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The cherry blossom cried. The mean bullies were throwing stones at her again. She looked left and right. There! A spot they left open! She gathered her self and stood slowly. The stones pelting her arms and legs.

She took off, elbowing her attackers and passing the dumbfounded boys and girls. Her short legs carried her as far as they could, as fast as they could. Angry shouts followed her, stomps thundered down the road as they came after her. The leader of the group was in front, throwing sharp rocks at the pinkette.

She wished more then once they would leave her alone, or forget about her. She dodged the rocks, almost flying in a zig-zag pattern. She ducked under a cart and took a left. The girl was so close, she could see the chain fence and forest behind it. She got closer, the rocks slowed down.

Scrambling up and over the fence, she swung her legs over and climb back down on the other side. The group jeered and called her names. She looked and them and slowly backed up into the woods. Birds cawed and took off, a tiger stalked by but stopped. It looked at the girl and then at the frightened bullies. It snarled and launched itself at the fence.

Her attackers shrieked and stumbled over themselves to get away. The tiger gave out a throaty growl, apparently happy they ran. It turned and sauntered over to the pinkette. She stood stiff as it plopped itself in front of her, almost purring in happiness. It lapped at her face and rolled over on its back.

She loosened her stance and giggled at the tiger. She tickled its chin and rubbed its belly. The tiger pawed at the air in delight. The girl stopped and sat next to it. The tiger rolled over and situated itself so it was at her back, giving her a back rest.

"You're so pretty." The girl said, she rubbed its spine. "I'm Sakura, Haruno Sakura." The tiger growled and laid its giant head on its equally large paws. The girl giggled and talked to the tiger. Other feline animals walked out and snuggled next to the lone pinkette.

"I'm tired." Sakura yawned and settled down on the tiger that scared away her attackers.

"Banzei!" A purple haired female yelled as she fell on a man. She held a kunai in both of her hands and put one on his neck, the other at his stomach.

"Anko! How many times did I tell you not to do that!" The man yelled at her. Anko only chuckled and flushed her body with his.

"Aww! Iruka-kun! I know you like this." She said and put her kunai away, somehow still keeping her prey close to her. The brown haired Iruka blushed as she turned him around and kept them flushed.

"I-I d-don't like y-you l-like that A-Anko." He stuttered as she looked up at him. She smirked and glanced down.

"And is that why your excited member is trying to fuck me?" She asked. Iruka blushed even more as images flashed past his mind. Anko leaned up and was about to kiss him. A cloud of smoke appeared and a chunin bowed at Anko. She snarled at the intrusion and let go of her prize. Iruka coughed and was fixing his pants. The purple haired woman crossed her arms and looked impatient.

"What was so important, that you had to interrupt me?" She asked too calmly. The chunin shuddered and gulped.

"T-there's a l-little g-girl in A-Area 44." The green chunin spit out. Anko's eyes widened and she ninja poofed to said area. She jumped over the fence and took off around the perimeter of the land. A faint chakra flickered and she ran over to it. She gasped as she came to the spot. A small pink haired girl was surrounded by the Forest of Death's feline animals. Each one looked peaceful.

As she stepped closer the biggest tiger, the one under the girl's head, growled and glared at her. Anko stopped and held up her hands. The tiger growled and a small panther walked up to her, smelling her. The black coated panther nodded and turned to the tiger. Both growled and the rest of the big cats rose and disappeared into the dark forest.

The lone tiger stared at her. It finally nodded after minutes passed. Anko took that as a 'Take her' and walked forward. She picked up the sleeping girl and watched as muscles bunched as the tiger stood. It looked her up and down then met her eyes. They stared at each other and the tiger nodded again. It turned and walked regally into the woods. She shuddered, the gleam in its eyes scared her, reminding her of a parent.

Anko walked away, four words sticking to her mind. 'Take care of her' the tiger seemed to say. She shuddered and glanced down at the girl. Scratches, bruises, and dried blood littered her body. She sighed and with difficulty, made the right handseals to transport her and the girl to the hospital.

Sakura yawned and rubbed her eyes. She stretched and felt something tug at one of her arms. The pinkette cracked open her green eyes and looked at the needle in her left arm. Her breath quickened and the beeping became louder. She glanced around and looked at the sleeping figure next to her bed. The figure yawned and raised her head from her hand. She blinked at the pinkette and smirked.

"Sleeping beauty finally woke up!" She said. The woman stood and put her hands on her waist.

"W-who are you? Why am I here?" Sakura asked. Her voice was sore. She reached for the cup on the side table and gulped it down in two sips.

"Me? I'm Mitarashi Anko! I found you passed out and took you to the hospital." She sat back down and threw her legs over the arms of the chair. "What's your name pinky?" Sakura grabbed the pitcher of water and poured herself another cup.

"Haruno Sakura. Thank you for saving me." She took a sip of water and watched as Anko took a kunai out and twirled it around a finger.

"A Haruno eh? You're welcome squirt, though you did let my man get away." She looked at Sakura and smiled wide. "Not that is isn't fun to catch him again." She chuckled a little and was still twirling her kunai.

"Oh, sorry. Who is your... man?" Sakura asked. Anko smirked and stopped the weapon.

"Just Iruka-kun!" She said. Sakura's face scrunched up.

"Iruka-sensei?" Anko nodded and put the kunai away. A nurse walked in and looked at Sakura's chart. She nodded and said she could leave. The nurse took the needle and heart mentor. She smiled and left the room.

"Hey pinky! I almost forgot. Why were you in the Forest of Death?" Anko stood and crossed her arms.

"I-I was running away from some bullies. I climbed over the fence and a tiger came out and scared the meanies away." Sakura finished her cup of water and looked around for her clothes.

"In the cabinet." Anko said suddenly. Sakura nodded and took them out. She looked at the purple haired woman. Anko rose an eyebrow and stubbornly stood still. Sakura glared and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Sakura came back out in a blue shirt and tan shorts. The hospital robe was discarded on the counter in the bathroom. She walked out of the room and Anko trailed behind her. The purple haired woman watched as the girl greeted the nurses and doctors that passed. They smiled shortly and hurriedly walked past her.

"So were do you live pinky?" Anko asked. Sakura looked down and shook her head.

"In an apartment from the Hokage." She said softly. Anko stopped and watched as the girl walked down the street towards a bad part of town. She broke out of her shock and ran after the girl, picking her up and teleporting to the Hokage's office. Sakura squirmed and tried to get out of Anko's hold. She punched her arm once and growled she Anko thumped her on the head.

"Shut up pinky, I have to talk to the old man." She said. She marched up the stairs, ignoring the shouts of the Hokage's receptionist. She slammed the doors open and glared at everyone in the room. Sakura watched as the Hokage and a sliver haired jounin looked at her holder.

"Anko, what are you doing here?" The Third put his pipe in his mouth. Anko stomped up to his desk and elbowed the other man in the room out of the way.

"You let a five year old girl live by herself? A Haruno no less!" Anko seethed. Sakura looked from the Hokage to the jounin to Anko. The silver haired man hummed and looked over her. His eye crinkled in a friendly way. The Hokage and Anko argued back and forward. Anko shouting and loud, Hokage calm and soft.

She had long ago put Sakura down. She now sat in a chair, next to the other man who was called Kakashi. They had talked for a few minutes, giving names and some interests. He seemed surprised that she was the top of her class, even above Uchiha Sasuke. Who she argued was really stupid, and didn't know why her female class mates fought over. He chuckled and pulled out a book. Anko saw the title and punched him in the head and stole his book. The Hokage sighed and held up a hand.

"Anko, do you just want to adopt young Sakura?" He asked. Anko stood stuned. She blinked and looked at him.

"But I'm only 17! I don't have the time or money to raise her!" She looked at the old man like he was crazy.

"Hmm, I can work things out." He puffed out a ring of smoke. "Ah! How about I give you money for Sakura each month, and give you a payment for an S-class mission for your personal use. And, I'll let you take less missions. Think of it as a paid vacation/mission." He waited as she thought it over.

Anko blinked owlishly and nodded her head slowly. "I'll take it." The Third smirked and pulled out a pile of papers.

"Very well then. But, you need to fill the paperwork out and..." He paused. "You will teach a class at the academy." Anko looked flabbergasted as she took the papers. She growled and quickly filled out the packet. Sakura looked at the Hokage and smiled a shy smile.

"Here." She slamed the papers on the desk and punched Kakashi on the head one more time as they left.

"Alright pinky, we need to pack up." Anko said as they walked into her apartment. Sakura nodded and got to work pulling things off of the walls and piling them in the living room. The purple haired teen pulled out sealing scrolls and tossed things in them. Sakura walked back out with bed sheets in hand. She shrugged and dropped them in the scroll.

Later her bed room was cleaned out along with her bathroom. Anko wandered into her kitchen and opened cabinets. Cups of ramen took up many shelves, a few spices, bowls and plates too. She shruged and took out more scrolls, shoving things into them.

"I finished!" Sakura said as she walked into the kitchen. Anko looked up and smirked. Scrolls stuffed into her buldging pockets, both girls walked out of Sakura's old apartment and to Anko's larger apartment.

Many people glanced at Anko and moved away from her. They sent pity filled stares at Sakura. The pinkette brushed it off and continued to follow her. A man in a black leather jacket walked over to them and Anko smiled.

"Hey scarhead! How ya doin'?" She called. The man scowled and glared at her.

"Not bad psycho. Who's the girl? Is she safe to be near you?" He asked. The purple haired teen laughed and swatted his arm.

"Aw! You know me! She's Sakura." He man looked at her and nodded.

"That's what I'm afraid of." He said. He stuck out a hand and quirked his lips up. "Morino Ibiki." Sakura smiled and took his hand.

"Well, I got to take her away. She has to go to the pre-academy tomorrow." Anko said taking Sakura's other hand. Ibiki nodded and released her hand. He waved and walked away to yell at some poor person.

"He's looks funny." Sakura said as they walked away. Anko snickered.

"You should see what's under his bandanna." She said. Sakura looked perplexed and made a plan of how to remove his bandanna.

"Let me guess, you're trying to find a way to see under it?" Anko snickered as Sakura nodded brightly. "That's my girl!" She said proudly.

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