So, I'm not sure if epilogue is the right word to describe this bit, but I guess it's the best description for it. I'll warn you now it's full of smut and very short very short indeed. It's the only full sex scene I was able to write.

Now, I said I'd answer questions and that's what I'm going to do.

RisingAngel56: I know for a fact that if I ever do a sequel, or one shots following on from this story, it would be set after Hogwarts and they'd be together somewhere. I'm not promising I would write that though, I'd have to feel the need to and have a good idea for it for me to do so. Also, no I wouldn't have MPreg in the story. MPreg is just a big no-no for me. It's just not my thing, not my thing at all. However I would be completely open to them adopting and being a family in the future.

Slythingdorclaw Hybrid + HPmeghan7474: I too thought of this, but being as expensive a watch as it was and as magical as it was, it had a water-repelling charm upon it, like that of Harry's glasses during rainy Quidditch matches. I admit, I should have made that a bit clearer, I did mean to add it on my read through but I must have forgotten.

I did not add their first time, as you can probably guess. I wrote 914 words of it and gave up. I was not comfortable when I was writing it. Plus there was no where for it to go. I did plan to finish it and add it in somewhere but when I finished the story unexpectedly there was no where to put it, I looked back on it to see if I could include it on it's own but I felt awkward writing it. I don't do well with sex scenes, they never come out like I imagine them to. Except this one.

I am so grateful for everyone who has taken the time to add this to their favourites, and story alerts and to review so positively about it. Honestly, you're all so amazing. To have kept with it for so long, I know it's such a long story.

My next story is going to be called Home Is Where The Heart Is. I seem to be good with making story names out of clich├ęs. I once did a story called, Actions speak louder than words, it seems to be a method that works.

Anyway, I went with the majority on my poll [56%] and went with this idea:

Harry Potter finds himself lonely living in Grimmauld place on his own. He decides he needs a roommate. Draco Malfoy is sick of living with his mother, he is now twenty-five after all. He decides he needs to move out.

I'm going to go slow and take my time with it. No deadlines. Just a minimum of once a month, but I'll probably be able to spit them out quicker than that. I won't go ahead of myself, only write one at a time. I'm maybe half way through the first chapter already, I've got every thing that needs to happen written down, I just need to write them in some kind of order.

And so for the last time, thank you, everyone.

Prefect Bathroom.

"Fuck, Harry just-" Draco gasped as Harry gripped onto his hips and thrust forwards. Draco gripped hard onto the sink in front of him, that he was bent over.

Harry hissed in what Draco could now recognise as Parseltongue and had to bite down on his lip to make sure he didn't moan out loud because of it. Harry leant over Draco's back, draped over it, hands pinching and rubbing up and over his sides and chest but staying clear of Draco's cock, purely on his request. He bit and nibbled on the back of Draco's neck, his feathery platinum hair tickling his nose.

"You're so fucking tight and hot, you know that?"

"Fuck, keep- don't stop-" Draco gasped, arching slightly on each thrust that Harry gave him, cursing and mumbling in parseltongue. Draco's knuckles were starting to turn as white as the porcelain underneath them.

He never managed to last very long when Harry was fucking him like this, hard and animalistic like. He was never as rough with Harry, always unsure of hurting him because he knew Harry would never say if he was, but Harry managed to get so caught up and so savage that he lost control. Only once Draco had to tell him to go a little slower but only because of the position they had been in.

Harry bit and nibbled at Draco's left ear and hissed in parseltongue words that Draco didn't understand. "You just love my cock up your tight little arse. You like it rough and harsh don't you?"

Draco grunted and groaned eyes half shut as he stared down at the sink he was supporting himself-both of them on. He didn't even need to be touched to feel as if he was about to spill his load any second, he'd never found the language so arousing before he heard Harry speaking it.

"Look at yourself while I fuck you, look at how hot you are. Fucking hell,"

Harry hissed a little more fiercely and yanked Draco's head up by his hair forcing him to look in to the steamed up mirror in front of him seeing the droopiness in his eyes and the fire dancing in Harry's. Harry continued to hiss a string of words Draco didn't understand and continued to thrust harshly in to him, starting to hit his prostrate on every second thrust.

Harry was bringing Draco closer and closer to the edge and Draco was making it clear that he was doing so by being anything but quiet about it; however they were both very much caught up in each other to worry about how strong their silencing charms were. Harry had been reduced to purely hissed curse words and he himself was getting closer to the edge of his climax.

"Just- just-" Draco panted but Harry never got to find out what was 'just' as he never finished his sentence. Harry slammed hard into Draco one more time and hissed his name in Parseltongue, the only word Harry had taught Draco to recognise and which had him becoming weak at the knees as he came in spurts over the sink in front of him, Harry close behind him with two gentler thrusts.

It took them a long time to calm down and collect themselves enough to straighten up and clean up after themselves. They slowly dressed, the actions staggered because of the amount of times that they stopped to kiss.

"I've really missed this," Harry commented gently as he did the last button on his shirt.

"I know, I miss sharing a bed," Draco said. Harry smirked as he approached him and Draco started fiddling with Harry's collar.

"I love you," Harry mumbled, looking down and watching Draco's fingers fiddling.

"I love me too," Draco said focusing on the collar but smirking. Harry scoffed and pushed Draco away with him.

"Fuck you," Harry said turning and picking up his cloak from the floor.

"You just did that love," Draco said smirking wider as Harry scowled and pulled the cloak over his shoulders so that only his arms were missing.

"Come on arsehole, I better get back, I promised Hermione I'd finish my Transfiguration work tonight when I got back," Harry said. He moved to cover himself completely with his cloak but Draco approached him and put his arms around his waist first.

"For the record, I love you too," Draco said and kissed the corner of Harry's mouth.

"I know," Harry said with a nod, his scowl now a smile. They embraced and then said their farewells before heading off in different directions, both grinning from ear to ear.

Harry barely took any notice of Hermione's lecture about time keeping and how if he didn't manage to keep time with her, how was he ever going to manage to do so out in the real world? He had his watch from Draco, which kept him right on all the arrangements he wanted to keep, the ones he cared about. That was all that mattered to him.