned towards the profiler, who had just entered the office with the biggest grin on his face.

Seconds later he found himself enveloped in a six armed hug by JJ, Emily and Garcia, who had used her break to come and see the rest of the team.

And even Rossi and Hotch, who had heard the announcement and had come down to congratulate their teammate too.

Only Dr. Spencer Reid completely ignored the commotion and stared at the file on his desk, one hand unconsciously rubbing over his stomach for a second.

But the rest of the team was so excited that they didn't even notice Spencer's reserve.

"Oh my chocolate muffin, I'm so happy… you and Gloria are going to be great parents." Garcia squealed, still hugging Derek, whose grin almost split his face in two.

"Thanks baby girl… and I'm sure Gloria will say thank you too…" He said, referring to his girlfriend of two months.

The team had met her on a few occasions and they all had liked her.

Rossi clapped Derek on the shoulder and grinned.

"I'll treat you to one of my finest wines so that you can celebrate in style."

Hotch only rolled his eyes at Rossi's behavior, but clapped him on the shoulder too, congratulating him quietly.


Garcia squealed again and questioned giddily: "Can I throw the baby shower?"

Morgan kissed the techie on the cheek and nodded without hesitation.

"Of course you can, baby girl. I already cleared it with Gloria, because I knew you would want to do it. And she's happy as long as you won't overdo it and wait for another few months until we're sure the baby is going to be alright," He cautioned.

"Me? Overdoing it?" Garcia questioned innocently, completely ignoring Morgan's request to wait for a few more months… and the twinkle in her eyes told a different story and Morgan groaned, not sure if it really had been a good idea to allow Garcia to do it, but he reasoned that JJ and Emily would help too and they'd probably keep her in line… well at least a little.

He gave her a smile none the less, but it faded when he noticed Reid, who was still sitting at his desk as if this all didn't concern him.

Garcia, who followed Morgan's gaze, gave the father-to-be a small pat on the arm and then he walked over to Reid, who looked up when he saw the shadow falling over his desk.

"What?" He questioned cautiously, not sure what the tech whiz wanted from him this time… well she probably wanted to question him why he wasn't over with the rest of the team, congratulating his father.

But instead she gave him one of her brilliant smiles.

"You, my baby genius, are going to help me organize the baby shower. I need the male insight on this," she informed Reid as if he had already told her yes.

And this, combined with the weird feeling that had fallen over him as soon as Morgan had announced that he and Gloria were going to be parents, caused him to shake his head in defiance.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"No," Spencer stated firmly, not caring that JJ and Emily gave him a confused look.

He could understand that after all, because in their eyes Derek was his best friend and he should be happy for him and so it did look odd that he didn't want to help.

Hotch, Morgan and Rossi just looked at each other with knowing smiles, the three men assuming that Reid simply didn't want to spend days and weeks with Garcia dragging him from store to store to prepare the best baby shower the world had ever seen.

That Reid had different reasons, they simply couldn't know, and Spencer intended to keep it that way.


Garcia actually looked taken aback by his refusal but she sure as hell wouldn't give up that easy.

She turned her head to JJ and Emily for support and the two women walked over to Reid's desk too, so that the three were staring down at Spencer, who slowly rolled the chair of his desk backwards a little to get some distance between the three and him.

His arms were still crossed in front of his chest and defiance sparkled in his eyes.

"Come on Spence, this is going to be fun. Just the four of us, going shopping and having a good day," JJ tried to convince the younger man, but her words had the opposite effect.

Reid shook his head vehemently.

"In case you've forgotten, I'm not one of the girls."

His voice was even, but his eyes still told a different story.

Garcia put her hands on her hips and her ruby red lips formed into a pout.

"We never considered you one of the girls," she protested, her lips turning into a smile again, trying to get Reid in the right mood.

"Please, Spencer. As JJ said, it will be so much fun… and since you've never been to a baby shower before, I thought it might be fun for you to help us. And…"

She couldn't continue any further, because Reid suddenly sprung up from his chair in such a hurry that it glided backwards and collided with a nearby desk, sending some files to the floor.

His eyes were wide and his face was twisted in sudden anger.

"When are you finally going to stop dragging me into your plans and fun evenings without asking me first and without assuming that I'll say yes anyway? And when are you just going to accept that I might have a reason for saying no and not wanting to go?" He nearly screamed, his voice harsh and angry.

JJ and Prentiss took a step backwards, both more than a little surprised by the sudden outburst of their youngest.

And Garcia actually looked close to tears that her innocent suggestion had been blown out of proportion like this and she had obviously hurt Spencer, even though she had no real idea why and how. Reid had never been one to be so emotional… or at least not one to blow up on people like this.

Reid seemed to realize that too and his face softened a little and he was about to apologize for overreacting like this, when Morgan stepped up beside Garcia and put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

Derek then glared at Spencer, not sure what had gotten into the younger man, but hurt that Reid obviously wasn't happy about Gloria's pregnancy.

Okay, he had a slight idea why the other might be mad, but he quickly dismissed the idea… they had talked about everything when Morgan had started dating Gloria and Reid had been okay with it…


Morgan sighed a little, his expression softening.

"Pretty Boy, that was totally uncalled for. She was just asking for your help."

Reid could hear the disappointment in Morgan's voice and his expression hardened again, his hands clenched into fists by his side, his face pale.

"No, she wasn't asking for my help. She was already assuming that I would... just like you're all assuming a lot about sweet, innocent and socially awkward Dr. Spencer Reid, who should just be thankful that you all take pity on me and try to show me what the real life is all about… But I've a newsflash for you: I'm perfectly content with the way I am…"

By the end of his little speech, Reid was out of breath and nearly hysteric, one of his hands once again rubbing over his stomach without conscious thought.

The whole bullpen was now watching him in shocked silence.

Morgan was the first one to find his voice again.

"Pretty Boy," he started, obviously looking for the right words to calm Spencer down, but the young genius didn't even give him a chance.

He stared at Derek with an angry growl on his face that the others hadn't known that he was even capable of.

"Stop calling me that… it's demeaning to me… and your GIRLFRIND is the only one you should be calling 'pretty' anyway."

Reid emphasized on the 'girlfriend' and gave Morgan a pointed look that told Derek everything he needed to know about Reid's outburst and why it had happened now.

He let go of Garcia and instead grabbed Reid's wrist, dragging him out of the bullpen towards the toilets.

Nobody dared to stop them and their team just looked after the two with wide eyes, before JJ questioned in a small voice: "What the hell just happened?"

"I've no idea," Hotch admitted, running a wary hand over his face.

Prentiss gulped a little, catching the attention of the whole team.


Hotch immediately knew that she had a suspicion and tried to give her a look that told her to go on.

"Well… umm… I didn't want to say anything earlier, but I've been watching Reid closely for the last few weeks… and well… I mean, I don't want to get him into trouble for nothing… but do you remember the last time when Reid acted like that?"

Prentiss trailed off and recognition came to Hotch's, JJ's and Garcia's faces.

Only Rossi looked a little lost and Hotch only gave him one name: "Hankel."

That told Rossi everything he needed to know, because him and Hotch had had a long talk about Reid when Rossi had first come back to the team and he had of course heard about what had happened with Hankel and what had happened after Hankel.

He lowered his voice and questioned quietly: "You really think that he's doing drugs again?"



While the rest of the team was discussing what had just happened, Morgan dragged Reid into the bathroom and locked the door behind him, before he turned around to look at Reid.

The young genius stood on the other end of the room, his hands crossed over his chest almost protectively and he was still glaring at Morgan.

Morgan also crossed his arms in front of his chest, his expression even.

"What the hell was that in there, Pretty Boy?"

Reid gave a dry chuckle at that.

"I told you not to call me that… and you really have to ask that?" Spencer wanted to know.

"Yes I do. I mean, you told me that you were okay with Gloria and I going out."

Morgan was confused and he looked almost sad.

Reid's eyes widened just a little, but then he clenched his fists and the new laugh was as sarcastic as that first chuckle.

"Yes of course I'm okay with that… I know that what we had was just an affair and nothing more… a quick fuck without strings and emotional attachments," He stated, but his voice told Morgan that it was everything but okay with it.

"Yeah… well… I thought that was clear from the beginning…" Morgan stuttered, thinking back to the conversation he and Spencer had had after they'd landed in bed together after a particular hard case eight months ago.

Spencer lowered his eyes, not sure if he'd be able to hold back the tears when he looked at Derek.

"Yes, you made that pretty clear," he whispered and he sounded so hurt that Derek's heart broke a little and he felt the overwhelming urge to pull Spencer into a hug and kiss him and tell him that everything was okay… and that it had been a mistake that they had ended things two months ago when Derek had met Gloria.

But then again, it wouldn't solve any problems. Morgan had ended whatever it was he had had with Spencer for the better of the two of them and because Derek had fallen in love with Gloria… or at least that was what Derek was telling himself, especially after Gloria had told him that she was pregnant.

"Spencer, please…" he started, because he hated how lost and vulnerable Reid looked right now and he wanted to make the other feel better, no matter how.

At first it didn't even seem that Reid had heard him, but then he raised his head and questioned softly: "Do you love Gloria?"

Derek hadn't expected that question and he almost automatically nodded: "Yeah, I do love her… and I love my unborn child. I'm going to ask her to marry me and then we can be a real family."

Morgan could see Spencer stiffen and pale even more, but then the young man squared his shoulders.


"Well, then I guess this talk is over… can you please tell Hotch that I don't feel too well and have gone home?" Spencer questioned and then nearly ran past Morgan, quickly unlocking the door of the bathroom and running down the hall, ignoring Morgan's pleas to stop and talk about this.

He also ignored the curious looks of his co-workers when he ran past them towards the elevator, not even bothering to get his jacket and his bag…

All he knew was that he needed to get out of this office, out of the building and away from Morgan.

As soon as he was outside of the building and away from all the security cameras, he allowed himself to break down.

Tears flowed freely down his cheeks and his hands rubbed over his stomach, before he whispered brokenly: "I'm so sorry, little one, but it looks like you'll grow up without your second Daddy…"


to be continued, if you're interested…