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Chapter 33


The night had gone surprisingly well and had been surprisingly quiet. Spencer had also slept relatively well after Gideon, Rossi and Morgan had finally left. They had agreed that they'd talk about the fact that Gideon and Derek's mother were apparently dating and how that had had happened in the first place when Fran Morgan was here too and able to add her side of the story.

Rossi and Gideon had left together, Rossi allowing the former BAU-member to use his guest room, now that Reid didn't need it at the moment. And Derek, although he had really wanted to stay, had gone home a little while alter after saying goodbye to AJ.

That had made Reid really sad when he once again really thought about his baby boy lying in NICU all alone and Spencer had almost physically ached with the need to hold his son. But the nurses had assured him that his son was doing surprisingly well and right now there was nothing to worry about that couldn't wait until morning. And Reid, exhausted and sore from the day, had had to agree with with them and then his daughters had once again demanded his attention, because they had been hungry and after feeding and changing them, Spencer had finally fallen asleep.


And he had slept until six when Sophia wok up, again hungry.

That had been about two hours ago and now Reid was settled back in his bed, both his girls safe in his arms. They had both fallen asleep again and Reid simply watched them, every little motion they made, from pursing their lips a little to sneezing a little in their sleep, noses scrunched up cutely when they do so. Reid was memorizing them and despite his eidetic memory, Reid wished he had a camera to take pictures. He really needed to get Morgan or Rossi to bring him one today or tomorrow.

A glance at the watch on his nightstand told him that it was nearly eight and that meant he'd get breakfast in a few minutes and visiting hours were about to start. And that also meant that Reid would be allowed to see his son. That thought alone made him happy.

There was a soft knock on the door and Spencer involuntarily stiffened a little. The last time someone had come through that door unannounced and unexpected, his son had been hurt and nearly killed. So Reid inched a little closer to the emergency button on the side of his bed and pulled his daughters more securely into his arms. Only then did he call: "Come in."

He hoped that it was one of his team, who had snug in a little earlier than visiting hours allowed, to see him. It wasn't the case however, but he still relaxed when he saw Jason poke his head in.


And suddenly, with another flash of guilt, Reid remembered that the other man was in hospital too, because he had been shot. The young genius winced when he became aware how pale the other man looked. Jason's arm was in a sling and he was pushing an IV-stand with his other and Spencer couldn't help but worry.

"Not that it isn't great to see you, but shouldn't you be in bed, Jason?"

The other man chuckled a little and slowly walked to the bed carefully sitting down in a chair and it was evident how much that short trip had exhausted him.

"I charmed my nurse into letting me see you for a while," the other told him with a small smile and Reid chuckled a little.

"Okay," was all he said, readjusting his grip on Dianna when the little girl kicked and moved a little. Jason watched with a fond smile, obviously remembering when Davey had just been born.

"They're beautiful," Jason complimented, leaning a little closer to get a better look.

"Thank you," Spencer answered, beaming with pride, but then again aching to also have his baby boy back with him to hold him like that.

"Maybe you can meet AJ later," he informed, looking sad and Jason's heart went out to him.

"I'm really sorry that this has happened to you," he told the other man, voice full of sympathy and Reid rewarded him with a small smile.

Thanks for that, but it's not your fault, quite the contrary actually. I owe Tommy so much. If he hadn't been here and had restrained Gloria, who knew what might have happened," he told the other, barely holding back the tears when he again thought about what had been some of the most horrible moments of his life. Jason put his uninjured arm on Reid's and squeezed gently.


"Don't dwell on it. That bitch is behind bars and I'm sure AJ is going to be just fine in a little while."

Jason smiled a little and then he added: "And you don't owe Tommy anything. You're his friend and there is one thing you should know about my husband by now. He always protects his friends. And you would have done the same for him, wouldn't you?"

Spencer nodded almost immediately.

"Of course I would have," he replied without hesitation and then he continued, more than a little self-conscious: "Not that I'm much of a help in such a situation, at least without a weapon."

Jason once again squeezed his arm.

"As soon as you're better, Tommy and I would gladly give you a few martial arts lessons. It is also a good training program to lose the additional baby pounds, just ask Tommy about it," he offered.

"Not that it looks like you've kept all that much. Tommy would be jealous, as I said, he spent hours training after Davey was born to lose his baby pounds."

Reid chuckled a little, because it was true. He really hadn't kept that much baby weight, but a little extra training to get something resembling a six pack back was probably a good idea.

Sure, there were mandatory self-defense classes, but Reid only barely passed those and he had only made it with Derek's help, even though they had ended up having sex instead of training more often than not during their relationship, or their affair, or whatever it had been between them before.

And from what Dave had told him, not even Morgan had half the skills Jason and Tommy had when it came to martial arts. The both of them had practiced martial arts even before they had entered school, so they had years of training, more than Derek had.


"I'll probably take you up on you offer," the young genius finally said.

"Good," Jason answered with satisfaction and then he winced a little when his injured shoulder throbbed for a second. Reid watched the other man with growing concern. It was obvious that he needed to be back in his bed soon.

"How are you," he asked, soothing Sophia, when she stirred a little, by rocking her gently.

"I'm okay, I think. It could have been much worse," Jason answered. Spencer nodded, both not really talking about why Jason had been shot in the first place, because it would only worry them unnecessarily. They both knew what had happened and talking about it, wouldn't change a thing. It was out of their hands anyway. Hotch would make sure that the bastard, that had the nerve to call himself Tommy's father, would get what he deserved and stay in prison this time.


There was a moment of silence between them, before Reid finally questioned: "So why are you really out of bed when you shouldn't be? And don't tell it, it's because you wanted to meet the triplets."

Jason simply sighed and rubbed his face warily, careful not to jostle the IV in his arm too much.

"I should have known that you're too good of a profiler to not realize that I have a hidden motive."

Reid only gave him a small smile.

"Again, not that I don't appreciate your visit, Jason, but as I said, meeting my children could have waited a little, especially since Tommy promised Davey that they'd come and see me and them today. You could have come then too, in a wheelchair with Tommy pushing you," he explained and Jason chuckled, muttering a "I hate being so helpless", before a fond smile came onto his lips when Reid talked about his husband and his son,

But then he got serious again, he had had a hidden motive after all and he knew he needed to be back in bed soon or he'd get into trouble, not just with the nurses but with Tommy and that was something he really didn't want.


So he finally started to say what he had come here to say.

"I need to talk to you about your situation with Dave and Derek..."

Jason trailed off, waiting for a reaction from the other man. And Reid stiffened immediately, which made Sophia and Dianna protest even in their sleep and Reid forced his arms around them to relax, so that they wouldn't sense his change of mood and would continue sleeping.

"Listen, I really don't think that..."

But Jason quickly interrupted Spencer: "Please hear me out first, before you protest that this is none of my business."

And even though Reid really didn't want to do that, he nodded warily, because he felt that he owed it to Jason after what Tommy had done for him. And he was also wondering what Jason was going to tell him and he mentally steeled himself against probable accusations, because for Jason to come here and talk to him when he should still be in bed, it meant that he had a lot of important things to say.

"Look, I know that you know how much Dave means to me, Tommy and little Davey and you also know how much we owe him and what all he has done for us over the years," Jason started, hoping that he'd find the right words and once again wondering why Tommy had insisted that he was the one to talk to Spencer about this whole mess.

Reid looked at him dubiously and it looked like he was about to open his mouth to interrupt, so he quickly continued; "Don't worry, I'm certainly not here to tell you to pick him just because we owe him and see this as a way to repay Dave for all he has done for us."


Again, Reid looked dubious, because that had been the exact direction his thoughts had wandered when Jason had started talking. And Jason couldn't really blame him, but he and Tommy had talked about what they thought was going on and Jason wanted to tell Reid what they were thinking, because it might help Spencer to finally make a choice that needed to be made sooner or later anyway. And Jason was also pretty sure that Reid's subconscious had already made that choice, but Spencer was too afraid of hurting someone and so he refused to acknowledge it. But that only hurt Dave, Derek and it also hurt Reid in what should be a time of joy with his children.

Jason once again squeezed Reid's arm to show him that he was still here and still his friend, no matter what he would decide.

And then he finally continued talking.

"Spencer, you've become our friend too and we want you to be happy and that's why we think that you should choose Derek..."



Derek, contrary to Reid, hadn't slept much the last night, always tossing and turning, worrying about his son, about Spencer and his daughters and trying not to think about his mother and Jason Gideon together too much. So all in all it had been hard to fall asleep and when he finally had, his dreams had been weird and not at all helpful to relax.

That was why he rubbed his eyes tiredly while he waited at the airport for his mother to finally check out. Her flight had arrived about 45 minutes ago and that meant that she should be here soon. Derek didn't really know how to react to his mother, not after Gideon's revelation last night and he really didn't look forward to having to explain why he was in such a mess.

But when he saw his mother walking towards him with a small bag slung over her shoulder, he pushed all those thoughts aside, suddenly just glad that Fran Morgan was here. The profiler let himself be pulled into a hug by his mother and he really had needed that hug.

"Hey mom," he finally greeted and took the bag from her, carrying it to his car, just like the good son he was. Fran linked her arm with his and walked beside her son. Sure, she wanted nothing more than to ask a thousand questions, but most of those questions could wait until the car and she could also easily see how worn out her boy looked.


So the two walked in silence to the car and only when they were seated and Morgan pulled out of the parking lot, Fran decided to ask a first question: "Ar you okay, Derek?"

Morgan smiled slightly and nodded.

"I guess I'm as good as can be expected in the given situation," he answered, even though he wasn't really sure if that was the truth or if he was just trying to appear strong in front of his mother. And Fran obviously thought the same, because she reached over and squeezed her son's knee.

"You don't have to be brave with me, son. I think I can guess how you feel," she told him, her smile a wistful one and Derek sighed a little, his hands clenching around the steering wheel.

"I know mom, but right now, I'm not sure what else to tell you," he admitted, before he said.

"Okay, well, that's not entirely true. I really am dying to ask the question why on earth you haven't told me that you're dating Jason Gideon."

Okay, Derek really hadn't meant to say this, but it was better than talking about his own feelings. Fran only chuckled for a moment. Jason had told her before she had entered the plane to let her know that Derek knew about their relationship, even though he had told him any details.

"I was waiting for the right moment, sweetheart, but I think we should wait to talk about this until Jason is here too," she informed her son, hoping that he wasn't mad that she had kept that secret, but truthfully, Morgan's sisters hadn't coped so well when they had realized that there was a permanent new man in Fran Morgan's life and she had feared that Derek's reaction might be even worse, because of who that man was.


"Fair enough," Morgan answered and the two drove in silence for a moment until it was time to decide if they went the way to the hospital or back to Morgan's apartment.

"Mom, do you need to go back to my place first or is it okay if we make a quick stop at the hospital," he asked and his mother smiled.

"That's not even a question, Derek. I wanna meet my grandchildren, so a shower can wait for a few minutes," she said without hesitation. Derek chuckled a little.

"Okay, it will be about twenty minutes until we're there, but then at least visiting hours have started," he informed.

Fran nodded and then she crossed her arms in front of her chest, before saying something that had been on her mind for quite a while now.

"Those twenty minutes are more than enough time for you to tell me why you decided to leave the man you have loved from the moment you've met him..."


to be continued...