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Sakura had passed through the front desk easily enough, flashing her card to the person at the desk helped a little.

The mini pinkette navigated her way easily through the large building, finding her adopted sister's chakra the second she was in the imposing cold building. She turned a corner and ran into a very large person.

In a second she was on the ground, bottom hurting as it had taken most of the force. She glared up at the person that had knocked her down only to look around. There was no one there. She shivered a few times as she looked around for the person that she thought was there.

She could feel that there was someone there, almost glaring at her, but could not see anyone in the hall she was occupying or the one she had just came from. Sakura got up as she concluded that she must have just imagined it, shaking once more she ran the rest of the distance to her sister's room.

Maybe she would know if there was anyone that was just here.

Anko had looked at her as if she went crazy as she asked. There had been no one when she was in the hall. The purple teen had even pulled up the tapes from the monitors. The monitoring room was only a few doors from her office so Anko had no problem getting the tapes.

They had watched them three times, triple checking the time Sakura had come around the corner. One second she was walking and then in a split second she was on the floor, glaring at the thin air.

Sakura remembered that she had felt the warmth of another person just as she fell, and knew that someone had run into her. The pinkette had continued to watch them, hoping that something would give a hint as to what happened.


"Come on squirt. Tell me what people are on your team." Anko said in a cheerful tone, pulling the pinkette away from the TV screen.

Perplexed, the pink haired girl turned into her sister's warm arms and told Anko everything that happened almost for verbatim. Anko chuckled and hugged Sakura as she told her about how she got the girls to shut up.

"Well, it seems you have a good team." Anko paused, knowing what had happened at the Uchiha compound. She was on call as a junior interrogator at the time. "Just be careful about that Uchiha boy okay?"

Sakura nodded, pink locks flying around her.

"And I give you permission to use snakes on him if he pissing you off."

They smirked at each other, knowing that it might just happen. Anko glanced over at the clock, sighing.

"Alright, time to go kid." Sakura moved off of Anko's lap. "Here, you'll be late if you walk. Hold still." Sakura did as told and Anko used a jutsu to transport her to the school.

Silently Anko went back to watching the tapes. What person could get past her and the rest of the I&T groups? A few minutes later, after finding nothing, she got up and returned the taped to their proper place. As if as an afterthought, she thoroughly went through the whole building, thinking it was just a precaution. Her co-workers just checked it off her action that it a really slow day today and she had nothing better to do.

Sakura opened her eyes, having closed them when Anko used the jutsu to get her to school fast. She looked around and saw that she was just outside the building. The girl hurried into the cheerful building and made her way to her classroom.

And she was just in time to wait for an extended amount of time. Much to her dismay.

The rest of the groups had gone, leaving in tow of their respective senseis. The only group left was Team 7, and they were getting antsy. Even the normally stoic Uchiha duck-butt was glancing at the clock every once in awhile.

Naruto was sleeping on the floor, having decided that there was nothing better to do. Sakura took a seat by the window, looking up into the day. Sasuke kept a permanent scowl on his face, glaring with onyx eyes at the desk. Almost willing it to explode in flames to give him something interesting to watch.

After a particularly loud snore from the sleeping blonde, Sasuke got up and stood over the boy. He snarled once and then went outside of the room. In seconds he came back with a bucket in his hands.

Kakashi walked happily down the halls of the Academy. He was really late but his team would have to get used to it. If they made it past the first test that is. He chuckled to himself. Doubtful.

In seconds he located the room his students were in, they were the only chakra signatures he could find in the whole building. Shouldn't the teacher stay and make sure they didn't do anything bad, or that nothing happened to him? They were only newbie-genin for kami's sake.

He shrugged, and slowly walked to the door, hiding his chakra. Don't want to ruin the surprise now would he? He smirked a little to himself, their chakras felt right on top of each other.

The silver haired jōnin rolled open the door, successfully being hit with a chalkboard eraser. After it hit hit squarely in the middle of his face, it fell to the ground. The rest of the dust that wasn't stuck to him puffed around his feet. He blinked once, then twice. The dust settled around his sandals, and his face looked as pale as a ghost.

He looked down at the object that attacked him and then to the group of three in the room. They looked wide-eyed at him, face going as white as his own. His eyes traveled around the room, taking in the bucket, and the children.

The blond haired kid, Naruto, he remembered, was on the ground, hands reaching up to the Uchiha dangling in the air. If he looked close, he could see that his top half was wet. The brooding Sasuke had his hands curled in to fists, hanging in the air. His head was turned to him, like with Naruto.

The girl. He almost sighed when he saw what had the Uchiha in the air. She had onto a handseal, emerald eyes looking disturbingly like someone else he knew. The snakes had come out of the ground, if the holes and dirt was any indication. They wrapped around the Uchiha, most around his waist, some around his legs, and one around his throat. The multicolored snakes were surprisingly still, only their tongues moved to taste the air.

She glanced at him once and then let her handseal go. A large smirk spread across her elfin face as Sasuke fell onto of the blond, hard. The two boys looked at each other, dazed. They had given each other a headbutt to the forehead once he fell.

Kakashi was greatly amused as the pinkette started laughing as they started to get up and fight each other, again it seems. In seconds fists were being thrown and Kakashi decided that they had to be broken up.

He cleared his throat. They stilled, and slowly turned to the forgotten person in the doorway.

"I thought that this would be boring." He paused, and the mumbled more to himself than out loud. "They might have a chance at passing." In seconds Kakashi disappeared in the same cloud of smoke that signaled the transportation jutsu.

Sakura smirked at her team mates and ran out the window she was looking at earlier. The boys had already ran out the room, getting stuck in the doorway.

Shouts of "Move it!" and "Get out of my way!" followed her as she opened the window and used chakra to walk up the building. She smiled happily as she sat down on the steps, not really worrying about anything, at least for now.

When the boys had finally made it up, Sakura had the time to look over their sensei. He looked old because of his silver hair but Sakura knew better than to judge on just hair. His hite-ate covering his eye interested her, and she almost asked about it. At the last second she thought better and said nothing. She also wondered about his mask, and why he wore one. Did he wear it everyday, all the time?

She waited for her turn to talk, listening to the others.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! And one day I'm going to be the Hokage! I love ramen and hanging out with Hinata and Sakura! And training! I hate the three minutes you have to wait for ramen to cook, and when Neji is mean to Hinata." He looked up happily to the jōnin, waiting for approval.

Kakashi nodded his head, and turned to the pinkette.

"I'm Haruno Sakura. My favorite things are training with my sister, reading, and hanging out with my friends. I hate snakes even though I can control them, but not as well as my sister can." She smiled slightly. "I want to be just like my sister! But I also want to help others and be a top medic-nin like Tsunade!" Her emerald eyes sparkled a little at the thought of Tsunade, who was one of her idols. Ever since Anko told her about the medic-nin, she was all the pinkette talked about. Besides Anko of course.

While Kakashi was surprised at Sakura's outburst of pride, he sighed as he listened to what Sasuke said. Typical Uchiha boy, he thought to himself as he finished up the meeting.

He chuckled slightly when he saw their frightened faces as he disappeared. This might be the most fun he had in awhile. Maybe if they passed his test, they would make fine nin. At least, that's what he hoped would happen.

As his eye opened to the Memorial, he knew that nothing went as planed. A sorrowful sigh passed his clothed lips and he knelt down, tracing the lines of his best friend, and long gone team mate. They trailed down, towards his sensei's name. Lastly the rough pads traced the last name truly familiar to him. She really didn't have to take that mission, he could have stopped it if he truly wanted to.

In a moment of grief, he went back to that day, remembering the hollow eyes that looked back at him as they talked for the last time. She looked as if she couldn't go on anymore. That his death was the last straw and she needed to go with them.

He knew what was going to happen, but he didn't even try to stop her. He had smiled softly, a genuine smile and hugged her one last time. He had whispered to her to say hi to them for him. And that he would be their when it was his time, not sooner but probably a lot later.

She had giggled at his jab at himself. His tardiness was becoming a real problem that seemed she couldn't fix.

Her eyes had sparkled like Sakura's had to day. The first and last time he had seen them since the lunch before /that/ mission. He patted her on the back and left, knowing that he couldn't force her to stay in this world, it was doing her no good.

His last team mate had lost a lot of weight, and looked so fragile. The Hokage almost didn't send her on the mission, knowing that it was a suicide mission already. But she must have begged him to let her take it. He must have seen how much she needed to be with the rest of the team and reluctantly handed it over to her.

Later in the month, a team had come in. They all looked ragged, carrying a scroll. A dead man's scroll. Kakashi had been waiting, and he hung his head as they walked in the gates. Everyone was accounted for, minus her.

He let out a silent tear, knowing he had failed his best friend's dying wish.

"I'm sorry Obito." Kakashi whispered and then disappeared again. The sun had dipped low, so low that the shadows had eaten him until he left.

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